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On my Disgraceful Banning from Freddit

Amount of time I have been unjustly banned

XXX : XX : XX : XX
Days Hours Minutes Seconds

Hello all.

It’s come to my attention that many people do not know why I was banned, and at the time of typing, I don’t blame you. Neither do I. Considering this, I’m going to make this nice and simple for everyone. I will go through each message, and rather than share screenshots, I will copy the text wholesale, so links etc. retain their functionality. I will happily provide a full image on request. I will also add additional highlighting to show the main points proposed by both Invaderzz and myself.

I will say now, this article will be very blunt, and have frequent adult language. Parts may not even be safe for work. As someone who has been unjustly banned for this long, my patience is paper-thin. Scott, if you’re reading this for whatever insane reason you may have to do so, I sincerely apologise for the amount of language you’d have to sift through. It’s not a very Christian article, this is for sure. But you will probably find, it certainly holds no lies within it either.

Also, despite my recent decisions to use first names only, for the sake of readability, I shall use their nicknames in this article. I have taken the initiative, especially in the latest appeals, to refer to users by their first name. I do so because I want the mods to know who I am. I want to address them as their names. I want them to understand, this is real. This is not some happy chinchilla that does memes, jokes around and runs a lore site. I am not some happy-go-lucky caricature made of sunshine and pixels. This is a human being. He has a family. A job. He has agency of his own life and mind, and he is being denied access to the most active community based on what he believes to be personal grudges and vendettas. But sadly, this doesn’t make a healthy article that the community can read. So, nicknames it is.

To set the scene, prior to this ban by a few days, Invaderzz PM’d me on Discord about my Fleshmonger campaign – a campaign that I had planned to start in 2019. It was going to be about moderator reform, and when discussing if it’d be allowed on Freddit, I mused adding it to month summary posts, but didn’t really commit either way. Nothing was told to me about how the campaign is or is not allowed.

So, let’s get right into it.

subreddit message via /r/fivenightsatfreddys sent Friday 23rd Feb, 2018 at 6:18AM
You have been banned from participating in r/fivenightsatfreddys. You can still view and subscribe to r/fivenightsatfreddys, but you won’t be able to post or comment.

Note from the moderators:

You are being indefinitely banned for a number of things: Your purposeful intent to incite drama, intent to alter our subreddit’s moderator appointment process with a standalone campaign that was without the modteam’s approval, and desire to push rules to the limit (e.g. Intending to blend in Fleshmonger campaign posts with unrelated post subjects, a violation of Rule 9.)

Thanks for understanding.

If you have a question regarding your ban, you can contact the moderator team for r/fivenightsatfreddys by replying to this message.

Reminder from the Reddit staff: If you use another account to circumvent this subreddit ban, that will be considered a violation of the Content Policy and can result in your account being suspended from the site as a whole.

So, to start with the actual notification, I immediately connected this to the conversation a few days prior. This clearly seems to be wholly relating to said campaign. It discusses the point of misleading titles, which was a misunderstanding of my intent. I meant amending it to other news, or including it in megapost news, like I have done many times. The rule 9 violation was absolutely not applicable. Particularly as I had not even posted anything, meaning rule 9 wasn’t ever violated in any way prior to my ban. Not only that, but it was scheduled to go up in 2019, months and months away. Plenty of time to lay out what is and isn’t allowed to be posted on Freddit, with ample forewarning.

I found the altering of the appointment process to be inherently stupefying. This is not really a charge, it’s a fear. A fear that is impossible to do, as I already know the results of the Kairinezz poll. If Invaderzz and his ilk purposefully ignored 96% of the community, what hope did I have? I found it to be grasping.

The claim on the approval I deemed invalid too. they do not control if I campaign. They control if I campaign on Freddit. I could campaign for anything, be it Freddit or the US Presidency. That charge was nonsense.

Finally, one does not get to claim drama without pointing it out. I’ve been good to try to quell drama, not start it. I would want details, and will not accept a blanket unprovable charge of drama.

