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Hello all.

It’s come to my attention that many people do not know why I was banned, and at the time of typing, I don’t blame you. Neither do I. Considering this, I’m going to make this nice and simple for everyone. I will go through each message, and rather than share screenshots, I will copy the text wholesale, so links etc. retain their functionality. I will happily provide a full image on request. I will also add additional highlighting to show the main points proposed by both Invaderzz and myself.

I will say now, this article will be very blunt, and have frequent adult language. Parts may not even be safe for work. As someone who has been unjustly banned for this long, my patience is paper-thin. Scott, if you’re reading this for whatever insane reason you may have to do so, I sincerely apologise for the amount of language you’d have to sift through. It’s not a very Christian article, this is for sure. But you will probably find, it certainly holds no lies within it either.

Also, despite my recent decisions to use first names only, for the sake of readability, I shall use their nicknames in this article. I have taken the initiative, especially in the latest appeals, to refer to users by their first name. I do so because I want the mods to know who I am. I want to address them as their names. I want them to understand, this is real. This is not some happy chinchilla that does memes, jokes around and runs a lore site. I am not some happy-go-lucky caricature made of sunshine and pixels. This is a human being. He has a family. A job. He has agency of his own life and mind, and he is being denied access to the most active community based on what he believes to be personal grudges and vendettas. But sadly, this doesn’t make a healthy article that the community can read. So, nicknames it is.

To set the scene, prior to this ban by a few days, Invaderzz PM’d me on Discord about my Fleshmonger campaign – a campaign that I had planned to start in 2019. It was going to be about moderator reform, and when discussing if it’d be allowed on Freddit, I mused adding it to month summary posts, but didn’t really commit either way. Nothing was told to me about how the campaign is or is not allowed.

So, let’s get right into it.

subreddit message via /r/fivenightsatfreddys sent Friday 23rd Feb, 2018 at 6:18AM
You have been banned from participating in r/fivenightsatfreddys. You can still view and subscribe to r/fivenightsatfreddys, but you won’t be able to post or comment.

Note from the moderators:

You are being indefinitely banned for a number of things: Your purposeful intent to incite drama, intent to alter our subreddit’s moderator appointment process with a standalone campaign that was without the modteam’s approval, and desire to push rules to the limit (e.g. Intending to blend in Fleshmonger campaign posts with unrelated post subjects, a violation of Rule 9.)

Thanks for understanding.

If you have a question regarding your ban, you can contact the moderator team for r/fivenightsatfreddys by replying to this message.

Reminder from the Reddit staff: If you use another account to circumvent this subreddit ban, that will be considered a violation of the Content Policy and can result in your account being suspended from the site as a whole.

So, to start with the actual notification, I immediately connected this to the conversation a few days prior. This clearly seems to be wholly relating to said campaign. It discusses the point of misleading titles, which was a misunderstanding of my intent. I meant amending it to other news, or including it in megapost news, like I have done many times. The rule 9 violation was absolutely not applicable. Particularly as I had not even posted anything, meaning rule 9 wasn’t ever violated in any way prior to my ban. Not only that, but it was scheduled to go up in 2019, months and months away. Plenty of time to lay out what is and isn’t allowed to be posted on Freddit, with ample forewarning.

I found the altering of the appointment process to be inherently stupefying. This is not really a charge, it’s a fear. A fear that is impossible to do, as I already know the results of the Kairinezz poll. If Invaderzz and his ilk purposefully ignored 96% of the community, what hope did I have? I found it to be grasping.

The claim on the approval I deemed invalid too. they do not control if I campaign. They control if I campaign on Freddit. I could campaign for anything, be it Freddit or the US Presidency. That charge was nonsense.

Finally, one does not get to claim drama without pointing it out. I’ve been good to try to quell drama, not start it. I would want details, and will not accept a blanket unprovable charge of drama.

Appeal #1

Show banlog #1

So, I responded. I addressed each point methodically, trying to shut down this ban. I explained why each point was wrong and asked for more information on the drama point. I then wrote a second part, outlining my more fleshed out position on this ban, my interpretation as to their real reasons to ban me, as all of their reasons seemed completely invalid to me.

I laid out my red lines as well, consisting of my rights that I would not surrender to them. My right to make a silly campaign and my right to use this site for whatever I wish.

Finally, I told then how permabans, in the actual professional world of moderation, should be used. I sent that off, and waited for a reply.

Before their reply, due to Invaderzz fucking up with his DMs and leaking them in such a way that they were misunderstood, I had been accused of using Momerator’s fundraiser to promote the Fleshmonger. In the wake of this and several frustrated Discord DMs, he decided to withhold his response until he replied to the appeal.

Despite his claim, Invaderzz initiated the impression that I was using Momerator’s fundraiser for the Fleshmonger’s campaign.

Invaderzz seemed to have completely ignored most of the context to my email, focusing on the Fleshmonger campaign and my DM thread with him a few days prior. The claim seems to be that the campaign is intended to cause drama. He cites the FreeBlue incident, which was essentially the Freddit Discord staff caving to Kane over role colours. He asked, they changed them. I asked my blue be kept the same, to keep on theme with the site, and my role’s colour was reverted. Kane then proceeded to pull what could only be described as a complete hissy fit, saying it was disrespectful that his colour suggestions were overruled without his consent, as if his word was law.

After throwing all the toys out of his cot, Freddit caved, and my reasonable approach to revert it failed. Seeing this, I decided to express my further discontent through memeing FreeBlue. Let it be known, I was the reasonable one there. It was only when the words of a self-important member throwing a fit overruled a polite request of the person whom that request affected, that I decided to act in kind. I’d argue my behaviour has been on a consistent level of memeiness, but not as childish as how Kane had acted that day. I dismiss this as any sort of drama. It is our meme, and I claim it for myself. Freddit holds no claim on this meme.

He asserts a history of drama. Once again, I requested hard details. He asserts charges without naming them. This is not acceptable mod behaviour. If you permaban someone, you damn well better have the evidence to back up that ban. It is serious, and has to be provided to ensure the stability and trust in the mod team.

He focused solely on the Fleshmonger campaign and drama, ignoring all other charges. at this point, I considered those charges dismissed, as he did not fight my rebuttals to them. I considered the prime issue to be the Fleshmonger campaign, and as such, went about attacking that thread specifically. All others seem unimportant, and I dismiss the drama accusation without specific points. So, the appeal continued.

Show banlog #2

Here, I explain further the Fleshmonger campaign, as that is the point that Invaderzz lingers on. I explain why he is necessary, and essentially state that the actions of the moderators in past months – to ban people without proper reason – is why he exists. He is necessary as Freddit has gone too far.

I go on to challenge him on his accusations of the campaign. Invaderzz seems to think the campaign is destined to fall into chaos. That’s mighty predictive of him, and I challenge that prediction. But even if people get riled up about it, it’ll be because they want ban reform, which is a GOOD thing. Or, it’ll be about people disliking it, in which case it will never gain traction. I explain the base the campaign and its intent, to ensure we are all on the same page about the Fleshmonger campaign.

I then challenge their accusations, yet again, of drama. 2 posts in from the mods, and no examples have come in for this elusive drama, let alone one that justifies a permaban.

