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2019 in Review, and Special Thanks

Hello All

A Year’s Summary The Future Special Thanks Final Thoughts

2019 has come and gone, and I feel once more I should give a bit of a review of this site, it’s direction in the coming decade and give thanks where necessary.

The site has been hanging on, but it’s clearly getting outdated. This is primarily due to sustained theory burn caused by a lack of solid facts or clarity over the canonicity of the respective books and games. Help Wanted seems to have invalidated basically all other games, and the books are always a thorn in the side of the game franchise. At a time where the game quality has only had leaps and bounds, the lore seems to have hit it’s lowest point to date in terms of legibility.

The site itself is going through a big redesign. I plan to have the site fully mobile responsive, as well as kitted out with a user-powered theme selection system. Want the site to look more like FNaF3? We can do this. Want to have a Christmassy theme all year? We got you. That’s the most ambitious part of the redesign, and we are eager to see it come to fruition.

Once this redesign is fully implemented, we can then finally move onto the public beta for the game. I need to sort out the site’s styling so I can blank the game pages style-wise, and start from scratch. So after this, we will finally be able to get out a beta. It is am ambitious project, but we’re hopeful that it will be completed come the end of 2020, with a beta coming sometime in the spring.

Further, we at FNaFLore are planning in the new year to help sort out the lore issues of the main franchise. This will be done via a massive community project to tell Scott, this is what we think of the lore, and this is how you can improve it. We hope this will at least help Scott visualise the health of his game’s lore on a visual scale, as well as providing ample methods to improve or complete the lore itself.

Scott commented to this project’s announcement: “I just want Kizzy to be happy and healthy. Lore really doesn’t have anything to do with it at this point. I just want him to find something that will make him happy again, because I don’t think the lore will ever be what he wants it to be. I really want the best for him”.

The saddest thing is, my first response to him, literally the first thing I thought when I saw his words, was the word “cohesive”. I just want a cohesive story, Scott. If the lore will never be cohesive, that is something that has to reflect on the storytelling, not the interpretations. It is all I’ve ever wanted. Once, Scott erected a strawman of me in the form of “if I make a game that contradicts one of your theories, it doesn’t mean that my game is wrong, it means that your theory needs to evolve. Otherwise you should probably change your website name to Kizzylore”. I felt that was very, very disingenuous. My issue is not with my own timeline – I don’t give a damn about my own canon. Have your glitchy virus bunnies. Have your animated noodle men. Have your corpses somehow walking with no organs or insides or anything to support them. Go wild. Scott went off the “Jason X” cliff several games ago, the game is a ridiculous mess of nonsense and with the new killer cult coming up, I mean, we’ve already jumped so many sharks, what’s another few to add to the pile.

All I ask for is for a story that makes cohesive sense. Where one leads to two, leads to three, leads to four. That is all I’ve ever asked for. I have beliefs in the lore, sure. Who doesn’t? But I do not care to stick to a story that is not canon. If a cohesive story is one that cannot be delivered, that is an indictment on nothing but the storyteller. Something I hope to show when I build that big, beautiful lorewall. I would by lying if I said that I expected anything but a negative view of the current lore. This lorewall will be a grimy shade of green, is my prediction. But who knows, perhaps I will be wrong.

The Future

Every year I put down a future section, and every year it flops. Lets hope this time, it will not.

I am hard at work on giving this site a new coat of paint. A few, actually. A great theme picker is coming, which will automatically change it’s theme around Christmas and other holidays. This is a big project, and it’s also a good excuse to modernise the entire site. So, hopefully, it will be worth the wait.

Once this redesign occurs, I shall be putting into place the Lorewall project, as mentioned in prior posts. Once that is in place, I can then return my focus onto the “PokeFNaF” game. I’ve been working on what the lore will be, and I have some decent ideas. It should be an interesting plotline.

