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FNaFLore Discord – Details and Rules

Go to the FNaFLore Discord chatThe FNaFLore Discord chat is considered a neutral ground for discussion of mainly FNaF-related topics, though it can also involve spontaneous topics unrelated to FNaF. In the FNaFLore Discord, you are only unwelcome if you break the rules on the server, or present a significant security risk to the users of the community.

Our moderator guidelines can be found Here. These are not rules for the members. These are guidelines outlining the current processes between moderators concerning all extrajudicial activities. This includes topics such as banning, introducing new rules, appointing new moderators and emergency powers.

Below are the current set of rules for the FNaFlore Discord server:

FNaFLore Chat Rules

  1. No posting explicit NSFW content.
    1. Please do not post suggestive content to this server. If after a valid first verbal warning by a moderator the perpetrator is purposefully posting suggestive content or is not following the rules, they will be given a 1-week warning for every moderator intervention.
    2. Please do not post artwork depicting mutilated or amputated people.
  2. Do not spam images/comments.
    1. You must add a sound warning prior to any loud screeching video.
  3. Please respect fellow users. This means:
    1. Do not deliberately provoke, insult, or personally attack another user. This includes deliberately misgendering users.
    2. Do not use racial slurs.
    3. No doxing/threats.
    4. Do not try to agitate drama between users on the server.
    5. Please respect if a fellow user would like to be left alone or withdraw from a conversation.
    6. Impersonation of moderators is not permitted.
  4. Try to keep discussion in proper channels.
    1. Self-replicating and large copypastas are to be relegated to #memes alone. In-joke copypastas and infrequent copypastas are permitted in #general.
    2. Discord invites must be approved by moderators, and should usually go in #fan_content.
    3. Please do not bump content up in #fan_content with unrelated discussion and image memes.
    4. This is a public chat. Consider everything you share publicly shared.
  5. Moderators have the right to command the discontinuation of a certain behaviour or discussion of a certain topic. Anyone who ignores this command will be given a 1-week warning for every moderator intervention.
  6. The #srs_bsns room is for serious discussion only. Not for memes or joking around.
    1. All standard rules still apply in serious business. Especially Rule 3 and its subrules.
    2. If after a valid first verbal warning by other users the perpetrator is not being serious or following the rules, they will be given a 1-week warning for every moderator intervention.
    3. Only moderators are permitted to post the Serious Business notice.
  7. Intentionally or accidentally exploiting loopholes in the rules will result in a verbal warning. Multiple intentional exploits of loopholes will result in a warning. Exploiting a loophole in these instances would be considered as sending a message or image that circumvents an existing rule for the message or image sent, something like sending blurred porn.
    1. Attempting to partake in multiple instances of borderline rule breaking will result in a warning.
    2. Should a loophole be severe enough, the rules will be adjusted to specifically state it.
  8. Once the entire mod team has reviewed a situation, their result is final. Unless further evidence is found, or there are changes to the team members. Persistent badgering of the team over settled disputes is not permitted.

If a new distasteful activity that is not covered by our rules crops up on the server, the moderators have a right to temporarily suspend that activity to discuss its use in the server.
If this activity is deemed by the moderation team to be unruly, the rules will be amended to cover the new action, and the original user will receive a verbal warning of the new policy.


Warnings are given out when the rules are violated. Our warning system is timed, meaning all warnings eventually expire.

The warning system has 5 grades of severity. They are:

  1. – One Day
  2. – One Week
  3. – One Month
  4. – Six Months
  5. – One Year

Severity is chosen at the discretion of the moderator.

Upon gathering 3 warnings, the FNaFLore bot will kick you, and repeatedly kick you if you attempt to return. Once one of your warnings expire, the bot will allow you to rejoin the server.

To view your current warnings, DM the FNaFLore bot with the command !mywarnings

NSFW Server

The NSFW Server was closed due to a minor getting in, and our confusion over enforcement of the TOS. It is currently offline, and it is uncertain if we will bring it back.