Appeal #1

Show banlog #1

Show banlog #2

Show banlog #3

Show banlog #4

Show banlog #5

Appeal #2

Show banlog #6

Show banlog #7

Show banlog #8

Appeal #3

Show banlog #9

Appeal #4

Show banlog #10

Appeal #5

Show banlog #11

Show banlog #12

Appeal #6

Show banlog #13

Show banlog #14

Show banlog #15

Show banlog #16

Appeal #7

Show banlog #17

Show banlog #18

Show banlog #19

Show banlog #20

Show banlog #21

Show banlog #22

Show banlog #23

Show banlog #24

Appeal #8

Show banlog #25

Show banlog #26

Show banlog #27

Show banlog #28

Appeal #9

Show banlog #29

Show banlog #30

Show banlog #31

Show banlog #32

Show banlog #33

Show banlog #34

Show banlog #35

Appeal #10

Show banlog #36

I’ll end off with this. This entire thing is still being played out, and I can only hope this article now makes sense of my woes. The mod team need to be replaced. I don’t care whom, but Invaderzz must go. He is unfit for purpose, and that ban proves this. I have asked and asked and asked for proof and events and screenshots, but I get nothing. Absolutely nothing. I am being persecuted by Freddit’s mod team, based on an old grudge wherein I sided with the community over the mod team, and as a C-list FNaF community leader (in my own estimation), I had quite a bit of weight in that event, having released the article that ended that drama merely 2 days afterwards.

They have nothing on me. Even their contentions are not backed by a rulebreak, as much as they admit in this appeal. It’s also not just me. I run a Discord server (which you can all join if you wish by using the menu at the top of this page), and we have so many Freddit-banned users, each with a story on how they were permabanned for things between community opinion of them as a person, jokes and false charges from the mods.

This is not an acceptable state of affairs, and things must change. Freddit’s discord must align their ban rules with Freddit. The basis of bans should be on rulebreaks. Permabans should only ever be used for security threats and bots. And it shouldn’t take 16 ban appeals, and counting, to try to get some semblance of a set of reasons for your ban. The entire system needs an overhaul, and those whom call themselves moderators should feel ashamed at this animosity they have created, and resign so newer, better moderators can take charge.

I will continue to press the mods every single month. I will demand my proof. I will demand the rulebreak. I will continue to fight for all of those whom also face similar bans. This article is but a display of their unethical handling of my case alone. Many more exist.

And to those whom would say I deserve it because they have a personal axe to grind, or because they dislike my jokes or the people I associate with, I would like to point out, policies like this do not end with people you dislike. One day, if you let this fester, it will happen to your friends. It will happen to those you admire. Possibly, it will happen to you. It is in the interest of the entire community to expect better from their mod team. I have not been the first to be banned like this. I will not be the last.

To ram my point home, I want to bring up 2 high profile cases.


There was a user whom Freddit threatened to ban. His name was SuperstuHD. A quite recognisable name from Reddit, if memory serves. He claimed to have beaten 50/20 mode. However, he had no proof of this. The moderators, seeing this, decided they would step in like the moral busybodies they were, and demand concessions from him.

They demanded he either admit he was lying, redo his run and re-beat the game and post the footage, or be permanently banned. The following is their ultimatum to him.

This is unacceptable. Even if he were lying, you do not threaten a user with a permaban like this. It cheapens the inherent power of the permaban, which again, should only be for security risks and bots. That it can be used so frivolously is a dangerous precedent. This ultimatum turned away a user of the community because the mods felt they had the authority to threaten this user. People make false claims all the time. You get over it. You don’t run them by trial, over an issue that is not in your court, threatening to permanently exile them from the community. That is wrong, and even if he were lying, it should not be accepted by the community.


The banned user I brought up earlier, GBAura, should serve as another grave warning to the community. She was banned for bringing up an issue of potential underage pornography to the mod team. This material was posted by Colatiel, under the alt name of Dewtiel. If memory serves, it was the argument that BB was a kid, though Colatiel aged them up. Grey area, I won’t discuss the principle. Both sides have good points.

From what I understand, she kept this issue between her and the mods, until the above callout from Colatiel. To defend herself, she explained what happened on our server. She was then accused of stalking Colatiel by the mods, and accused of being malicious in her concerns. She was then banned. GBAura feared the moderators, and in her panic, deleted her entire account. I, a responsible moderator and community figure, tried to calm her down. Tried to let her know she was safe in our Discord channel. But she had felt so persecuted by the team, she could not calm herself until it was too late. She deleted her account. She was very prolific, and I’d bet everyone reading this knew her username. That such an active user would fear the mods so greatly, and could be banned for what is quite a complex issue and a personal opinion, should concern every user of the subreddit. This is what tyranny looks like.


Recently, more Discord messages came to light following Colatiel’s suprise resignation and twitter explanation. She linked to This imgur album, which contained these two images.

The story behind these images, are that they are from a private conversation between GBAura and Fugi, her friend. They were given to Colatiel by Fugi, to demonstrate the seriousness of the issue, presuming this evidence would show Colatiel that GBAura was serious in her concern. Colatiel had demanded evidence, but instead of evidence, Fugi has sent every instance Cola had repeated the accusation. This then got her banned for false reporting. I will note now, these comments were from a private message between friends, and therefore, there was no public accusation until Colatiel publically attacked her on Deviantart. That is when GBAura stepped forward and became public. This was a conversation between two friends, whom both felt the mod team need to step down due to their unethical practices, some of which I have noted in this very breakdown.