Other plans include of course, updating all of the content on the site. I am in possession of the file dumps for Help Wanted, Curse of Dreadbear and Special Delivery, so all audio and lore snippets should be updating over the coming months. I also want to reinvent the Writer’s Corner. It just isn’t getting the traction it deserves.

Special Thanks

The sustained activity and improvements to the site and it’s Discord server has been helped thanks to the tireless effort from several close associates to the site. Here, I would like to personally and individually thank each one of them. I would also like to thank several past associates in the spirit of the holiday season.

Scott Cawthon

Of course, no list could be complete without the person for which the community would not exist without. Despite our differences on the story, kudos has to go to you for forming the basis of the community itself. I hope you had a great Christmas, and will have a very fruitful New Year!

The FNaFLore Staff


Quite frankly, Junior has to be the first in line to be thanked this year. As always, he has maintained our various Discord bots throughout the year tirelessly and with little thanks from the community, often keeping to the background in our discussions. He deserves so much recognition for keeping the chat running smoothly, and I personally thank him for his dedication to our small group on Discord. If you are to thank anyone for FNaFLore’s smooth running, Junior should be the first. Thank you Junior, and here’s hoping you had a very good Christmas!


Retro has to be the very next person to thank. Retro used to run a set of forums, but when they were threatened with closure, we invited him to monitor our forums instead, as a new home. Sadly, that did not occur and the forums had to be taken down due to inactivity and lack of upkeep, but he has been invaluable for our Discord community. Once again hiding away in the background, he has been the bottleneck for our server in terms of monitoring the Invite Lobby. He often brings a truly balanced view to our moderation team on the Discord, and I have to thank him for his service to the server. If you do visit our server, Retro is certainly the next in line to thank for his continued contributions. Thanks Retro, hope you had a merry Christmas!


I rarely hear from Momerator nowadays, but she is doing well, and is miles away from her previous condition! We all wish her the best, and wish she were maybe just a tad more active. We all miss you Mom, and we all would love to see you make a big comeback! Until then, I hope Mom has an amazing New Year.

Mr Bear

Mr Bear is the best bear, and he is all ours. He has been a model citizen of the FNaFLore Discord chat, and has to date hugged members approximately 14,864 times! He is the best bear and we all hope he has a fantastic Christmas full of all the fish he could ever want. Swing by his den in the FNaFLore Discord chat to say hello and thank him for being the best member of the entire chat community!


Originally a humble whisperer of the bear, Neither took up his role as a moderator through the Den of Degeneracy. We merged the mod teams recently, and Neither has been helping out in the main server for some time now. We thank you for your help, and wonder for just how long you will hold your record for most Mr Bear hugs (10,000). Happy holidays!

The Jurgernator

Jurg has been a model theorist of our community for some time, and after consensus from the entire team, is also a newly minted FNaFLore Discord moderator. He has been vital to the theory community for his rather rational and well thought out positions and will no doubt prove a vital addition to our own moderating team for those very same skills. Here’s hoping the coming year will help to solidify their position in our ranks, and will outshine the year just gone by!

Mr Meme

Of all the new recruits, I must say, I don’t know a lot about Mr Meme. But he has been helpful in the community, and their input in our team has been very appreciated, and I can only hope for further positive contributions as our team chugs along. I’m running out of alternate ways to say happy holidays, but have some happy holidays either way!

The Salty Bike

Quite easily my most hesitant of promotions, Salty has had some history with the chat. But so far, the small hop of faith I have had in them has not been misplaced. Salty has been exceedingly active, and has valiantly put forward their views while trying to radically reform the FNaFLore Discord moderation. There has been some give and take, but Salty has been very receptive to my concerns regarding user rights within our own server, which makes me hopeful for their future status on our team. Their input and proposed changes have been greatly appreciated, and I hope their further contributions into the new year will be just as useful and insightful.

