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Happy Halloween!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to make a post to say happy Halloween, and to lay out the future plans for the site.

babydev14October is coming to a close, and all of the SL stuff is being tidied up. The maps are almost sorted, the lore will then be added and then that’s all the new Sister Location content added! October’s been a big focus for Sister Location, and I’m very happy with how things have been over the last few weeks. Over the coming weeks, I’ll also be releasing articles detailing my take on the lore of SL, how it fits in and also finishing that lore roundup.

November is going to be all about the social parts of It’ll be focused on the forums and the discord, implementing proper rules for both, as well as custom emotes. I’ll be focusing on getting the forums set up, which will hopefully include a forum arcade with reskinned FNaF games. The banning system will be further defined for the Discord, in which a lot of points for being a dick are given, and go down slowly It Hurts. This system will be outlined very thoroughly for the entire community.

Coming into December, there will be a Popgoes Christmas(maybe?) Promotion, as the final fandoor opens up. It’s going to take most of the month, as I plan to add a section detailing the extensive beta materials I have obtained throughout development. With this, the initial fangame segments will finally be completed, half a year after being initially added!

I’ve got a lot more in the pipeline for the community, too! Coming up soon is the FNaFLore anniversary, and I’m really excited for what is planned. If it goes well, then the community will be in for a treat!

I’ve also gathered a small team, and we are potentially going to get a game out there. I’ve got a 3-person team so far of a concept artist, a programmer/musician and myself handling the lore, gameplay and minigame art. I’m not going to do the bad developer thing and announce anything about it, but it is possibly coming It Hurts. I’m holding back any and all details until I’m absolutely sure it will happen. All I will say is, it is not set in the Freddyverse. I hope people will be into it, if we get past concepting. It’ll be a much riskier concept to sell to the community.

Beyond all of that, I still plan to do more observations, discussions and perhaps get the camera systems set up. Those were the systems that emulate the in-game camera setups. It was basically billed as if you were using some hacking software to see inside the locations, as a sorta meta-lore. I’m going to need to talk to Scott about the FAZ-CAMs particularly, as they could be seen as infringing. This is why the FAZ-CAM prototype has been missing since the whole Dolls incident. But, I’m confident that the Candy-Cams, Pop-Cams and Egg-Cams will be good to set up in the new year!

I also plan to get the characters pages more personal, with actual profiles on each character. I’ll be on the hunt for modellers who create accurate FNaF models, to try to make new poses for those pages. If you feel your work fits that bill, please let me know! It Hurts I’ll be crediting every model via a on-hover text popup, similar to how the main menu works for drop downs, but to the right, not downwards.

I’d like to thank the community for supporting this site. I’ve heard such nice feedback from everyone, it really has been overwhelming. This site stands only for the community, and I’m glad the community are finding it useful!

For now though, It Hurts I’m going to finish the Sister Location stuff. Have a very happy Halloween! Be careful of clowns, those sure are a thing, huh?

they sure are

clown killers





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