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Happy Birthday to Kizz!

Hello all!

Today, the 15th of May, just so happens to be the anniversary of my birth. I have now officially wasted 1/4 of my life on video games, and do not intend to stop. So, I have an announcement, as well as an art competition with a cash prize. But first, a small bit of preface text.

I was permabanned from Freddit almost 3 months ago now, following a plan to run a presidential Trump-like moderator campaign for the FNaFLore Fleshmonger. The reasoning for my ban has been causing drama (all but 2 of their dramas I debunked), violating rule #9 (pre-emptive and also a misunderstanding on their part), subverting the moderation application process (I shit you not, this was one of their actual reasons. As if Kairinezz wasn’t a good enough example that Freddit discards the public’s wishes.) and finally, “Being toxic”. Mark that last one Popgoes, Phisnom, Squidnow and literally anyone the mods dislike. I may not think you toxic, and I’d not care if you are if you followed the rules of the platform.

But they want me banned so much, they’ve stooped to subjective reasoning, rather than objective evidence. This means if someone thinks you’re toxic and reports you for it, you could be permanently banned. THIS SHOULD WORRY EVERYONE.

I tried in the early hours to get this sorted out, but they muted me outright. So, while I continue to appeal and smash down each one of their points, I wanted to do some things that I have every right to do, which do not violate their rules. Things that they cannot cite rule violations, and things that I will take great satisfaction in watching unfold. Who needs Dawko vs. Scott, when we’ve got FNaFLore vs. Freddit as quality entertainment?

So, onto the actual news!

The FNaFLore Shop!

h0i! Welcom to….. KIZ SHOP!

I will be starting a FNaFLore shop, which will contain meme merchandise relating to FNaFLore’s in-jokes. It will not infringe any of Scott’s copyrights.

Primarily, the shop will feature merchandise of the FNaFLore Fleshmonger, as well as merchandise with the #FreeBlue label.

The Fleshmonger is my personal creation, not Scott’s. He will follow me in this community, to the next and the next. He is only here as I am here, and his nickname of “The FNaFLore Fleshmonger” is a construct to show whom’s train of ethics he comes from, FNaFLore (Ban based on actions, permas only for bots and dangers) or Freddit (Ban based on outside activity, permabans for “toxic” people).

#FreeBlue is a meme of my conception, too. It is my claim. A meme I originated, unrelated to FNaF.

A portion of all shop proceeds will directly support Momerator’s cancer fundraiser. If I can get permission from Scott (who has yet to reply), I may also use Momerator’s avatar in some pieces. I do not know if her avatar is something Scott holds copyright over or not, so I am clarifying this with him. If not, I’ll try to see if I can use any other avatar, perhaps for a group shot of the moderation of FNaFlore. These pieces would have a more substantial portion going to Momerator.

The shop has been set up for four distinct reasons.

  1. To learn how to build shops for my IRL web design job.
  2. To support Momerator’s cancer fundraiser. I am unsure of the percentage as of yet, but a portion of all sales will go towards Momerator.
  3. To satisfy demand for Fleshmonger election memorabilia and Freeblue merchandise.
  4. In protest to the Freddit permaban I’ve been unjustly handed over the Fleshmonger’s campaign, as well as to promote and encourage a Streisand effect. Exercising my freedom to make these spicy memes even MORE prevalent, while not breaking a single rule of theirs.

Users can expect to be able to buy election badges, bumper stickers, regular stickers, flags, magnets and posters of FreeBlue and the Fleshmonger. There are even a few items that have forced me to install an age-restricted area of the site. Yeah, look forward to those reveals in particular. they’re going to be jaw-dropping, I promise you.

The shop will not contain any FNaF intellectual property. It will not infringe any of Scott’s copyrights. Getting that in a second time to let it sink into those already sending this off to him.

This could have been stopped, Freddit. But now, it is too late.

Where’s Fleshy? 2018

In protest of the Freddit ban, I am also proposing a large and law-abiding game of “Where’s Fleshy?”, the newest hit game among the kids. The premise is a simple spin on the popular “Where’s Wally?” game, breaks no rules (Try as you will Invaderzz, this is all on the up and up) and will feature a cash prize of £30 £60, or your country’s equivalent (~$40.67 ~$81.08).

This will be paid to your Paypal account, which I will ask you for by email if you have won. The results will be made public in a final results table. If you want your name to be hidden, please do say in the comments section.

So, here are the rules. The Fleshmonger, while not yet officially running for mod, is surveying his peoples. Watching them, machete in hand, to gauge what he should do and stand up for as a Freddit mod, a political powerhouse or an (ALLEGED!) homicidal murderer. As an artist, you must sneak a depiction of him among your artwork, and post that artwork to Freddit.

There are some rules for this competition. These are:

Major Minor
Ears (Both)
(Overrides Ear)
Ear (Single)
Welding Mask Top half of Apron
Holding Machete
(Overrides Arm)
Wooden Cube
(must have the holes)*
Both Legs +
Bottom half of Apron
An in-progress
Dragging away
a corpse*

This is a tiny fragment of a larger Where’s Wally image. Putting aside it’s non-FNaF nature, lets say this image has 300 karma. it shows an additional 3 Major items, meaning the score is 1200. It has 1 mod comment without noticing, making the score 1296. 3 users pointed him out, so the score is 1218.24. a mod pointed him out, so the score is 609.12. This is the final score.

