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Concerning the Freddit banner controversy

I’m probably going to lose my image flair chances over this. But, I feel to make this point is more important than some poxy flair.

I was personally taken aback by the recent controversy over the banner. People voted for banner winners, and when there was a “meme” entry put up that had won, everyone lost their minds. They could have waited one day for it to change, but no. It had to change right now for some of these people.

I was disgusted by what I saw and heard. The “hatebase” is completely vile. So, in protest of them and in solidarity with the artist who won (and the moderation team), FNaFLore is running with the banner.

Feel free to scream and kick, it’s not going to change. Further, it’ll be up for one week.

I find the conduct of those Freddit users disgraceful, and am doing this on principle. You do not award a banner as a winner, then take it back because some of the userbase is upset by it. That is not fair on the artists, and the blame being put onto the admins is completely out of line. Coming from someone who had a not-insignificant hand in amplifying the community’s voice to change the Freddit mod leadership, I find the moderators have done nothing but be fair to users regarding latest policies, to which I applaud them for their work. Blame does not lie with the moderation team; it lies with the community that voted it in.

I think Kenan put it best in his image on the subreddit over his whole issue. It sums up what happened very well.


On that note, there was a lot of anti-Squidnow voices, to the point where he has taken a short leave from the moderation team. Please stop trying to claim he needs to be demoted.

I used to think he’d not be a good mod, but seeing his activity in the last month mature, I feel he is one of the stronger mods on the team, as evidenced by his activity as a moderator. The following are logs from just a single day.

SquidnowActivityLog1 SquidnowActivityLog2 SquidnowActivityLog3

Stop laying into Squidnow. Yes, he has a history as a shitposter. So what? He’s a good moderator, and treats his position very professionally. I believe him to be a good asset for the Freddit moderation team.

The banner will stay up for one week, to be taken down on the 11th of August at 3:30PM GMT+1, in solidarity to the artist that got witchhunted out of the contest, and the mods who were blamed for doing nothing wrong in any capacity. I’ll probably get a lot of shit for this, but fuck it. The community needs to stop causing hell over stupid stuff that goes away in under 24 hours. Stupid stuff that they voted to have on the subreddit in the first place. The specific “Hatebase” community needs to stop stamping it’s feet like children when something doesn’t go their way, especially when they themselves caused it to go that way in the first place.

Kizzycocoa – Owner and designer of