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Help Wanted Lorehunt Stream Announcement (Game issues fixed! We’re trying tomorrow at 6PM GMT!)

Hello all!

As one of the privileged few that owns a VR set, I shall be hosting a live lore-hunting stream for Help Wanted on Youtube. This stream will be on Wednesday Afternoon (6PM GMT). We will try to set it up professionally this time, so we don’t have an hour of trying to adjust the volumes. This stream will be game footage only. No IRL camera I’m afraid!

All of our special staff members will be able to speak in a voice chat that will be live on the stream. All other users will be able to both listen into that chat, as well as type in an accompanying text chat. With this system, any lore hints will be funnelled through any participating theorists or staff members. I shall try to be thorough, but hints will help. I’d like to say, if you take part, please tell me what to do, and don’t spoil what occurs! I’m going into this almost completely blind, and want to be for lore reasons.

Due to issues with the Unreal engine and the Audio, we’ve had to postpone the stream from Tuesday to Wednesday. We found a fix to our issues. Lets hope it works!

Here’s hoping we actually get some closure from Help Wanted! I’m guessing we won’t, but we can dream. We can dream.

Hope to see you there!

Kizzycocoa – Owner of