I lay out again, I want to know EXACTLY why I was banned. I reaffirm my rights to my own platforms, and that the mods hold no sway over my actions in my own servers. I then call them out on their current standing of simply saying “drama” as an excuse, much like their Discord say “toxic” to excuse their bans, which was the initiating behaviour pushing me to make the campaign.

Here, now suddenly, I CAN do the campaign? Huh? Was that not their entire argument? You’re right to be confused, I sure was. There is also a lie here, in that no mods perpetuated this rumour that I planned to use Momerator’s fundraiser to promote the Fleshmonger, despite them being literally the only ones whom could have done so.

Invaderzz goes on to affirm he’s stated his reasons (all of which so far have been baseless generalisations and accusations of drama), and states he doesn’t have to do his job. That’s just a plain idiotic stance. Then he goes on to once again baselessly accuse me of stirring up drama FOR TWO YEARS, claiming all my articles are drama and that I find it funny to piss people off. This is baseless, and I believe, misquoted.

The final part is due to the then-recent appointment of Jdal as a moderator. This was shortly after Jdal was added to the team, and we believed he was pushing Invaderzz to do this. While my opinions on this remains unchanged, by now, I know he is acting of his own steam, though Jdal certainly put him into this position to begin with.

So I once again decided to reply. I had done no wrong. If I do not reply, then I concede I am wrong, which I am not. The appeal continues.

Show banlog #3

So, my reply addressed their first point. If the Fleshmonger campaign is now perfectly fine, just where is the complaint? Where is it? They seem to have completely conceded the Fleshmonger point that, up until now, has been their flagship argument. The thing that “pushed them over the edge” is fine to do? The fuck is going on here?

I set Invaderzz straight on the accusations of using Momerator’s cancer fundraiser for my own means. I then move on to once again state they have not made their ban reasons clear. So far, I’ve only been given allegations of being X, Y or Z. No proof. Nothing they can point to. I’ve not even got a cited rulebreak. I once again ask, Invaderzz, show me the proof. Show me the evidence. So far, no evidence has been presented in this appeal. It’s all assertions. I lay out what my articles do, which are opinion pieces on more important issues. Defending those whom are falsely accused of paedophilia by vengeful former project members, defending The Dolls for the greater good of the games industry, and so on and so forth. I am essentially asking, if you’re going to cite my articles, cite the drama-fuelling one/s.

Invaderzz tries to pull this “go think about what you did” line, like I’m some fucking kindergartener. So I tell him, I dispute all of their assessments, and claim that the real reason is their fear of me. Now, this counterpoint actually is the truth. Momerator has told me of the fanatically panicking way they had reacted to me for some time. They often discussed my posts whenever I put them out. No doubt this faded over time, but that Basetown thing must have really shook them up. So, I know this has to be a part of that. Especially as the action leading to this had an impossibly small chance of me becoming a mod. They could not allow this. At all. So in fear, they banned me.

Finally, I write out my then-thoughts on the situation. A lot of this still applies. I then go on to flip the table. They are manufacturing all of this drama. They are making the claims of using Mom’s cancer, they assumed a rulebreak that did not occur, and would not occur. They presume the campaign will inherently be full of drama. This is them getting a roll of sandpaper and going to town at their own groins. I dispute all of it, but these mods are so worked up, they’re certain I’m going to cause the end of the world, or something.

So, I posted words to that effect, and waited for a reply.

Here, they’re saying I have my own choice, and they can’t tell me not to. Uh huh. So you’re dropping the Fleshmonger thing? Like hell they are. This is them saying “Well what you’re doing isn’t wrong, but we personally don’t like it, so we’re banning you”. This is very unethical. You can’t just ban people because they did a thing outside of your platform that you dislike. Not unless it’s something like doxxing or some sort of hideous abuse. It is insane for a moderator of a public community to do this, as it sets a terrible precedent for moderator overreach.

He then goes on about getting upset about being told he compromised Momerator’s fundraiser. Cry me a river, your team did so to me for weeks, and despite my attempts to get you to stop (and an angry pointed Discord PM you completely ignored), it took a Freddit DM to get you to take notice. I care as much about his offence as he seemed to care about the original accusation his team made against me.

Invaderzz then once again asserts a history of troublemaking, without actually having the evidence to prove such a history. At this point, no evidence has yet been shown to me to prove this point. He also once again relates it to the campaign, so it seems the campaign IS the reason now? Freddit do this throughout the appeal. They schizophrenically say that the Fleshmonger is not the reason, while citing it as the tipping point.

They want to have their cake of allowing free speech, while eating it too and calling it drama.

So, I naturally keep going. They’ve yet to explain WHY I am banned, and their reasoning is ever-shifting between Drama and the Fleshmonger campaign.

Show banlog #4

In this followup, I lay out precisely how Invaderzz and his team are responsible for the false claim that I was using Mom’s fundraiser, laying out how it is impossible anyone but he could have caused this drama.

I once again ask for proof, which so far has still not been shown. Then I repeat the point on the Momerator thing. Not really a lot to talk on, it’s mostly just “you objectively had to have caused the harm to Momerator’s campaign, I could not. Also proof please.

You’ll note another conversation about Connie that’s been going on. That’s a more minor point on another unfair ban their Discord perpetuated against Connie. It’s not quite noteworthy, but pay heed to the name.

So Invaderzz decides to finally take responsibility of this situation, and says he will quell such false rumours. It only took what, 3 appeals now? But he finally takes the mantle of “If this happens, we will fix it”. This is not the last you’ll hear of it, but at least it’s something

Once again, he refers to the past conversations, as if any actual proof of violation has ever been posted, and once again cites the Fleshmonger campaign as instrumental to the ban, as well as FreeBlue, which is a meme. A meme I have in my own server, and have not posted to Freddit. How he dares claim that as a reason to my ban, I don’t know. Again, it’s a thing he doesn’t like, which sounds a lot like a rule violation, but actually isn’t. I have every right to perpetuate that meme on my own servers.

He then recuses himself from doing his own fucking job. It is his responsibility to ban people based on their behaviour, and to back up that action with proof. He is here, claiming he can ban anyone without gathering the proof, because it just is a violation. This should concern all users. You need a mod team dedicated to the rule of law, not the rule of whatever the fuck I’m thinking of which you need to guess.

So naturally, I once again chase up the issue.

Show banlog #5

I open with the main meat of the issue. I still don’t know when I was banned. So, I storm out of the gate with that one. I want that information, and I want it now. I ask him to cite a rule, and when he had made the claim that I had to look back to find a reason, I counter that by saying that it is not my responsibility to incriminate myself. He has to incriminate me, somehow.

I go over each rule Freddit has, and compare them to my actions, explaining how, as I’ve violated no rules, I’ve done no wrong. An open and shut case.

I clarify, I find FreeBlue amusing when people who hate me get really offended by a harmless colour joke, particularly the ones whom orchestrated its creation. FreeBlue is harmless. That people despise it amuses me. I relate it to the Pepe meme, or someone being offended at ice cream. It’s a stupid thing to get offended about.

