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The Fifth Child

Hi everyone. More and more, it's become clear that people aren't satisfied with the plot-line as of late, and while I enjoy the memes roasting me, I've been pondering how to solve this issue.

I work very hard to make the series enjoyable, and will continue to do so. But as I've said in the past, I am very, very human. I try my hardest to respect the foundation of the story and the fanbase as a whole, but despite the huge amount of thought I put into the series, some details have slipped through the cracks.

To try to make it up to the fans, I have given various community members access to snippets of the overall plot. They should at least fill a few details that so many of you are looking for, in the run-up to the newest game I am working on.

I have no intention of focusing on the previous plot-line, I feel the story has to move on to it's next chapter. I want to focus on what comes next, but I recognise that if these answers are not had, that it will overshadow future games. I want fans to enjoy these games for what they are. I don't want fans to think of future games as some retroactive cement to fill in the holes of the last few games.

Everyone has a right to be irritated about the lore, and I deserve a lot of the blame for it being patchy. At the very least, I have been far more obtuse about the plot than I had liked. I have tried to keep the mystery alive by obscuring various plot-points. What I didn't quite grasp as well is that not all mysteries can be satisfyingly hidden forever. At some point, you have to take off the mask of the Scooby Doo villain. It is the same mistake the Lost TV show made, and I want to fix that for those fans who have been here since the start, hoping to see a satisfying conclusion to the original hexalogy of games.

This is the first of many details intended to fill in the lore. There will be a further four reveals from Dawko, Kane and the Freddit mods. I'll be watching intently to see how this goes down. If it goes well, perhaps I will make these lore scavenger hunts more often, as a way to clear up the older plotline without needing to make an entirely new game, while also letting the community have a bit of fun in trying to find all the hints, both those directly revealed, and the more subtle hints hidden within the excerpts I have sent out.

Thank you all, It is always an honor to be a part of this community!

--Scott Cawthon

Ohey guys.

I've been in contact with Scott for some time, going over the lore time and time again. I have tried so hard to get us what we wanted, a clear story for the past books so we can finally move past them to truly enjoy what comes next. I felt it was necessary to get the lore wrapped up, and so put across my best effort to convince Scott to do this, which he has happily agreed to.

I've decided to use April Fools as a gotcha, and I'm sure I've got you real good! No-one feels like this was going to be real, which makes me all the more happy to trick them in a double reacharound April Fools! I need to clean up the place to make it more relevant, but I feel with this, we have a good spring board. While the answers I have aren't entirely satisfying, I've been assured the other pieces of content that are to be released from Dawko, Freddit etc. will ease my concerns.

I have always loved Golden Freddy specifically, and wanted to know how precisely he was haunted, why his FNaF2 form is different and so on. With my snippet of the lore, I am happy to have a large majority of those questions answered, alongside some good placement for Fredbear's in the timeline. It is an absolute pleasure to host this content on this site, and to celebrate that, I've done so in a storybook format, similar to the Super Mario Galaxy storybook.

It is such a relief to finally get some closure on the Golden Freddy part of the lore, and with the added Fredbear content, I feel like the days of theory burn are finally behind us, like pulling a splinter out fron under your toe. There is a satisfying relief. It's not perfect, but it fits well enough, and I am happy with the story as it currently stands.

So, without further ado, please enjoy The Fifth Child!

--Sean "Kizzycocoa" Roberts

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