Your work will be scored according to a hand-crafted scoring system, and will be scored in the order listed, which works as follows:

  1. Base value of your post’s total Karma as viewed on the 1st of June, 2018 at 0:00AM.
  2. For every additional major Fleshmonger body part visible, Add the value of your post’s base Karma again.
  3. For every additional minor Fleshmonger body part visible, Add half the value of your post’s base Karma again.
  4. If the Fleshmonger is murdering or carrying a corpse, and that corpse is Wally or a Freddit moderator, Add the value of your post’s base Karma again. This does not stack.
  5. If the Fleshmonger is in the Where’s Wally pose, plus 1% to the score.
  6. For every moderator comment that does not see the Fleshmonger, plus 8% to the score.
  7. For every non-moderator comment that points out the Fleshmonger, minus 2% from the score.
  8. For every moderator comment that points out the Fleshmonger, HALVE the score. This WILL stack.
  9. If the artwork is removed from Freddit, it is instantly disqualified, unless reinstated by the Freddit team.
  10. If there is a concerted effort brought to our attention that you’ve publicly promoted the artwork in Discord or on other media in a way that can be read as relating to this challenge, it is instantly disqualified. This will be judged on a case-by-case basis, and the ruling will be backed by 3 members of the FNaFLore moderation. Treat your artwork as if it is just another piece you’ve made. Do not treat it as if it’s special.
  11. If the artwork is posted by a Freddit/Freddit Discord mod, it will be instantly disqualified IF:
    • There are any deleted comments (unless context is provided in full)
    • The post is held in a place of undeserving prominence, be it a header, sidebar, pinned post, Discord announcement or given any other extra advantage.

To enter the competition, simply fill out the below contact form with your preferred name, Reddit username and artwork URL. There is a small note section for comments. Among any other comments, please be sure to note where the Fleshmonger is, so in the event you’ve really done a good job at hiding him, we can find him ourselves. If you fear your current alignment in this matter may give you away, we will accept entries made on other reddit accounts on your behalf, so long as you are not evading a ban. Entries will be open until midnight on the 30th of May GMT. You may submit as many entries as you wish, but each will act as an individual entry. you cannot stack entry values. Feel free to play around with styles to better hide him, such as a more abstract angular style, or perhaps a chibi depiction. anything goes, so long as it’s clearly the Fleshmonger in some form.

In the event that including the Fleshmonger in any artwork (even if 99.9% FNaF-related) is tyrannically blocked by Freddit, THE PRIZE MONEY WILL BE DOUBLED. THEY ACTUALLY DID IT. Amazing. They went the tyrannical route. So, now, THE PRIZE MONEY IS DOUBLED. IT IS NOW £60.

Adding a Fleshmonger to your artwork is not a bannable offence, people add their own characters all the time. It’s only bannable because it’s me. I was considering disqualifying that piece too, as it was far too dark and not obvious. Stunning. They continue to violate every shred of ethics they had left.

I’m doing this on the 15th, because your entries are my little birthday present to myself. It is against absolutely no rules (in fact, I mandate they are followed), and it presents the mods with a unique moral quandary. I will enjoy seeing just how they react. Will they get more tyrannical? Will they attempt to thwart contestants? Will they simply ignore it, letting me “win”? It will be a fascinating competition, and will provide me great entertainment during my birthday month’s end. I may make this an annual thing, if this situation continues further. I will look forward to the reactions from the community and mods, and note it for any future ideas.

What next?

I am still trying to get this place up to scratch. some of you will have noticed that I have kept the teasers updated, at the least. I just have so much going on, and frankly, I take the moderator’s actions as a serious offence I need to tackle. I am still trying to keep all these plates spinning, but between work, this nonsense and IRL projects, it’s slow-going. I have no doubt I will complete all of this, it will just take a while as I try to strike these out, one by one. I am hoping to strike out the IRL thing, but will then focus on the site proper. it’s just, time. There’s not enough of it in a day.

I am deeply disappointed in the moderator’s actions, which have only leached time from other activities, such as the game and this site’s overall conduct. As far as I am concerned, I have no further confidence in the team, and will support any alternate candidate or uprising that would occur in the future, much like the last time the mods went rogue. I have given them every opportunity to correct this, but they have failed. Even today, I gave them the chance to unban me, and to stop this. But now, I no longer feel restraint. I will do anything I want, and what’s better still, none of it will be against the rules.

I am unsure as to what will occur next. I know, there is information I can utilise to whip up a shitstorm and potentially repeat a Basetown incident. Stuff that would outrage the entire community to the point of yet another call for a change of leadership. But, I would need further support that I currently do not have. The general community are not aware that being “Toxic” or exhibiting “Extreme Degeneracy” (I shit you not, that was a ban reason for a user on their Discord) are ban reasons the moderators now use. Until they are aware and as angry as before, I cannot do much. Do look out though. If they continue their improper conduct as moderators of a public place, there may just be a trump card that’ll come into play. It all relies on their conduct. If you have any further ammo I may use, such as unjust bannings or blatant corruption, please do get in touch. Every little helps.

Still, look forward to the shop! To all contestants, good luck with your entries! I will look forward to the results.

Kizzycocoa – Owner and designer of