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Chronological Timeline

The five base assumptions of FNaF Lore

  1. There is a reality-based answer for the FNaF lore.
  2. FnaF4 is the only FNaF game that is a dream.
  3. The minigames in each FnaF game cannot tell the future. They can only tell you about the past, in relation to that game.
  4. The secret minigames in FnaF3 are completely metaphorical.
  5. The FNaF books and spinoff games are not canon unless otherwise stated by Scott. Similarities can guide conclusions, but all conclusions must be based on the game’s canon.

Please note that this site is still a work in progress. Not all points are recorded. The end goal is to record all points in definitive locations on the timeline!

  • 11

    Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza opens

    The first chain of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza opens. It is notable that the animatronic pictured is identical to the Freddy Fazbear animatronic who the Marionette uses to “Give Life” to the children. Not only that, but if the Marionette died, if this were Fredbear’s, the Marionette would have to, for reasons unknown, travel to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza to give life to the children who were murdered. It would make no sense.

    Especially as that trip, according to the book, is about an hour long by car. The book is not canon, but I find that interesting to note.

    It is much easier to see the colour of the bear, and the sheer location of the Marionette, to mirror that of the Pizzeria location.

  • 7

    Marionette child killed

  • 8

    5 children killed

    Stuffed into the Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy and Golden Freddy suits by the Marionette Definitely before the FNaF2 game, as the suits are already haunted, and the full heads are shown for all animatronics, where Bonnie’s head is clearly missing.

  • 10

    5 MORE children killed

    This is a different murder to the first set of five children. By this time, the toy animatronics are taking charge, so Foxy’s “Go! Go! Go!” minigame’s set of 5 dead children cannot relate to this set of murders. This also has to happen before FnaF2, as per the “Minigames cannot tell the future” principle.

  • 1

    FNaF2 Gameplay


  • 5

    Phone Guy Dies

  • 2

    FNaF1 Gameplay

    HAS TO BE NOVEMBER (~1993)

  • 9

    FNaF4 Gameplay

    The time of this is somewhat arbitrary. in reality, it’s timing has no impact on the story whatsoever. It is completely after the week of Phone Guy’s death, due to the existence of the phone call in-game. It is also likely after FNaF1, due to the same call. I place it here in the timeline in the edge-case that, because the children are still haunting the suits, some kind of residual haunting nonsense is causing the dreams. But the fact of the matter is this game, on the timeline, is irrelevent.

  • 6

    Purple Guy Dies

    This happens now, as Phone Guy died under different circumstances. Further, the animatronics were completely disassembled, with the souls being released. This means, from this moment on, they are not haunted. If they were rebuilt, the suit-stuffing would not happen. This would make FnaF1 impossible, if it happened before FnaF1.

  • 3

    FNaF3 Gameplay

    30 YEARS AFTER HIS DEATH (~2023)

  • 4

    Fazbear Fright burns down