I call him out, he cannot point out a rule I have broken. I point out not only can he not do that, but he cannot justify a long perpetuated campaign of rulebreaks. I try to cut the shit, and talk bluntly. He’s got nothing. I call him out on this.

I then lay out precisely how he could have avoided this path, and made his concerns known. A simple request to keep it off of Freddit would have sufficed. Instead, he went straight to a ban. I even lay out that he had an immense timespan to ponder his actions, but it took mere days to come up with a nonsense decision without even trying any sort of actual conversation. I then call out his actions concerning collecting violations as literally his job, and make the point that if he presents no evidence, he concedes the debate that I am correct. I lay out that I have destroyed all their arguments, and the ones remaining are unproven at best, malicious at worst. I then once again call out their ability to tell me way in advance their terms on this specific media endeavour. I then correct myself on the 2 paths road, in which I essentially said both conceding and diplomacy would have avoided any ban.

So, I waited, expecting a response.

Yep. Rather than address ANYTHING I SAID, a 3 day mute. At this point of time, I did not know precisely why I was banned despite NUMEROUS requests, and instead of actually telling me, he makes a bunch of baseless assertions and then mutes me.

Fine, I thought. I’ll let him have his little ego trip. Invaderzz wants to feel like a big man with a big dick, I thought. I’ll let him have it for a while. This was my literal reaction, because as far as I was concerned, he’s banned me just to satisfy his personal vendetta against me, and to stroke his own ego. I see no further reason, and he has provided nothing further either. Merely baseless claims of drama, and the assertion that the Fleshmonger event, which I am allowed to do by their own words, is somehow involved, even though it isn’t, but it definitely is citable as a reason somehow.

How else am I to read this other than an attempt to settle a vendetta with a tragically weak ban reason? I ask anyone, look up above. For what have I been banned, and under what rule? If you find the answer, you’ve done better than I have.

So, I decided to let the silence last until a month had passed. I waited. Then, I launched another appeal.

Appeal #2

Show banlog #6

So, I started the next appeal, lying out that the only charge they had even a single leg with, was the rule 9 allegation. Aside from that, no proof or incident was cited. It was all to do with the Fleshmonger campaign, as they keep returning to it. I laid out why that point was completely stupid, this ban was completely avoidable as it was planned 10 months in advance and went on to explain my meaning of bundling in the text with the news, while explaining the redlines between my charity games, and Momerator’s fundraiser.

I then went over what the Fleshmonger campaign was planned to accomplish. I explained how I knew it would never get me in power, and so all that remains is a push for ethical ban reform, as well as some form of entertainment value. I go on to note, I would have been happy to co-operate with Freddit, not posting anything to Freddit. If they had simply asked, I would have held back, as I have voluntarily done with FreeBlue.

I further explained that it is in the Fleshmonger’s character to threaten the moderators, something they seemed to forget. His history in the Five Frights failed event was moved over to the Fleshmonger campaign. He is their antithesis by design. The Mettaton to their Chara. It’s all clearly staged and the mods are always going to somehow wiggle out of it. It is the nature of his dynamic with the mods. So when he threatens a mod, it is all an act. A show. It is his nature and his character, and I laid that out.

I once again explained and compared what bans should be treated like, comparing it to a prison sentence. I say, they have no proof of rule breaks, campaigns of violence and threats. None of these exist.

Once again, in their reply, the goalpost changes. Now, once again, the Fleshmonger is NOT the cause of the ban. Now it is, once again, the baseless allegation of drama.

The mods seem completely undecided as to which excuse they wish to give. This keeps going in the entire appeal.

They say I fan the flames of drama, but again, give no example. it is all fluff and sophistry. There is no content. It’s all words, words, words. Then ONCE AGAIN, IT FLIPS TO THE CAMPAIGN. Over and over, around and around we go. Drama to Fleshmonger to drama to Fleshmonger, the reasoning constantly flips.

Then, they decide to try to stand above me. They’re oh so superior, and that I did not prostrate myself to them, show regret and repent for a charge THEY HAVE STILL NOT BEEN CLEAR ABOUT OR CITED ANY EVIDENCE FOR, well, that just won’t do. They look down their noses at the man demanding answers, but they’re all too high and mighty for things such as “reasons”, and “evidence”. That’s just a bunch of liberal hogwash. That I don’t just accept my guilt? That’s just insulting to them.

Once again, they ignore their part in harming Momerator’s campaign, claiming moral hurt over it. They claim I personally attacked them, and again, make baseless allegations. Never mind the fact they perpetuated the entire fucking rumour about me, now they’ll get hurt because I showed they were wrong, but we don’t want to do that. the mods are never wrong, don’t you know.

They bring up a specific plan I had, about decapitating an Invaderzz plushie for a bit during the campaign. Once again, it is his character. I have loads of bits planned. I even have a Donald Trump reference planned. All small details and bits, working towards the greater whole of a joke campaign to get people talking about ban reform.

If I had Invaderzz here in front of me, and a kitchen knife in my hand, nothing would happen. I may drop or put down the knife, but I’m not going on a fucking murder. What the fuck do you think is going on? I don’t even hate you, even now. You’re simply unfit for office with skin so thin, someone could walk right through you, like those paper walls in Japan. None of these are credible threats, they are the threats of a character whom no-one should take to be an actual serial killer. It’s utter madness.

They go on to say they didn’t approve of the Fleshmonger doing things other than the charity. Boo-hoo, I don’t give a shit. My character, my decision to use him how I see fit. Invaderzz has no right to claim the Fleshmonger in any capacity. He is mine, and any Freddit mod who wishes to make a claim on him can take a long walk off a short pier.

They make a claim I enjoy pissing people off, but this isn’t true. I enjoy pissing off people whom I feel have wronged me. There is a BIG difference there. Oh yes, it is petty. But I don’t expect some child like Invaderzz to believe he has any fucking right to my behaviour outside of Freddit. I already have a mother, Invaderzz. If you wish to mother someone, I’m pretty sure you have Squidnow who could do with some guidance in etiquette.

They also again bring up personal attacks, again, with no proof or evidence.

Another set of messages, another big waste of everyone’s time. But, I now have 2 points. Their offense and their claims to drama in general. So, I sent another message.

Show banlog #7

So this time, I start out strong. I come armed with an actual system, with the 2 points I extracted from their argument, which were the accusation that I enjoy drama, and secondly, the moral upset. Basically, calling out the fake disbelief.

I explain how I truly detest drama and ask how any pettiness with FreeBlue concerns him, as no offences have taken place on Freddit. I also point out that the election campaign is not planned to cause drama.

Concerning the moral outrage, I first, yet again, ask for the evidence. Brace yourself for their response, it’ll blow you away. I then go over the Colatiel issue, in which she personally attacked Invaderzz for trying to investigate a ban.

I finish off that point by once more, asking for the proof. Any evidence. Anything at all.

I then lay out some side points. I lay out that the only, only people whom could have hurt Momerator’s fundraiser with false allegations about my campaign were their team, as the messages that were misinterpreted were in a DM between me and Invaderzz, and I did not leak them. He did. If Momerator’s campaign lost any credibility, it is on Invaderzz’ head. I then move on to the point that I own the Fleshmonger and can do what I will with it. I then proceed to break their worldview, revealing to them that evil cubes that turn you into killer chinchillas aren’t real. It’s all a show. None of his actions constitute any honest real aggression. It’s all fake. I can’t believe I have to explain this to the head moderator, but here we are.

