FNaFLore Discord – Details and Rules

Go to the FNaFLore Discord chatThe FNaFLore Discord chat is a neutral place, for discussion of mainly FNaF-related topics, though it can also involve spontaneous topics unrelated to FNaF.

We have only a few rules, all of which are down below.

FNaFLore Chat Rules

  1. Don’t be a dick. This can include:
    1. Posting explicit NSFW content outside of #nsfw.
      1. If posting gore, please post the link between a pair of “< >” tags, to prevent image previewing. Please also explicitly add “(gore)”, or otherwise tell people that it contains gore-related content.
    2. Trying to cause drama between users.
    3. Spamming images/comments.
    4. Personal attacks on other users.
    5. Doxing threats.
  2. Try to keep Discussion in proper channels.
    1. Self-replicating and large copypastas are to be relegated to #memes alone. In-joke copypastas and infrequent copypastas are permitted in #general.
    2. This is a public chat. Consider everything you share publicly shared.
  3. Moderators have the right to command the discontinuation of a certain behaviour, or discussion of a certain topic.
  4. Please respect fellow users.
    1. Please respect if a fellow user would like to be left alone, or left out of a conversation.

Our moderator guidelines can be found Here.