Fangame Creators


Of all the fangames in the community, the Flumpty games have, in my eyes, easily been the most creative and beloved. It is a tremendous loss to the surrounding fan community that the series ended just 2 games in, but like all other fans, I respect that all things must come to an end. Jonochrome is an amazing creator, and I would implore people to play his Undercook and Esotericism of Bargo series. Both of these are criminally underplayed. He seems to have been struggling creatively ever since the Flumpty franchise came to an end. Frankly, considering all of his works before and after the franchise, Jonochrome is a very talented creator in all respects. His works never fail to leave a smile on my face, and I wish him well in his post-college works. I look forward to all of his future content as a fan of his specific universe of creations, and wish him a very, very happy New Year!


Emil is someone I feel I should always thank and apologise to. Of all the fangame creators, Emil is the one I feel I’ve wronged the most, as their section is the most incomplete. I’ve not talked much to Emil, but they’ve always been very friendly when we have talked. I can only yet again apologise for their section’s lack of content. This site’s redesign is taking a lot of time, but once that is done, I want to finish that section, particularly as their fangame series seems to be getting another game in the (hopefully near!) future. Happy New Year man, and apologies again for how far behind that section is!


Popgoes and I don’t tend to see eye to eye on much anymore, but I still hope life for him has been good since he got the baggage of the Popgoes release sorted over 2 years ago. He seems to have mellowed out a bit. It is with regret that we don’t often speak, primarily due to the whole incident on my part concerning the story confusion with the lead programmer. Still, I hope his holidays have been good non-the-less.


I’ve talked to Nikson a few times, and with the restyling and retooling of the site, have some plans to talk with him concerning a relatively popular FNaFLore fan request. I hope to have some very fruitful talks with him soon, and wish him a happy holiday season.

FNaFLore Discord Regulars


GBAura has been a very close friend this past year. Having also been wrongfully banned, we’ve had many discussions over all things, from ban reform, to moderator ethics, to the lore of FNaF and the future of the franchise. They have also been very helpful, putting me in contact with people whom can help improve the site with resources from the latest games. A bit sheepish, GB has been somewhat held back in the main chat, and has often shied away from our server. But when she is there and is theorising, she has put across her cases very well, and I look forward to her continued involvement in the site and it’s community. Thanks again, GB!


Connie is a bitch. I can think of no other fitting way to open this than to lay the cards on the table.

But hey, she’s our bitch. Despite our relative animosity from past issues, somehow, a form of mutual respect has formed, and has only grown stronger over this past year. She may rub the chat the wrong way most, if not all of the time. But her contributions are invaluable to the community. Often times, if I feel I may be a bit ahead of myself, I consult Connie to get her critical views on my actions or thoughts.

She has been an excellent member of our community and an ideal ideological sparring partner. It has been good to see her go from shutting down others via insults and character attacks, to being a very involved and often argumentative member of our community. I can only wish her the best in the future and a very happy holiday season.


Comical has been a very committed follower of both FNaFLore, and of the more personal causes that have come from our community. A supporter of the Blue Wave, Comical’s continued contributions to the chat are greatly appreciated, certainly by myself. His renders and artwork have been particularly special to me. I have loved and adored each passing piece of shitpost art he makes concerning the whole FreeBlue issue. I hope he has a very good year next year, and I hope we will be privileged to continue to see him within our Discord server!


Skytlz has been rather quiet this year, but as a dedicated supporter to the cause, I would like to thank him for the year just gone. Hope you have a good 2020!


I’d like to thank LAK for their tireless help in the resource dumping community. Thanks to their contributions through their tool, we can stroll through the inner workings of nearly all of the FNaF games and related fangames, minus the latest few. It has helped the site massively, and I wish to put a spotlight onto their tireless work. It seems as of late, their workload has increased, meaning the tool is lagging behind a tad. But I hope that they have enjoyed a fulfilling Christmas break.


I really should talk to Peridot more often. We met after I commissioned an image for the site, and were good close friends for some time, though we’ve sorta dropped off communication. I don’t tend to actively message people, and they were only sorta into the community, so I guess it makes sense. I should most certainly drop a line every now and then though. In any case, thanks for your help and friendship this past year Peri. Here’s hoping for the best for you in the coming year!