To bring it home, I laid out how I was tired to deal with Freddit’s runoff. To deal with users Freddit banned for no good reason, whom come to me and detail their unjust bans, finally summarising the entire email into a short paragraph and then questioning just what they wanted me to reflect on, as I know of no true charge I should yet even consider was wrong. I have followed their rules. I know I break none of them.

The reply firstly admit fault for the bans, but claims it’s “all good now, bro”. Don’t even worry about it. I get people messaging me every single week with a new ban story – most recently to publishing this article, GBAura. It is happening too often. These terrible bans need to end.

He tries to downplay the Colatiel issue. Don’t even try Invaderzz, we both can see your messages. She sent you to bed terribly upset, all because you dared look into a ban their team made. She is a vile moderator whom should be dismissed on the spot.

He goes on to say he’s not sure how he’ll ever point out specific drama, alleging I do it all the time. All the more to gather the evidence, Invaderzz. If I do it so much, there must be an abundance of proof, a literal goldmine of quotes. Yet, my request for evidence remains unanswered. He once again cites the Fleshmonger campaign. Note again, the flip. It was drama, but why are we now back to the fucking campaign?

He tries to justify that telling his team isn’t leaking, and claims he hasn’t spot anyone lying about me. I believe at this point, I had blown up on Reddit after seeing Jdal had slandered me, falsely claiming I had used the fundraiser for my campaign, damaging its credibility in the process. He calls them “mystery people”, and says he’s not seen them. Maybe if he had the balls to not ban me on a personal level on Discord when this entire appeal occurred, he would have seen my massive fucking rant I posted in the fundraising chat directed directly to him, in which I was furious that he still spread those lies.

We get to the personal attacks, and he tepidly offer to get screenshots “if you really want”. FUCK YES, I REALLY WANT SCREENSHOTS. I’VE ONLY BEEN ASKING FOR PROOF IN LITERALLY EVERY APPEAL SO FAR. YES, I DO WANT THESE SCREENSHOTS.

He goes on to say I should have reflected that I was the problem, saying I’ve not even considered I’m wrong. Frankly, I felt it was completely flipped. I don’t think any of their lot has considered that of themselves. I often second-guess this, but seeing whom supports me, and noting still not one shred of real evidence has been presented, I reflect, and see nothing but being in the right. That they are unable to produce the evidence is proof enough – in my mind – to vindicate me so far.

To close it off, another baseless claim that I cause issues with no proof whatsoever. The ban appeal continues.

Show banlog #8

So, I start off by pointing out that many users in FNaFLore’s chats are joke criminals, users banned due to mere jokes they perpetuated. Discord specifically needs sorting out, as they are completely draconic in their banning.

I once again demand each instance of my drama violations be posted. I point out, that is their job. to ban people based on evidence. I point out just saying drama over and over does not constitute evidence. I call out their attempt to ban me based on future drama that hasn’t even happened.

I point out but 2 examples of slander concerning the Fundraiser claims, Aviator and Jdal, whom the latter of which is a moderator. I actually share proper real evidence, screenshots of their abuse. I pointed out the entire timeline, and told him that the leak could only have occurred after I sent the message, and after he shared it with the team. I showed the entire chain leading to the false allegations, and asserted that for the claims to have been made, someone mismanaged one step on the chain, and that had to have logically been a moderator.

I go over my willingness once again to not post FreeBlue or the Fleshmonger to Freddit, and how they could have just talked to me, avoiding all of this.

I ask for the proof concerning their claims of personal insults, seeking to disprove or apologise for such comments. I then go on to say I don’t see anything I have done as being a problem, and say they’ve given no solid evidence for me to even consider myself having been a problem in the slightest.

I finally wrap up, pointing out no specific issue has been raised, and challenging them to tell me what the issue is with the Fleshmonger campaign.

Having finally been held to the fire, Invaderzz finally apologises for his teams’ behaviour. FUCKING FINALLY. I’m not even on his goddamn server, and I saw this. He’s meant to be the head mod, and he didn’t hear a whisper of Jdal’s accusations.

He accuses me of bringing down the mood of Freddit with “Toxic” behaviour – again, no proof is attached to this point.

But, wait, what is this?


So, here’s the deal on that evidence, on a point by point basis:

So, we finally have reasons. All but 2 are dismissible easily, but still, a reason is a reason.

After this, they claim again I just perpetuate drama over and over. No evidence to this statement, besides the prior incidents, of which I dispute nearly all. Hell, the first is IN MY FAVOUR.

They finally give evidence to the insults, too. 2 and 4 I contest completely. Calling him the Stalin of Freddit, a figure who suppressed free speech and tried to stamp out dissent, is a harsh critique. Further, the slicing at a bonnie plush as part of the Fleshmonger’s moderator application is, again, just a part of who he is. He is a character, plain and simple. It is not a personal insult.

1 and 3 however, I do see as insults, and will later apologise for them when I can. I said those shortly after my ban, and after the shambles of a case they tried to cobble together against me.

They then assert, without evidence, the Fleshmonger campaign will make drama. They then claim the intent is to rile up users against issues. I’m sorry, is advocating for ban reform now “riling up users”? It seems so.

They then say that they feel the conversation is going no-where. This, despite being the first actual post where they finally give any kind of evidence. Yet THEY feel it’s going nowhere.

So, as you could have seen a mile away, they decide, at the point that progress is actually made, to mute me. Because of course they do.

Appeal #3

Show banlog #9

So, with this appeal, I held no quarter. I had heard enough, and with that progress, I wanted to go for the neck. I wanted to end this, here and now.

I started by admonishing Invaderzz for being completely unaware of the prior accusations flung at me over Momerator, specifically as I raised, as I said, “bloody hell” over it. Either his team are incompetent, or he did not check on the situation. Either way is bad news. Especially as this is a few weeks on from the incident in question.

Once again, I ask for proof of toxic behaviour. I ask what they can point to, and I point out, as their own mods use FreeBlue as a joke, that argument is now off the table. I ask how I am constantly disruptive.

What follows this is a comprehensive breakdown of each drama. I first tackle the Decoder drama, in which I was a factor in stopping it. I learned of misdeeds, and privately went to Invaderzz. Only when they kicked him and he spoke publicly was anything close to drama caused. I did no wrong. Hell, they didn’t even restrict him saying anything. They allowed that drama to occur.

I pointed out with the Basetown drama, that happened well before my article. My article was at the end of that drama. If anything, it contributed to the end of that drama, closing it.

Freeblue, I dismissed. As the mods use it as a joke, I claim full right to do so as well.

I point out concerning Discord, I was pushing for rule changes. There is nothing wrong with this. My campaign solely existed to do this.

I then point out, RE the Fleshmonger, I did not create alt accounts. I did muse over it publicly in my server to give them a small bit of panic for funsies, but I did nothing. I did not act on this muse.

