Jessica’s Battle

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Welcome to the Jessica’s Battle Fundraiser.

Jessica, also known as Momerator, was, and for many still is, a core part of this community. She was a moderator, an artist, a theorist and also was, and still is, a good friend. However, she’s now in a bad place. She was diagnosed with Lymphoma, which is cancer of the lymphatic system (or “lymph nodes”). Essentially, a cancer that can spread through the entire body, rather than being isolated to the lungs or the heart. It can travel through the blood, affecting almost any part of the body it wishes.

I learned of it on the 9th of April. It had been there for a year, and they had just then diagnosed it. At the time, she wanted to make people aware, but did not want any sort of funding. She felt that she’d already been given so much, she didn’t want to ask for more. So, we typed up a small explanation for her, so she could take time to recover and fight off the cancer on her own.

Since then, she has been plagued by it. It has affected her hands quite badly. She has lost a lot of mobility in her dominant hand, making drawing and typing almost impossible. This is why she’s been offline for such long periods. It’s why she excused herself from the Freddit moderator team, has done little drawing work and rarely, if ever, hops onto Discord anymore. Despite the treatment, the cancer has progressed. It is now at stage 4. This basically means that it has spread to many lymph nodes, on both sides of the body. The problem with this, is that it could enter the lungs, bone marrow, liver or any other vital organ in her body. It could spread very easily to whatever part of the body it wants, as it has access to her bloodstream.

Throughout all of this, she asked for no help, and didn’t want to burden the community by asking for it. She actually tried to push on, trying to sort out her own charity for children with cancer, instead of seeking any help herself. Just a week ago, we tried to call her. She had been offline for a month, and we were worried. It turns out, her phone contract had been ended, and her number was taken by someone else. It would appear that on top of the internal issues with cancer, it had caused further monetary issues to her. She had no phone, as she couldn’t pay the bill. She was now relying on food banks. She cashed in her pension to take out an annuity, just to keep her house.

The worst part in all of this, is that her projected 5-year survivability chance is at 45%.

Financially and medically, Momerator is in a bad situation. It’s one thing to fight cancer, but another to fight to just keep the lights on and to keep your family fed. JuniorGenius, Myself, DirectDoggo and Invaderzz have respected her decision to not cause a fuss and rely on the community, of which she feels she’s already taken too much from. After learning of these newer developments, we’ve convinced her to let us do a fundraiser, to try to help her recover health-wise, as well as to help pay the bills and support her family. We know the community adore Momerator, and we can’t stand by and watch her situation get any worse without trying to ask for help.

All money donated will go directly to Momerator, counting towards both treatment costs and living expenses. By doing this, we’re trying help Momerator shake off cancer before it’s too late, and to help her financially so that she doesn’t need to go into poverty and massive debt. If you can spare anything to help Momerator, it would be really appreciated.

Some of us are doing projects, which I’ve listed below. If you’d like to start a project to benefit Momerator, please let me know by emailing Kizz at FNaFLore dot com, or by using the FNaFLore Contact Form. I will add it to our list, to make this a little hub of projects to support Momerator.

Donate to the FundraiserDonate via Paypal
Donate to the FundraiserDonate via Paypal
We would like to thank the entire community for their time, on Momerator's behalf. If you are able to donate, we would all be very thankful. If you aren't, but are willing to pitch in with your own project to incentivise others, please feel free to contact us to get it listed, so everyone can find your project much easier. If you can't do either of these things, but still wish to support, then please spread the word any which way you can, be it discussions through Discord, an art piece with a link to this or the fundraiser's page or even fanfiction to promote the fundraiser. Any amount of attention you can contribute would be appreciated.

I would like to take the time to thank JuniorGenius for setting up the financial side of this fundraiser, Doggo for persuading Momerator to let us help her and Invaderzz for helping to promote this on Freddit.

I'd also like to thank Everything_Animations, who kindly designed the plush Momerator. If you would like to use the plush Momerator, there is an imgur album containing all the pertinent renders Here. Feel free to use it as a sort of mascot for this fundraiser.

Thank you all again for your time, and please consider donating to help Momerator.

Please note, any Paypal donations MUST have your email attached for future reference if you would like to donate at
one of our tiers. These tiers are all listed on Fundly.