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Hello All

I am currently still finishing up that site redesign in preparation for a public demo of the tentatively named “PokeFNaF” game, but I wanted to announce publicly my next mini project.

After Help Wanted, I sent an email to Scott begging him to clarify the intent of the tapes. Were all prior games now just that? In-universe games, tainted by the influence of a developer and the subject the games were covering, rendering them canonically moot? After some back and forth, he completely and utterly dodged the question, and basically told me that he’d come to terms that he couldn’t satisfy my need for the lore to be completed.

This struck me as particularly confounding. I am a simple man of simple desires. Such as, don’t include 2 purple guys in your game if they’re not the same person. Don’t allude to most of the franchise being non-canon. Don’t dance around a single bite, hoping that drawing it out to infinity and beyond will validate your game’s mystery selling point.

Basically, a good story is told, not alluded to. There are hints, yes. You get spooooky co-incidences to hint at the actions to come, but we have 1, 2, 3, 4, World, SL, PS, UCN, Help Wanted, Dreadbear, the upcoming AR game and now we hear, some special game for Markiplier and the gang. We’re now essentially 10 games give or take, into the franchise. Yet some of the most basic questions, such as who did the bite, who was the crying child, is FNaF4 a dream or real etc. etc. remain completely unanswered, up for total speculation. At this point, with Scott trying to move on, I feel the community overall are trying to drag him back like horse wranglers trying to lead the horse to water so it may drink, desperate to make him complete the story he seemingly has abandoned.

But, it hit me while contemplating it. Scott barely sees the actual underline community. Negativity is generally quashed on the Reddit, and he has absolutely zero view of the various Discords. Where should Scott go to get a true dipstick value of the lore at its present stage? Is there such a place where such opinions are collated, specifically laying out the quality of the lore, and the multitude of ways the lore can be improved?

It dawned on me, no, there is no place. There is no “” for him to visit. There is no way he can view this information.

Therefore, I have decided, no more. I will erect this resource for him to view, ponder over and contemplate. Brick by brick, we, the community, will build the greatest wall of lore critique, praise and concerns that the community has ever seen. It will be a beautiful wall. It will be the biggest wall. It will be the bestest wall. Believe me. We will build this wall, and we will make Popgoes pay for it.

Light comedy and political satire aside, I plan to build what is a wall of criticism. The aim, simple. For each bit of critique sent in, I add a brick. That brick’s colour reflects the rating (0-10) that user has for the lore in its present state, allowing us to immediately visually see what the community thinks about the health of the lore at present. Good, bad, all opinions will be welcome.

Whenever a brick is clicked, an interface will appear, showing who laid that brick, and most importantly, both their thoughts on the lore right now, and their thoughts on how the lore can be improved.

With this resource, I hope to build a location where Scott actually CAN see what the community wants, and can see our various requests of him, all in one place. A location where the community can lay out precisely how they think this issue – if they feel there is an issue – can be fixed, which will provide Scott with ample ideas to improve the lore, be it its presentation, or the lack of known details we have.

Scott told me in his email reply, “I realized that this lore would never live up to your standard”. I disagree completely. However, I hear what I think you are really saying, Scott. You feel I can’t be satisfied. But I would contest that, perhaps, this is not the full picture. Perhaps you actually feel that none of us can be satisfied – or at least, a bulk of us can’t.

You have no way to truly communicate with an entire fanbase. No way to find out the general feel for the community at a glance. You have the critics like me lamenting from one side of the aisle, while on the other side, the fanboys silence us to lay bubblewrap at your feet, protecting you from critique in it’s entirety. Perhaps, you are completely sheltered from the abject frustration that belies the friendly skin that is wrapped around the discontent. Perhaps this very blog post will be suppressed by those whom would call themselves your biggest fans. It is a theory. Not a Game Theory, but a social one. I hope to test this out.

I replied at the time, dude, I like Flumpty. My standards are just a coherent and finished story with most of the loose ends tied up or able to be explained away.

However, for my true reply, hold tight for the site redesign. I will do what should have been done a long, long time ago. I will go to the community. I will gather their lore-specific feedback and concerns and collate them in the most visually understandable way possible. I will show you what the community wants, which I suspect, is a proper rounding off of the FNaF 1-UCN story and clarification of the canonicity of the games. I will even go one better, and I will give you a thousand ways to do this, courtesy of the very community you feel cannot be satisfied.

You want to move on, to move on to this Vanny computer-Afton-virus killer cult chapter. Well one cannot move onto the next project without completing the first. To help, I will build you the biggest and most beautiful wall that has ever been built. I will ensure that there is no doubt as to what this community wants, and there will be no end to the ways you can implement it. You want to know how the lore could live up to our standards? I will make sure there is no room for doubt as to the multitude of ways it can do so.

Kizzycocoa – President of