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Future editorial content

So, I made a post a few days back, and made a complete blunder of it in a few ways.

I made a post on what looked to be a legal issue that could be abused if precedent is set. I had hoped to start a discussion on precedent – of which, well, a discussion of sorts took place.

I made several mistakes, and have tried to correct them. I didn’t send any emails over the situation, thinking they would not reply.

I had asked one of my gaming idols – someone known for critique – about the situation, then I used that in the article. that was not fair at all to anyone involved. I feel, asking the question in of itself was valid. precedent or not, the issue is still something to explore. But using it in the article was wrong, completely.

I also didn’t quite make it clear that it was an opinion and analysis piece. I had assumed people would take it as such, but in this day and age, assuming is rarely the best option to do.

This site is getting bigger. A lot bigger. Making that post attracted 12k visitors, and the site averages around 4k visits per day, and growing fast. That’s a hell of a lot of people, and this site only opened 4 months ago. With that uptick of publicity comes the consequence that what you post does inevitably get picked up more than it should for just an opinion piece. It’s why the internet goes crazy when Notch tweets about Mansplaining, but is fairly quiet when a relatively unknown reddit user posts up a piece on The Dolls on reddit. I can’t see the latter and think “I should be able to post something too concerning my thoughts. I have this site, I can make it look pretty good using it”.

So here’s what’s going to change there. First of all, I’m integrating the blog system into the website more, and I’m doing this for site updates. I want to try to keep this site connected and up to date.

Second, I’m going to relegate all opinion pieces to a blog that will only be found via one of the images in the sidebar. These opinion pieces will also not show up in the new links to the right of this post.

Third, I am not going to post any of those opinion pieces on the subreddit. That’s far too much publicity for what are just my thoughts on a situation.

Finally, for these posts, I’m going to take the lessons the last one has taught me and be sure to try to contact all sides.

Unbeknownst to the majority of viewers, I’ve actually got a few posts online, which are password-protected and unlisted. These posts were from previous incidents I had reported on, but left unlinked. Most of them eventually resolved various FNaF dramas, some without getting any sort of linking. They included a post about the subreddit, a specific user and a chat incident, as well as the fallout from the incident.

I can see myself needing to write more in future, as some voices do need to be heard. I already know a situation that may need one written in the future. So I’m going to keep that going, but it will be relegated to a small section on the site which will not be posted to the subreddit. It probably won’t update all that much anyway. I hope. You never know, this community is a beacon for drama.

Onto site update news, the Fangame page‘s countdown for Flumpty is almost complete! I really look forward to feedback on that section, a lot of work has been put in, with contributions from a sketch artist and a digital artist. Jonochrome himself has also been a massive help, to which I cannot be more thankful!

Due to Popgoes’ delay, I had to stop that countdown for now. It’s a real shame, but I suppose you can’t help delays in launch!

Thank you everyone for continuing to support this site. More content is coming very soon!

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