I then go on to talk of the two dramas I accept. Popgoes and the Kizzylore dramas, I accept as my fault. For both, I made a public statement within the day, apologising for the drama and effectively attempting to quell it. For Popgoes, I was misled. For Kizzylore, I was provoked by a team using one of my discord admins. As Invaderzz dealt with this during the MemeMachine saga, I felt he could relate. The feeling of being attacked from all sides. Evidently, when it suits the mod team to enforce behaviour they themselves fell foul to, this gets no consideration.

Still, both were wrapped up, with comprehensive apologies and retractions. They fully explained my mindset, and fully apologised. It was not easy to do, but I was wrong. I had to suck it up and apologise. That’s what you do when you are wrong.

I dismiss half the personal insults as laughable, while I sincerely apologise and briefly explain why the other two were made.

From there, I explain their position in my eyes. It seems their concern for the Fleshmonger is, if it goes ahead, people will want change. Kind of the whole point of it. Why should I feel guilty over this, or be expected to apologise?

I then go on to state I know he’s banning me over his fear of me. I have that on authority of Momerator, as I later reveal. This is true. It is completely true. I still believe this is the ultimate reason for my ban. They fear the power I can muster, if required. The sad thing is, their actions to stop me only give me further power against them.

The sad reality, as I lay out, is this appeal is no longer for me. It’s for them to see sense. It’s so they can walk this back, before I need to utilise that power, as I am doing here, though this is just me outlining how they have no solid reason to ban me. This is but a fraction of my abilities.

I note the shop, and then I note their ability to kill my memes by acting on them, if they hate them so much.

A brief summary later, I also – quite sincerely – thank them for the ban. As I said, to hear Momerator’s laughter was a godsend. It was amazing.


Fucking really.

No, just dismiss the entire fucking thing, fine. I put in fucking hours, and as a mod, you just dismiss it and mute me. That’s cool.

This is the mod team. A team that so-say is meant to have high standards. All that, and they’re just “nah, muted”.

Fnafgyfr tells me I go too far. Bitch please, this is me defending myself. I will defend myself to the grave if I feel I am right, until shown evidence that i am wrong. You’ve done nothing to prove that. You’ve not even tackled my arguments – the barest fucking responsibility you have.

He says I hold onto details too much, like Colatiel attacking Invaderzz. THESE ARE IMPORTANT DETAILS. A moderator must be strong, accept critique but not tolerate outright attack. That she had the fucking nerve to do so to his face is UNACCEPTABLE.

He claims my defending myself is both drama and toxicity. He claims I shift the blame onto them, which yes I do because AS OF YET, YOU’VE SHOWN ME NO CREDIBLE BAN REASONS. LEAST OF ALL PERMABAN REASONS. They dare have the fucking audacity to say I’ve not considered if I’m in the wrong. I do so every appeal I get, and with my friends and allies behind me, I know I am right. I have meditated on this over and over, trying to view the angle that I am wrong and they are right. I cannot see this in any light that implies they are in the right. With the fucking excuse of the mod team before me, daring to state my ban is justified with no actionable evidence to back it up, I am right. I think THE ENTIRE FREDDIT MOD TEAM have not considered their own concept. That they are in the wrong. A good team would bloody well have the reasons for my ban. This team does not.

This really grinds me. That Fnafgyfr really had the fucking audacity to do this. It was completely out of line, and he is a failure of a moderator for trying to take such a cowardly, easy way out of this argument.

Despite this blatant act of disrespect and inexcusable abuse of power, I decided I’d give one, last chance to sort this out. Beyond this, I would expect no unban, and get right to work in trying to utterly dismantle this group of charlatans that masquerade as a moderation team.

Appeal #4

Show banlog #10

So, I decided to try to cash in the old birthday card. I laid out their 4 ban reasons from the initial post, going back to basics. I noted how I’d destroyed each one, and disputed the last.

For this, for reasons that become clear, I will skip the rest of the details. They come up in the next appeal.

At the end, I say I’ve done no wrong, they can provide no evidence or quotes, and all their arguments have been defeated.

Yep, rejected. What a bunch of killjoys.

Appeal #5

Show banlog #11

So, attempt number 2 at this. I laid out their 4 ban reasons from the initial post blah blah blah etc.

I tell them what a permaban means, compare it to the Dawko V Scott event at that time, then call them out for not thinking through their actions. I also ask where this ends. I know they’ve wanted to ban Kane for ages, is he next? What of Phisnom?

So, I call them out for letting go of their standards to ban me without reason. I tell them, I don’t care for their outrage, or for matters that don’t violate rules. I don’t want my time wasted, and I literally do not care for their bullshit any longer at this point.

I let them know, I am now actively working against their positions. At this point, I think that’s evident. I once again point out I’ve done no wrong, broken no rule and they cannot cite any incident they’ve banned me for.

I make it simple for them, even now. I lay out the reasons I expect them to satisfy. I tell them I’m not taking any more bullshit once again. Get to the fucking point.


Yes, you are reading this fucking right. Because Invaderzz is busy with his schoolwork, he decides to completely sabotage this ban appeal. The sheer fucking nerve of this child. Can you imagine it? Someone is trying to get unbanned – has been trying for 3 months now. He just wants his goddamn reasons, 23 messages later. He just wants his charges. Instead, you try to spin some sob story about your finals, and expect that to suffice.

No, fuck you and your school, I will be heard. If you have schoolwork to do, step the fuck down and get someone else to deal with it properly. I was not accepting bullshit. I would not wait a month after this display. Fuck that. Three days later, I responded.

Show banlog #12

So, I responded and told him precisely what I expected. I expect the bare basic courtesy of knowing what I’m being accused of. Don’t give me some sob story about finals. Get the hell out of here if you dare try to push that through.

So, we finally get one knocked off completely. Good, they’re admitting that rule 9 violation is wrong.

Once again, note the flip-flop. It is now the Fleshmonger campaign again, with reference to past drama. Drama I just debunked. They admit, they’re banning me on a suspicion. I did not know that Buzzek was a fortune-teller, nor anyone else on the mod team. I’m so glad the mod team can tell the fucking future.

They try to pull some bullshit wordplay next. “Oh no, it’s not permanent, it’s indefinite!”. Bullshit, the two are one and the same as far as I’m concerned here. You can put as much lipstick on that pig, but it’s still a goddamn pig. The only ones prolonging it by design are you and your team. Again, this goes to ethical ban reform. You need set limits, otherwise, people like you and the team can keep people like me banned for three fucking months over a concern that was nowhere near a permaban offence, and had a TEN MONTH GAP FROM CONCEPT TO REALISATION. The campaign is in 2019. There were ten goddamn months between the concept and creation.

The Fleshmonger event is not to cause controversy or test the mods, it’s to sort out ethical ban reform. I have been consistent, unlike your sorry sham of a mod team whom changes their mind every other message, and keeps making unsubstantiated assertions of drama.

Oh, I’m STILL causing drama? I’m sorry Buzzek, I’m so fucking sorry my appeal is inconveniencing you and showing you all for the charlatans you are. So terribly sorry about that.

They admit that the art contest I tried to sort for the Fleshmonger violated no rule, but somehow, it’s still totally bad so we can still ban you because urghhhhhhhhh……..REASONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, reasons. It’s a great little reason that means we say you’re still banned because we say so.

