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Daily Help Wanted Lorehunt Streams (All done. Article inbound.)

Hello all

The livestream on the Wednesday was a mostly-success! So, we will be doing them every day until the game is finished. I will start them at 7PM my time (see all timezones in the title), and run them for 3 1/2 hours. For me, this means clocking off at 10:30PM. We often start the stream 10 minutes early for teething issues and for some small pre-talk. Feel free to join us then! All streams will be on my Youtube channel, and will be placed on the front page of FNaFLore, as well as within this blog post.

For a reminder, as one of the privileged few that owns a VR set, I am hosting live lore-hunting streams for Help Wanted on Youtube. The streams will be game footage only. No IRL camera.

All of our special staff members can speak in a Discord voice chat that will be live on the stream. All other users will be able to both listen into that Discord chat, as well as type in the accompanying text chat. With this system, any lore hints are funnelled through any participating theorists or staff members. I shall try to be thorough, but hints will help! We’ve gone into this almost completely blind, and want to be for lore reasons.

Our first task is to finish the game WITHOUT picking up collectables. This may unlock something special, who knows! Seems to be the hardest one to get, as everyone instinctively picks up at least one collectable.
From there, we will likely focus on collecting all the coins. These seem more in-gamey rather than the tapes. less of a 4th wall breaker, more of an intended mechanic.
Finally, we will round off by collecting all the tapes. I presume this has some meta-value to it, so we’re leaving the glitchy tape route until last.

Here’s hoping we actually get some closure from Help Wanted! I’m guessing we won’t, but we can dream. We can dream.

Hope to see you there!

Kizzycocoa – Owner of