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A Small Update on the Site’s Status

Hello all

It has been a while. I feel I should give a brief overview of the site status.

Basically, the entire site is sorta frozen. honestly, I’ve lost all motivation to update it. I’ve instead been taking part in the community for The Blackout Club.
Honestly, my motivation, both for this site, and for IRL activities, are at an all-time low. I’ve just been crushed by theory burn, the whole COVID lockdown frustration and other issues. It is really messing with me at this point.

I hear the new MFA decompiler will soon be ready, and I think I intend to properly return then.
I can appreciate it is frustrating for some readers. Honestly, it is for me too. The books don’t even make sense. Goddamn mpreg? What the hell? Bleh.

Still, once the decompiler is sorted, I can get the maps of some pages sorted, something that was a large drag for me. I will probably get back to it a bit more fully when the new game comes out, and the decompiler is completed.

Keep safe everyone. If you’d like to talk, our Discord is still relatively active. Though, perhaps steer clear of the Serious Business room, for your own sanity. At least until after the American presidential inauguration.

Oh, and Merry Christmas, and have a Happy New Year! Lets hope next year is a bit less frustrating than this one.

Kizzycocoa – Owner and designer of