They also attempt to justify the current ban, by saying I said a ban of some length for both dramas were fair. I gave them 1 month for each drama, which I think we could all agree is fair. For the drama of saying I’d follow the Popgoes lore and not the creator’s word on the lore following some misunderstandings, sure. 1 month. For the crime of getting worked up at a user sabotaging my mod team and then the fact that I, whom has a genuine Asperger’s diagnosis, said “I can only dream to be so mentally handicapped as some users here are behaving” to one of their ilk, I again ceded. Sure. A 1 month ban for that too. It’s certainly not the worst way I could have put it, but I could concede that.

But that was mentioned as in, this current ban has covered those two issues. As in, this ban has no reasoning, but if you wanted to retroactively ban me for these offences, I’d argue that I have already served my time. Not only that, but I was fully apologetic about both of those issues. I have already demonstrated my regret of them, here and in my lengthy posts after the incidents, which were intended to cease any drama or fallout they could have caused, rather than perpetuating it. But, you get the inklings that they’re going to try to use those dramas to justify this one, and I felt I had to quash that notion immediately. I’ve already repented for those sins. Further punishment over something I’m already sorry for is a bit much, least of all a permaban over just 2 dramas in my 3 years of activity here.

Appeal #6

Show banlog #13

This time, I decided to go personal. This is where my policy of first names kicked in, to emphasise that this is not some game with a cheerful username and avatar. I am a real person. This is also why it is voice. For them to hear me. To know, this is an actual guy. There is a voice and a name this avatar has, and all it wants is to know what reasons we banned it for. I start referring to Invaderzz as Zach, and this continues and will continue throughout this appeal.

I don’t really have the ability to commentate on the entire thing, but suffice to say, all the points I bring up, I brought up there. I lay out my core principles and their origins, describe how I’ve been turning Momerator’s opinion against them, how I’m just waiting for this to all boil over like a baking powder volcano, just needing that final spark. Then, I address the quite positive mailbag section, where most people seem to agree with me, that this ban is completely unjustified.

Invaderzz tries to call my bluff, to dump all I know. But for now, it’s not me holding myself back, it’s Momerator. That’s my only restraint. So I can’t give into this, no matter how much I wish. Even so, if I divulge my non-momerator content, that just makes 2 medium splashes of half-interest. No, if I’m to ruin their credibility properly, I am to do so in one almighty explosion with information I know from Momerator, not some tiddly stones in a pond.

Once again, the ban reason fucking changes. Now it is back to the same fucking drama I disproved. Throwing the word “drama” at me, hoping some Jedi mind trick will happen. Then it turns to the Fleshmonger, which remember was not a problem several banlogs ago, which is now still totally a problem even though we said sure, post it.

They try to make out my plans for the title would now violate rule 9. so close, but they’ve just fucking regressed on the most easily-disproven ban rule. Then they make another point that my campaign is ok? This team is the most schizophrenic excuse for a team, flip-flopping with every other word. It’s insanity. It’s a madhouse. It’s the mindset of “oh, no, the campaign is fine! Go ahead with it. But we’re GOING TO FUCKING BAN YOU, YOU ASSHOLE. HOW DARE YOU CAUSE ALL THIS DRAMA WE’RE PREDICTING!!!”. It’s just pure insanity, refined.

They try to reference the art campaign, the one I did after 4 months or so of being banned. Like hell will I accept that as my ban reason, seeing as it occurred months after the ban. If they think that will fly, they’ve another thing coming. But once again, they can’t help themselves. They say I personally attacked and insulted them, with no further proof. Apparently, that’s all I have done. And of course, naturally, as I still believe I am innocent, that is the issue, and is also why I am banned. How fucking dare I still defy the almighty words of god-emperor Zach. Why do I not roll over, and expose my soft belly for them to feast upon? Such insolence! You will be banned for ONE HUNDRED YEARS for violating the HOLY ORDER of “WE’RE ALWAYS RIGHT SO SHUT THE FUCK UP”.

I won’t be seen prostrating myself to any team whom doesn’t even have a solid ban reason. They think they have a solid reason by just yelling “DRAMA!!!!”. Because what else do they need? He is just the drama guy? Why? My dear friend, have you learnt nothing? It’s because reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssoooooooons.

Show banlog #14

I immediately call out the bullshit about the insults. I’ve been on this rodeo before, I know what to do.

I admit the art campaign was a poor move, but here’s no rule against it. I also correct his subtle use of language to say “events”. There was only 1 event on Freddit I tried to do. You can see, it’s very subtle, isn’t it? a stray s can make all the difference, and I am sure they did so thinking it sounded worse.

I once again explain the Fleshmonger campaign to them, and then challenge their ruling of drama, again. I call for their current list of dramas I have not smashed. Good fucking luck, spoiler alert, for this and the next 2 appeals, you’ll get no answers.

I call them out for constantly switching the reason. From Fleshmonger to not the Fleshmonger. Drama, to me smashing the drama, then nope, that didn’t happen! Drama again. The act is drawing thin.

I bring up their slander. Eh, I dislike this part. I did it mostly to try to get them on the back-foot. Honestly, I don’t care. But they sure seem to care, and ready yourself reader, for I know what will come shortly. Brace yourself. But, I call them out for not laying out any coherent ban reason, quotes and for simply allowing people to slander me, because clearly they seem to think that latter thing is a big issue too. Sometimes it is, but their quotes so far have been beyond soft.

I call them out for the narrative I can see surfacing. “Oh, his behaviour since is now the justification, even though nothing up until this point broke the rules, oh now we just, can’t unban him! He just keeps defending himself, it’s too much. No, keep him banned”. I can smell that shit a mile off, and I won’t take it.

Remember how I told you to brace yourself? Get ready. Here it comes.

So, once again, Buzzek let me know, even though the campaign is not ok, it is ok. Because that makes total sense.

They once again assert the drama thing. They claim I am causing, fuelling and feeding dramas. Once again, some fucking evidence would be quite nice right about now.

They start gazing into their crystal balls, foretelling how my campaign will go. I don’t care about violations I’ve not even done, why the fuck are you wasting both your own time and mine on this nonsense? I’ve not done what you’re charging me with here. This is the dream of a delusional and maddened mind, one that is completely out of touch with reality. I do not care for your predictions. Fucking proof. Give me proof. Everything else means fucking nothing.

They try to claim here that it is now my fault that they overreacted and banned art because of my competition, which broke no rules. They once again claim it was to ignite drama. Absolutely not. I told everyone, if you enter, keep it quiet. I don’t want this to explode. Hell, some of the points criteria are for keeping it as quiet and subtle as possible.

Then, he has the fucking nerve to claim I am not talking about the ban. I was talking about the only thread in the ban I have left. I have defeated all drama points. if more remain, bring them to me. Until then, they’re gone. Defeated. One of them was even an own goal, for fucks sake. I SLAUGHTERED your drama reasons. The Fleshmonger is all you have left, from where I’m standing. That’s why it’s all about him. That and the mod team constantly citing then unciting him.

They accuse me of encouraging this video be posted elsewhere. Once again, EVIDENCE WOULD BE NICE RIGHT ABOUT NOW.

