We have compiled a list of resources and interactive tidbits that should help solve the lore. Feel free to use these resources for your own ends!

Characters MapBox Children's Pictures
Characters Maps Children’s Pictures
Profiles for all characters in the game Several maps of the minigames, in a visual form. I feel these pictures tell stories of their own.
AudioTranscriptsBox Scottgames Teasers newspaper-box
Audio Transcripts Scottgames Teasers Newspapers and Clippings
All audio transcripts from Phone Guy, Phone Dude and the Sister Location cast. All teasers used in the run-up to the games, as well as details about the website structure All newspaper intros and outros, as well as clippings from the first game
TrailersBox FNaFBoxWatchBox ExtraContentBox
Trailers #FNaFBoxWatch Extra Content
All trailers for the games A live video feed of the FNaF box’s status. Will it open while you are watching?? Extra resources from the various games