Freddit Staff


Yes, this one is a shock. But, despite our differences and their wrong opinion on moderator ethics, I do have to thank Invaderzz. Despite being clearly false and wrong about all things relating to ban reform, one must take note of their contributions to the community as a whole. They have held Freddit together quite well, and despite my occasional trolls, have been receptive to any pressing and urgent issues I have brought to them.

I maintain that he was a breath of fresh air as the head moderator, even if being such wasn’t a particularly challenging thing to do considering the prior administration. But despite all of our conflict and my inexcusable and baseless ban situation, one cannot argue that, in general, Invaderzz has been a very good figurehead for the FNaF community on Reddit. A part of me – the part that is not still fuming about my year+ long indefensible ban – will miss him as the head of the moderation team, and I can only wish him well for whichever community he winds up frequenting in the future.


I’ve not talked to Fnafgyfr for some time, but I feel I should at least reference them as the newly minted head moderator of Freddit. They always struck me as a rather reasonable moderator, and I can think of no better hands, beside an active Momerator’s, that the community could be under. Even so soon into his moderation, we’ve already had productive talks in regards to a specific community issue, and I feel confident he will be able to carry the burden of his newfound position. Here’s to hoping our continued discussions are just as productive, and that he proves to be yet another step forward for the community, and perhaps, a secret champion of moderation ethics in regards to ban reform. Only time can tell.


Springpopo is a bit of an odd one to put, but I want to recognise them non-the-less. They’ve been relatively quiet, so I’ve not much to say on their activity. But I have noticed, when things have seemed rather rowdy on the channel, they were often there to talk some sense, and as a good communication channel to Freddit itself. So I’d like to thank them for swinging by when it matters, and hope their incidental appearance in the chat grows ever more frequent.

Former FNaFLore Regulars


Subwoofer was an old and very close friend of mine, whom sadly has felt the need to distance herself this year. There was a falling out over a procedural and free speech issue on the Discord channel, to which I believe she still has not forgiven me. I can’t say I can agree with the objections she has to our system – though the resolution did take a long, long time. That being said, even with her finally leaving the server, I can only wish her the best for the future.


Doggo is often in my thoughts, particularly around this time of year. We were relatively close, having been brought together through the Momerator fundraiser. I still have a very funny (Pass:”makeDSaF3plz”) “employee manual” page on here from when he decided to write a few little stories about us as actors.

We had a falling out some time ago over something needlessly minor and ultimately pointless. Some stray decisions and opinions regarding an old fundraising campaign for Momerator. I disagreed with him, he disagreed with me, we debated each other and made our cases respectively, and somehow this ended up with him cutting ties several months after the campaign was de-facto finished.

As always, around the new year, I think of him and hope he is doing well. I hear things are much better for him now, to which despite whatever animosity we have, I feel very happy that he has this new lease of life, and I hope things only continue to go well for him. Whatever you’re doing, I wish you well in the New Year.

In Conclusion

The last few years, I’ve felt like I’ve just been dragging this site along. This site hasn’t been expanded much, and that’s in large part my lack of enthusiasm in the franchise as of late. While I respect the new storyline, having so many lore strands missing a solid resolution in the prior storyline is draining my enthusiasm for the entire series. In 2020, I’m hoping to try to generate some enthusiasm myself with the PokeFNaF game.

I may not be excited for the main franchise, but every time I’ve lingered on the fangame, the ideas I have had just spur me to try to update the site. With the redesign, I will then try to fix the holes in the site while stoking the motivation to do so from the fangame development itself. Hopefully, this will drag me out of the rut I’ve been suffering for the last ~2 years, which no doubt has also frustrated many of you, too. Both my rut for the site, and the rut of other theorists for the lore.

Have a very happy New Year!

Kizzycocoa – Owner and designer of