And then, they provide evidence for the insults. Oh boy, do they provide evidence.

Sensibly, they removed the 2 points from the last image, because as I said, they were bullshit. But they kept the old 2. The top two, I have already apologised for.

Lets skip 3, and go to 4. I stand by 4. When the head mod doesn’t stand up against a user who sent him to bed upset after personally attacking him, that mod is a spineless mod. They need to discipline the mod, or otherwise pass the mantle to someone more mentally capable of holding that seat of power.

The last three are over Colatiel. She is a snake. I say this as opinion. The way she got JuniorGenius demoted on Freddit’s Discord, as well as the silencing thereof of any conversation of the ban, makes her a snake, a censor and ultimately, a dick. Fuck Colatiel, she should be removed. Especially as she had the fucking nerve to attack the head mod. No, fuck her, she needs to go. She is a vile mod and does not deserve her seat at the table.

Now, the main course. 3. Oh god, 3. I provide the context in the next banlog, but to summarize, in the FNaFLore discord, I made a joke that Invaderzz wouldn’t even be man enough to take a dick. The premise being that heterosexual sex involved women, and was therefore less manly than homosexual sex, which is all men. Yes, this is the quality of our chats on FNaFLore sometimes. SOMEHOW, HE TOOK OFFENCE TO THIS.

Like, come the fuck on, where do you think I will go with this. Any bumbling fool could see my reaction to this offence coming a mile off.

They end off by accusing ME of being the one retreading old ground. The fucking brass balls that Buzzek has to suggest such a thing after their pitiful attempts to make “general drama” stick with nary a screenshot or an example that I didn’t shoot down, and to constantly flip-flop on the Fleshmonger. It’s time to face the mirror, and I will glue every single moderator’s foreheads to that mirror by the time my appeal is done, and I am unbanned. Mark my goddamn words, I will make that happen.

Show banlog #15

As in the prior message they said that the Fleshmonger isn’t banned, just the contests, I thanked them. Please, if anyone reading this wish, do make some art of him. They’ve said it’s ok. I’m sure they won’t go back on their word. What? They never do that. Have you not seen this coherent and well-sourced appeal? Nah, they’d never, ever go back on their word.

I call out their lack of proof about my campaign causing drama, and ask them to define what drama the campaign will cause. I tell them I will not stop, but that I will not break their rules either. All I’ve done so far has been above-board. I once again call them out on not consulting me in the 10 month span from conception to realisation, which to this day is not yet over.

I once again, for the fuck-knows-how-many-th time demand the drama proof. No more stalling. I want reasons. I demand the reasons I am being accused for starting drama. LIKE FUCK WILL I GET THEM, but I will try nonetheless. I lay out the mere fact there is still confusion is a blight on their own credibility.

I explain why I did the video. I once again say I did not encourage or discourage it being posted. I stand by this. Find evidence that I told people to post it. I am not fucking around, I tell them to put up or shut up.

I congratulate them on quote-mining, and go over the new quotes. I address the 3rd quote, the manly incident, first.

Invaderzz is offended that I said he’d not even take a dick, so he’s not manly. I mean, come the fuck on. What did you expect me to respond like? I apologised. Invaderzz, you CAN take a dick. You are so manly, I’m not sure I could calculate the traffic of DAT ASS. It’s like spaghetti junction all up in that bitch, final stop, Invaderzz’s intestines.

Just, what did they expect? They found offence in a fucking joke that, in its context, is quite clearly a joke. Yet they took offence. Paper thin, the mods are. Just paper thin sense of personal attacks.

I stand by my Colatiel comments, and explain the position. She is a snake that is not to be trusted. I remain firm in that assessment.

I call them out for retreading points, forcing me to do the same. For playing the amnesiac. For mixed messages. I demand the new evidence they must clearly have.

I will note at this point, you often see me referring to chisels. When I say I gain a new chisel, it means I get another piece of evidence to chip away at Momerator’s respect for the team, referring to my claims that I am actively attempting to chisel away at that respect. My goal is to, ultimately, have her support this campaign for ethical ban reform, and possibly, the installing of a new moderation team. The community love her, and she is mostly on side, but does not wish to publicly endorse all this yet, favouring diplomacy first. Every stupid argument or incident is what I call a “chisel” to her belief in the team, and it is my hope that once I demonstrate they are completely beyond redemption, once I collect enough chisels, she will join me in this campaign, and it’s weight will be immense with such a beloved and wise figure backing it. That is what I refer to with chisels.

Naturally, what else do you expect? Completely humiliated and outplayed, they can do nothing but shut down the conversation for yet another month. Cowards, the lot of them. Face me like men. This appeal should have ended within the month it was brought up. You only delay the inevitable by feigning outrage, and shutting it down.

Show banlog #16

So, I try to get an answer. I want to know why I was banned. That is their job. I deserve that much. I call them out on hiding, and their time management. I demand to be told why I am banned.

Well again, what did you expect. They’ve not got a leg to stand on.

Following this, I decided to work on the next two phases of this. First was this article, while the second is still a ways off, but much more exciting. But, that time of ban appeal came around quickly, as the mod team seemed to feel a sudden and completely unrelated urge to explain their ban policy. Blood in the water? Possibly. In shortening the appeal time from 30 days to 14 days, I sent through another appeal, of course.

Show banlog #17

Commentary coming soon…

Commentary coming soon…

I’ll end off with this. This entire thing is still being played out, and I can only hope this article now makes sense of my woes. The mod team need to be replaced. I don’t care whom, but Invaderzz must go. He is unfit for purpose, and that ban proves this. I have asked and asked and asked for proof and events and screenshots, but I get nothing. Absolutely nothing. I am being persecuted by Freddit’s mod team, based on an old grudge wherein I sided with the community over the mod team, and as a C-list FNaF community leader (in my own estimation), I had quite a bit of weight in that event, having released the article that ended that drama merely 2 days afterwards.

They have nothing on me. Even their contentions are not backed by a rulebreak, as much as they admit in this appeal. It’s also not just me. I run a Discord server (which you can all join if you wish by using the menu at the top of this page), and we have so many Freddit-banned users, each with a story on how they were permabanned for things between community opinion of them as a person, jokes and false charges from the mods.

This is not an acceptable state of affairs, and things must change. Freddit’s discord must align their ban rules with Freddit. The basis of bans should be on rulebreaks. Permabans should only ever be used for security threats and bots. And it shouldn’t take 16 ban appeals, and counting, to try to get some semblance of a set of reasons for your ban. The entire system needs an overhaul, and those whom call themselves moderators should feel ashamed at this animosity they have created, and resign so newer, better moderators can take charge.

I will continue to press the mods every single month. I will demand my proof. I will demand the rulebreak. I will continue to fight for all of those whom also face similar bans. This article is but a display of their unethical handling of my case alone. Many more exist.

And to those whom would say I deserve it because they have a personal axe to grind, or because they dislike my jokes or the people I associate with, I would like to point out, policies like this do not end with people you dislike. One day, if you let this fester, it will happen to your friends. It will happen to those you admire. Possibly, it will happen to you. It is in the interest of the entire community to expect better from their mod team. I have not been the first to be banned like this. I will not be the last.

