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On the Fangames, and future releases

Hello all.

At time of writing, it is now 3AM. At time of returning to the top of this before posting, it is 3:42AM. Three hours have passed since launch, and my site is only just getting back to normal.

I am writing this as a small retrospective of the events just passed, as well as an explanation as to what went on.

I’ll start with my perspective. I was finishing up the dev logs – just about to sort out the contact pages, when the site got slower. and slower. I realised Reddit had caught on to the interactive Flumpty setup a few hours prior, and had assumed it was just a temporary inconvenience until launch.

I was wrong.

It appears you guys had decided to mob my site at the exact time the door was going to open. Ten minutes before I opened the fansite up, the entire website crashed.

I had hoped – and thankfully was proven wrong in the end – that it wasn’t a case of everyone hard-resetting. This site has limited bandwidth, and hard-resetting over and over would drain all of it, taking the site offline. Thankfully, it seemed to be a case of just, loads of users trying to access the site all at once.

This led to about half an hour of me try to navigate the backend of the site, update the relevant pages and launch the site, to stop the cloggage. Eventually, over the course of 3/4 of an hour, I managed to worm my way through this crowd and open the gates, after which the site – slowly – came back online.

There are a few things I would have got sorted if it weren’t for this, but I’m leaving that for tomorrow. That is my personal story.

Now then, onto the site perspective. For this, let me show you some stats, specifically for those stat junkies out there. Please, click the image to see them enlarged.


The site, in one hour, had over double the views of what our most popular day’s traffic was. In one, single hour.

It’s…..mind-blowing. That my site would get 30 THOUSAND views at the same time? completely amazing.

That’s why I have to cancel all timers on the fangame site. I love what has happened, but I can’t risk this happening again.

So, here’s how things are going to take place. Candy’s door is now broken, and they will all soon be without a timer.

Between 24-96 hours before release, I will update to the “animated” version of the fangame page. From there, it will be completely random when the site will go up. I will take full control. However, as soon as it goes up, I will make a post on the subreddit, at the precise time that I lower the gates. This means you can also go refresh the reddit (which can take it), rather than my site.

I’m sorry I have to switch up the method, but you guys, you fried my site. I couldn’t believe it! While that’s impressive, I need to now work around that. Sorry again if I let anyone down, but I hope you appreciate that there was basically no way, after this, that Candy’s will go according to plan either.

Thanks again for visiting the site, and I hope you enjoy the new home I’ve made for Flumpty resources and lore! The rest of the content will be coming soon, as will Candy’s content!

Kizzycocoa – Owner and designer of