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Latest Site Update

New Year, New Site. Hopefully.

Hello everyone

Well, that sure was a year, huh? I must say, I did not anticipate such a traffic boost at the end, but with Security breach releasing, perhaps I should not have been so surprised.

We have updated to use Cloudflare. Please bear with the site, you may see some graphical errors here and there. It should pass rather quickly.

I’ve decided, I’m just going to do the whole site all over again. Top to bottom. I’ll keep the content, but the theme is now convoluted and ridiculous. I can’t work with it.

I have the dump for Security Breach, and will be posting the relevant snippets to the site. I also plan to diversify videos posted here. I shall be switching to Bitchute by default, but will allow you to switch to YouTube.

I want to really freshen the sheets around here, try to get things cleaned up properly. I can’t be bothered with Freddit, they can do whatever they want, I have long since passed caring about them. I’ll just try to cultivate the FNaFLore community properly.

We’ve also had a lot of changes on the Discord. our bots got upgraded, and our warning system, renewed. Hopefully, the first renewal of many.

Security Breach? ugh, it’s a pain. How can one tease so much connecting lore, but deliver nothing but new story? It baffles me why they didn’t use a single god-damn lore bag to elaborate on past lore. But, such is life. I have come to anticipate such disappointments from FNaF. But, in case anyone cares for a bunch of tapes that basically just tell you “Vanny be cray-cray”, I’ll upload them regardless.

Keep safe, and have a happy New Year. We’re out of the woods into 2022, but I suspect we’re just at the eye of a storm. If you’d like a refuge from the madness, please, do join us on our Discord. We’re always happy to help

Kizzycocoa – Owner and designer of

1st January 2022