To ram my point home, I want to bring up 2 high profile cases.


There was a user whom Freddit threatened to ban. His name was SuperstuHD. A quite recognisable name from Reddit, if memory serves. He claimed to have beaten 50/20 mode. However, he had no proof of this. The moderators, seeing this, decided they would step in like the moral busybodies they were, and demand concessions from him.

They demanded he either admit he was lying, redo his run and re-beat the game and post the footage, or be permanently banned. The following is their ultimatum to him.

This is unacceptable. Even if he were lying, you do not threaten a user with a permaban like this. It cheapens the inherent power of the permaban, which again, should only be for security risks and bots. That it can be used so frivolously is a dangerous precedent. This ultimatum turned away a user of the community because the mods felt they had the authority to threaten this user. People make false claims all the time. You get over it. You don’t run them by trial, over an issue that is not in your court, threatening to permanently exile them from the community. That is wrong, and even if he were lying, it should not be accepted by the community.


The banned user I brought up earlier, GBAura, should serve as another grave warning to the community. She was banned for bringing up an issue of potential underage pornography to the mod team. This material was posted by Colatiel, under the alt name of Dewtiel. If memory serves, it was the argument that BB was a kid, though Colatiel aged them up. Grey area, I won’t discuss the principle. Both sides have good points.

From what I understand, she kept this issue between her and the mods, until the above callout from Colatiel. To defend herself, she explained what happened on our server. She was then accused of stalking Colatiel by the mods, and accused of being malicious in her concerns. She was then banned. GBAura feared the moderators, and in her panic, deleted her entire account. I, a responsible moderator and community figure, tried to calm her down. Tried to let her know she was safe in our Discord channel. But she had felt so persecuted by the team, she could not calm herself until it was too late. She deleted her account. She was very prolific, and I’d bet everyone reading this knew her username. That such an active user would fear the mods so greatly, and could be banned for what is quite a complex issue and a personal opinion, should concern every user of the subreddit. This is what tyranny looks like.


Recently, more Discord messages came to light following Colatiel’s suprise resignation and twitter explanation. She linked to This imgur album, which contained these two images.

The story behind these images, are that they are from a private conversation between GBAura and Fugi, her friend. They were given to Colatiel by Fugi, to demonstrate the seriousness of the issue, presuming this evidence would show Colatiel that GBAura was serious in her concern. Colatiel had demanded evidence, but instead of evidence, Fugi has sent every instance Cola had repeated the accusation. This then got her banned for false reporting. I will note now, these comments were from a private message between friends, and therefore, there was no public accusation until Colatiel publically attacked her on Deviantart. That is when GBAura stepped forward and became public. This was a conversation between two friends, whom both felt the mod team need to step down due to their unethical practices, some of which I have noted in this very breakdown.

Further, these messages, like the one about Invaderzz and his manliness complexes, were cherrypicked. Here are two examples that show further context to them.

With this example, GB expressed outrage that Invaderzz was going to ban Scott. GB, like myself, suffers from mental disabilities that makes her think in a more literal-minded way. She did not see any joke in the moderator’s threats. She alleges that Colatiel posted underage pornography, which shows this is certainly something she believed was actually happening. She was not malicious in her allegation, she genuinely believed in her convictions. This demonstrates that GBAura is not making up the charge for drama. Further, it shows she has kept up with my ban appeal and calls for reform, so she too wants to either reform the team, or oust them.

This pairs nicely with the next set of context for another one of the discord messages.

GBAura has a history with the mods. They used her banner without credit, and it’s not sat well with her. With this, she is in dismay over the mods yet again messing her over with the banner, in her mind. From here, you can see she begins to wonder how she can further discredit the team, beyond what I have done already. She pontificates over her as of yet unreported affirmation of underage pornography. From here, they further discuss this until the concern is launched.

The mods, I hear, are going to address this. If they do, one thing I won’t accept is the accusation, whatever it’s intention, was not heartfelt. It absolutely was. Whether it was reported in good or bad faith, to me, is unrelated.

The accusation itself was not false in GB’s mind. She did not make it up. It was a genuine concern of hers, even if the pretense for the report was malicious. I could go through each quote, but that would call for it’s own article, and I think I’ve demonstrated the point. Even if the accusation was weaponised, it was never made public until Cola brought it into the public sphere. Further, it was genuine. Regardless of intent, this report was real.

I will keep his updated if any other issues come to light. Please use our contact form if you have any further issues you’d like to discuss concerning this ban.

What next

What must happen next, is a show of force must be made, and changes must be enacted to Freddit’s ban handling.

How can you help? Quite simple

  1. Message the moderators to make yourself heard
  2. Personally message Invaderzz and tell him this is not ok
  3. Create a text post on Freddit requesting ethical ban reform (That being no casual permabans for users, evidence to back up bans and banning by the rules, not personal reasons). Start that discussion, and push for it.

If you were to be so bold, know that Invaderzz and his team are not the unaccountable monoliths they believe themselves to be. They are under great sway from Scott Cawthon himself. If he caught wind that the team were doing this, alienating a fairly sizeable chunk of the FNaF community without reason, I hold no doubt that he would demand better of the mods. As it is, though we’ve had our scrapes, I know Scott is a decent man with good morals. I think even he would expect better from the team. He would expect the team to actually have reasons for their bans. To justify them.

He would see the two examples above, and hearing that they are just the tip of the iceburg, grow concerned for the authority that the Freddit mods seem to have lent themselves. The mods have taken it upon themselves to enact bans based on claims to have beaten his game. Fake or not, that is not their place. They also have banned someone whom had a genuine concern over potentially inappropriate conduct of their moderators, and defended themselves when attacked for it. As for me, they banned a user who wanted to push ethical ban reform via a humorous election campaign, with similar strands to a Jimquisition-style character. They wanted to stop any discussion of ban reform, and the mere chance that I could get elected from this campaign, even if nil, terrified them, as I know I am feared by their team.

We are the canaries in the coal mines, and we are but a few whom have suffered unjustified bans. There are many more whom have had the same fate, and many more whom will follow us. Don’t let our examples become commonplace. Fight for moderator reform. Fight for the end of casual permabans (to be replaced with the use of long temporary bans). Fight for users to be banned by the rules, not by the whims of a corrupt moderation team overstepping their authority. Fight for the basic principle that a ban should be backed by evidence. If you do not fight for these things, then this can only get worse. More will get banned, and when it happens to someone you like, you will not be able to fight against it. Take it from me, a user whom has asked for evidence in every single message, getting peanuts-to-nothing in response, know that you will not be treated any better.

I am Sean “Kizzycocoa” Roberts. I have been banned for XXX days, XX hours, XX minutes and XX seconds. I wish to be unbanned, I wish for new management to take over the subreddit, and I wish to initiate a much larger discussion of moderator ban ethics. This has to stop. Freddit must be held to account, lest it risk alienating it’s userbase, and by extention, Scott’s fanbase.

I will continue to update this article as my own appeal progresses onwards. I thank you for your time, and I hope this has helped to clear up what has gone on for everyone.

Article written by Kizzycocoa
Owner and designer of