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Pokemon, Plans, Birthdays and Bans

I really tried for this news title. I hope you’re all proud.

As I type, it is my 26th birthday, and oof, this place isn’t aging well, huh. I still need to update so much. I’ll get into what has been going on.


So, that Pokemon game. That sure is a thing, huh? It’s still in the works, but it’s just been on hold completely. My life currently has been all about my job and trying to get a better standing for a better job. Sadly, this has meant little time for the game. I want to try to get it out there, as well as to honour those people who donated to Momerator. I’ve not forgotten about you! All promised tiers will still be delivered.

A lot of the plot though has gone through changes. It’s about the only thing I can accomplish without actively working on the game. I have decided that I will implement multiple endings, and I have been setting about what these endings are, and how to achieve them It will be one hell of a challenge. But, I think it will be really rewarding once it all is released.

There is an image teaser I have completed. It’s ready to go out. However, I am holding off on that teaser. I have learnt the mistakes from my past, as well as issues with various users releasing teaser after teaser before release. I don’t intent to tease the game prematurely. Once the demo is close to release, I will release the teaser.

RE Progress, we have about two dozen characters sorted with their stats mapped out, and a base world map. Some code has been done outlining the base menus too. Mostly graphical progress though. For the time being, please have a look at this development timeline of the Crying Child sprite. I’ve kept the timelines of all the creatures made. It will make for interesting post-game content.


Here’s the section where I outline things I want to do but never do them.
Honestly, this site needs an overhaul. the code is not going to be tenable much longer. I need to redo the entire design of the site.

There is so much I want to do, and I just never find the time or motivation nowadays to do them. I think I understand precisely why I feel so bogged down. This comic basically describes it all:


I have so many things going on right now, FNaFLore has sorta done what the FNaF lore has done. Laid stagnant and unfinished with no real resolution, hoping Help Wanted will clear it up.

When Help Wanted comes out, I will be playing it, and releasing as much detail as I can on the lore that I can find.


Today’s my 26th Birthday, which is why I’m writing this.

I guess that’s about it for that part of the title.

I feel old.


So, the big news of the day is I got unbanned from Freddit two days ago. I sent in a joke appeal attempting to expertly mask my presence as an ordinary Reddit user. I then got unbanned.

It seems the reasoning is that I’ve not been active lately. Because my general focus is elsewhere, rather than error on their part. I’ve no doubt the moment I can afford to start getting Freeblue and Fleshmonger stuff onto the planned store, and proceed with my penultimate plan next year, this ban will come into effect once again. But it seems for the time being, I’m unbanned.

I still contest the original ban in it’s entirety, and I have no intent to behave any differently than before – which is to say, keep FreeBlue and the Fleshmonger content on my discord, YouTube and website without posting it to Freddit, but still actively using, discussing and expanding on both of these memes. I have every right to make content on my own platforms, and I will be damned if that is threatened. If Scott is offended at a post I make, tough. I’ve got one in the works that essentially explains why he is a terrible story writer when it comes to endings and secrets – while also detailing what he is doing that is good for the story. He will probably not like the article, and when it gets posted to Freddit by someone who is not me, he may comment, the mods will get offended on his behalf, ban me and we will probably be here again. I’ll put the counter up once more, and on and on we go.

Base line is, all it takes is for me to post, it to go to Reddit and Scott to then comment disapprovingly, and ban again. I stand firm, Freddit’s ethical standards when it comes to bans MUST be changed.

People are saying this is a victory. This is what I wanted, so why am I complaining still? The notion that my goals have been to become unbanned is quaint, but no. That is an endgame goal. As of this moment, nothing has changed and I will likely be rebanned at the first sign that Scott is pissed off, or that I challenge them in such a way they’d fear a second Basetown incident occurring. No, this seems to be a very temporary ceasefire. The main goal has been, and still is, ban reform. Freddit cannot be in control of content outside of Freddit and it’s Discord. GBAura, DJSkytlz, Subwoofer, SuperStuHD and more have been banned in the past for content outside of Freddit, and this is not a standard that can be abided by. If every outlet banned you due to a rulebreak elsewhere, then you’d be frozen out of the internet for weeks on end. The scope of their power must be refocused and that is a drum I will continue to bang. I am unbanned, but the issue remains in place.

Still, with all of this said and done, I’d like to thank every user whom is still here. I’m sorry I’m not the best at keeping things up to date – a generous wording of the notion, no doubt. But I do hope to still see FNaF to it’s end. My main problem is both time, and the fact that FNaF still remains unsolved. That last one is draining all my interest in FNaF. If it was just solved, and we got a new, fresh storyline in the Freddy’s franchise, that would be a dream come true. It would be rejuvenating to the fanbase. Sadly, I see no end in sight.

I hope this year, perhaps I can get the time to update this old place. Give it the polish it needs. Maybe I do need to call in help at this point, I don’t know. I’ll see what I can think of.

Have a good day!

Kizzycocoa – Birthday Boy of