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The Sound of Silence

Well, it happened. It seems I am now banned from Freddit, permanently, without any recourse.

Why, you ask?

Politics. Pure and simple. For having “wrong” opinions in my server’s channel dedicated to discussing hot political topics.

Things like, we need to tackle fatherlessness in minority communities with higher rates of crime. Things like, as a homosexual, thinking pride parades are too sexual nowadays. Things like explaining to one of the Freddit mods, Stu, that I could personally kill them with no recourse if the police did not exist (but immediately saying I’d not, as I’m a pacifist). Then that same mod freaked out like a hysterical child and claimed it was a literal threat.

I don’t even know who the fuck you lot are. My beef with any of the team was centuries ago, and it was all sorted amicably.

On top of this? That message was sent out to many people, without any provocation, within mere minutes of fnafgyfr stepping down. I was not the only one banned this way, either. This is a case of the Freddit team, as soon as the power dynamics shifted, expelling a whole swathe of people whose political opinions they disagree with, and whom they personally hate. I do not know how many people they banned this way, but it is very, VERY clear that these bans are not based on any behaviour on the subreddit. It is based on ideology alone. these people, who would dare call themselves moderators, are nothing more than tinpot tyrants whom want to excise any view they disagree with from the subreddit, and all of society, if they had the power to do so.

But, this is what happens when the head mod promotes the ideologues whom took over the Discord, and then leaves them in full control. I expected better of fnafgyfr. Freddit’s moderation is now a shadow of it’s former self.

But also, make no mistake, the reason they no longer permit discussion of Scott is because they fucking loathe the man for his own political voting and donation record. That is why they banned all discussion of Scott, not in order to protect his family, or whatever tripe they put out here to justify their censorship. These people were some of those whom praised Scott stepping down, and celebrated his scalp being added to the pile of people that’ve been persecuted for political opinions, and as soon as they got into power, decided they’d try to take mine as well.

I would urge people, leave Freddit. Do not give these people any domain to have power over. If you are a fan of Scott’s work, support the /r/scottgames subreddit. It is regrettable that one of the Freddit mods share a position on that team, but the head moderator, Momerator, is an excellent judge of character and can keep that place in check.

Further, we still have /r/fnaflore locked down, just need to give it a revamp. So, we can perhaps try to launch that old place. We just need moderators, but this place is rather old and unused right now. We’ve not had a good active community for a while, and those still active are detractors that’d sooner see us crash and burn.

Still, I felt people should see the conclusion to the #Freeblue and Fleshmonger saga. A pity. It has forever tainted the subreddit. They’re now overrun with political idealogues, another community overtaken by them.

As for site updates, we’re going to try to overhaul this place a bit too. it’s been abandoned for a while. Still, felt this little update should be out there. Liking the new ARG, it has strong Project Abraham vibes, from the old Resistance 2 PS3 launch. I have suggested to Scott to do something like this for a while, I hope it gets more in-depth with secrets, rather than remaining a glorified video player!

Keep safe, and never, EVER feel like you shouldn’t speak your mind. Do not let the censors win. Speak your mind freely. It is the only way society can work. Otherwise, we face quite a dark change of culture, where people self-censor for fear of reprisal. That is no civilisation I wish to live in. I wish to live in a free society, no matter what ideological party is in power. This is a position we should all hold, or else we will be advocating our own silencing, once the latest political hot topic changes.

Keep safe. Speak free. Live life.

Kizzycocoa – Owner and designer of