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Concerning the Inactivity of the Site

Hello all.

This site has largely been untouched since May, and I wanted to address this quickly.

I was working on something. an actual video to post here. but that’s moving so slowly, it looks like the next game will be out before I can finish it.

Essentially, I am burned out. This lore, this story, it’s just all chaos.

When I founded this website, the goal was to set out the lore. to lay out the lore from facts alone. no personal investment in this theory or that theory. just, plain facts, supporting other facts. a bedrock theory, if you will.

Sister Location – in particular, the Custom Night update – have largely drained my will to update this site in any capacity. To do anything for the site is now exceedingly hard.

This is why the Writer’s Corner came out. to try to keep the site alive at all. but, I was foolish to think this would fix it all. The theorists I have invited have largely not taken up the invite. It took so long, I’m not surprised. Many of them aren’t particularly even theorising anymore.

I just can’t find it in me to be motivated for FNaF anymore. I try, but the story is in tatters in my mind. Not only that, but from the looks of it, Scott wishes to progress the story forward, without elaborating on the past. Nearly no-one cares about Springtrap or Baby. we’re all still hung up on the bite, and which purple guy is who, and the number of victims etc.

Springtrap was wrapped up. his future was nearly irrelevant. Baby/Ennard is a bit of a mystery, but their end was wrapped up. no-one cares what happens to them after escaping into the drain. They could fall out of the plot entirely, and no-one would be devastated. they’re not a loose thread.

At this point, I just can’t place my faith in Scott anymore. initially I was certain he’d clear up the lore. But now, I don’t believe he will. Honestly, without wishing to psycho-analyse too much, his behaviour seems more like someone who’s terrified that if he reveals the slightest solid lore point, the franchise will shutter and he’d experience a mass exodus of fans. Keeping it secret is all that’s holding the fandom together. That’s the only end-point I can possible come to when it comes to the fnaf series. we can count the solved and solid mysteries of the game one one hand, but the unsolved points are not only numerous, but exist throughout the entirety of fnaf’s timeline.

I just do not believe a FNaF 6, no matter how skilled it’s developer, can possibly answer to the number of locations, number of dead kids, the bite perpetrator, the identity of specific purple guys or the unknown history of the puppet, while also juggling whatever twisted circus theme the book is aiming for.

On top of this, there’s the fact that I’ve no doubt he’ll continue to litter the game with points of mystery, adding more to be solved on top of the pile. Further, the latest book is almost a joke, littered with inaccuracies, (misunderstanding the 83 argument, use of “freddybear” repeatedly, the images are just flat-out non canon in most instances etc.)

At this point, I wish he would end the franchise, and move onto a new series for us to get into. but I do not think that’ll happen anytime soon.

I’m hoping to stick to my commitments here, but as my interest in fnaf strains, so too are those projects seeming less likely. The charity arcade, a game for Momerator’s tablets, a full-blown fangame for fnaf, all of those projects are in jeopardy in my head, because I simply can’t pluck the motivation to work on them. I don’t know how I could change this. I’m out of steam here, and I’d love to know how to regain that steam back.

I’ll probably duck my head in now and then, but I don’t feel I can keep myself so invested in the game. it’s more work than fun at this point, and this is a sentiment I find is common in figureheads of this community. Invaderzz has made posts about how he feels the lore is unsolvable, matpat is comparing fnaf to mental torture in some of his recent works, I’ve had some extensive talks with Momerator on this (One if which can be read here), and more from others that elude my memory at this point.

I’m just tired of all of this. I just want this nightmare of a plot to sort itself out, note down the actual plot, then to look forward to the next game. the things being hidden from us are maddeningly small details with big lore consequences. that a game series could go on for 5 games without even revealing the number of murdered kids, or relevant locations etc, is crazy. This is some base stuff, and it’s still up for debate. Right now, fangames like Candys, Popgoes or even Flumptys tell a more complete and coherent story than the source material, which is still in a lore limbo. Even the books tell a more coherent story than the original game. It’s depressing, to say the least.

Still, I don’t know when the next update will come. The last one was 5 months ago. At this rate, it’ll probably be closer to the 6th game’s launch. I’ll hope that it sheds light on my concerns, but at this point, I hold no faith in it having the answers.

As for those projects, I don’t know. I’ve lost all motivation. I think I need to step back, let that motivation build up, then push ahead to finish the site and get those games sorted. All I know is, there’s not going to be a lot happening here.

Take care everyone. I’ll drop by to see how things are going. Here’s hoping the lore is fixed with 6, even though i doubt such a fix is even possible.

Oh, also, Happy Halloween! Shout out to all the grim reapers out there. They’re so underused nowadays. The scythe designs out are terrible.

Kizzycocoa – Owner and designer of

edit: as a clarification, I do not plan to shut down the site, ideally ever. I just can’t find the time or motivation to actively maintain it, beyond backend security to ensure it doesn’t get hacked.