Further, these messages, like the one about Invaderzz and his manliness complexes, were cherrypicked. Here are two examples that show further context to them.

With this example, GB expressed outrage that Invaderzz was going to ban Scott. GB, like myself, suffers from mental disabilities that makes her think in a more literal-minded way. She did not see any joke in the moderator’s threats. She alleges that Colatiel posted underage pornography, which shows this is certainly something she believed was actually happening. She was not malicious in her allegation, she genuinely believed in her convictions. This demonstrates that GBAura is not making up the charge for drama. Further, it shows she has kept up with my ban appeal and calls for reform, so she too wants to either reform the team, or oust them.

This pairs nicely with the next set of context for another one of the discord messages.

GBAura has a history with the mods. They used her banner without credit, and it’s not sat well with her. With this, she is in dismay over the mods yet again messing her over with the banner, in her mind. From here, you can see she begins to wonder how she can further discredit the team, beyond what I have done already. She pontificates over her as of yet unreported affirmation of underage pornography. From here, they further discuss this until the concern is launched.

The mods, I hear, are going to address this. If they do, one thing I won’t accept is the accusation, whatever it’s intention, was not heartfelt. It absolutely was. Whether it was reported in good or bad faith, to me, is unrelated.

The accusation itself was not false in GB’s mind. She did not make it up. It was a genuine concern of hers, even if the pretense for the report was malicious. I could go through each quote, but that would call for it’s own article, and I think I’ve demonstrated the point. Even if the accusation was weaponised, it was never made public until Cola brought it into the public sphere. Further, it was genuine. Regardless of intent, this report was real.

I will keep this updated if any other issues come to light. Please use our contact form if you have any further issues you’d like to discuss concerning this ban.

What next

What must happen next, is a show of force must be made, and changes must be enacted to Freddit’s ban handling.

How can you help? Quite simple

  1. Message the moderators to make yourself heard
  2. Personally message Invaderzz and tell him this is not ok
  3. Create a text post on Freddit requesting ethical ban reform (That being no casual permabans for users, evidence to back up bans and banning by the rules, not personal reasons). Start that discussion, and push for it.

If you were to be so bold, know that Invaderzz and his team are not the unaccountable monoliths they believe themselves to be. They are under great sway from Scott Cawthon himself. If he caught wind that the team were doing this, alienating a fairly sizeable chunk of the FNaF community without reason, I hold no doubt that he would demand better of the mods. As it is, though we’ve had our scrapes, I know Scott is a decent man with good morals. I think even he would expect better from the team. He would expect the team to actually have reasons for their bans. To justify them.

He would see the two examples above, and hearing that they are just the tip of the iceburg, grow concerned for the authority that the Freddit mods seem to have lent themselves. The mods have taken it upon themselves to enact bans based on claims to have beaten his game. Fake or not, that is not their place. They also have banned someone whom had a genuine concern over potentially inappropriate conduct of their moderators, and defended themselves when attacked for it. As for me, they banned a user who wanted to push ethical ban reform via a humorous election campaign, with similar strands to a Jimquisition-style character. They wanted to stop any discussion of ban reform, and the mere chance that I could get elected from this campaign, even if nil, terrified them, as I know I am feared by their team.

We are the canaries in the coal mines, and we are but a few whom have suffered unjustified bans. There are many more whom have had the same fate, and many more whom will follow us. Don’t let our examples become commonplace. Fight for moderator reform. Fight for the end of casual permabans (to be replaced with the use of long temporary bans). Fight for users to be banned by the rules, not by the whims of a corrupt moderation team overstepping their authority. Fight for the basic principle that a ban should be backed by evidence. If you do not fight for these things, then this can only get worse. More will get banned, and when it happens to someone you like, you will not be able to fight against it. Take it from me, a user whom has asked for evidence in every single message, getting peanuts-to-nothing in response, know that you will not be treated any better.

I am Sean “Kizzycocoa” Roberts. I have been banned for XXX days, XX hours, XX minutes and XX seconds. I wish to be unbanned, I wish for new management to take over the subreddit, and I wish to initiate a much larger discussion of moderator ban ethics. This has to stop. Freddit must be held to account, lest it risk alienating it’s userbase, and by extention, Scott’s fanbase.

I will continue to update this article as my own appeal progresses onwards. I thank you for your time, and I hope this has helped to clear up what has gone on for everyone.

Article written by Kizzycocoa
Owner and designer of