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August 2018 Update

Hello all

Well, this month may prove to be just as interesting as the one before. Site-wise, I have sorted out both the FFPS Audio Transcripts and the UCN Audio Transcripts. But what is perhaps more interesting is the fallout from the prior emails, my appeal video and then my ban appeal breakdown.

As many know, I have been embroiled in a ban dispute with Freddit. It is a permanent ban, though they try to flower it up with “indefinite”, as if that means anything. I’ve been disputing it month on month, and they have expertly dodged providing any proof or evidence of any rulebreak or violation.

So, I asked for some input from you fine people. With this input, I created the following video:

For the record, the video got posted to Freddit twice. Here and Here.

I thank everyone for the input, and still have many more emails to reply to. I shall get to those in due course. But what was fascinating was what became of it. Freddit naturally rejected it after they took offence that I said Invaderzz wasn’t man enough to engage in homosexuality (which I claimed was the manliest thing you could do, being devoid of women). Naturally, when he got offended and cited it as an insult, I apologised profusely and made very embellished claims of Invaderzz and his, for lack of a better word, traffic, capacity and mileage. In order to right my horrible slander, you understand.

But, after that example of contextless offence, the video appeal seemed to get where it needed to go, as well as achieving it’s main goal as an appeal. But, something frustrating still happened. People still did not understand my ban. This was a secondary objective of the appeal, to show I’ve been banned for no reason. Sadly, that failed.

So, I decided to do this the old fashioned way. I decided to do a full ban overview, in the form of an article. I took all of my messages, put them onto my site, annotated them, did some cool dropdown styling and Javascript with them, just went all out. I wanted to knock this one out of the park. I even commented on all messages with my thoughts. To wrap it up, I’ve since added a lovely little note to every single page on the top left. It links to the post from every page, blog post etc. on the main FNaF part of the site. This, this seems to have caught some people’s eyes. Please click on the thumbnail to visit the post:

At first, the article was put onto Freddit, whom took it down. But after that, another post survived 2 hours that just called for ban reform without linking to my article, meeting very positive reactions. What is curious, is that the post was hidden. Then, it was deleted. After the poster talked to the mods, it went back up. Then, it got deleted due to ban reports. The poster was told that, despite the reports clearly being false as nearly everyone supported the notion of ban reform, they were going to submit to the 5 users whom reported it.

Now, THAT is curious. The feedback being so overwhelmingly in support showed the thirst for ban reform that users had. All of a sudden, people were starting to catch on to the problem, and you could feel the worry from the mods. That they’d just let the post succumb to false flags from a silent minority, rather than deal with it like a moderator should, that is a VERY telling sign. If ever there was a sign as to how justified I am, this is it. People support ban reform, and the mods are scared. Just where they should be. Their reaction to this post is so telling. They should certainly be scared. From the support, I’m confident, I will get ban reform, easily. So easily.

Now, I hear tell the mods are going to draft a response, either to my ban or to ban reform. Having talked to them, I know what they will likely do. Based on all of their replies so far, if it is addressed to my personal ban situation, they will claim drama or toxicity without citing specifics. If they do cite specifics, it will be drama I already debunked in my appeal, with a claim that I didn’t debunk it at all. Failing those tactics, they will claim my actions since my banning, which is me defending against my ban, are to blame.

All of these outcomes, I can tackle just fine. Hell, the fact I had to go to these lengths just to get a proper serious reply with any sort of reasons? That’s an indictment on the team, not on me. I can only defend myself, and when I see people spreading lies, I need to address it. People were doing so even in the post calling for ban reform, unsure of why I was banned, or questioning the 50/20 ban. I had to set the record straight, and show what I was dealing with. So, I’m chill with whichever argument they try to throw at me as evidence. I am confident they have nothing on me, and can produce no evidence of any wrongdoing on their platforms, leaving them with the sole immoral reason of “Well, Reddit let us and we can do what we want”, or attempt to use my defence as reason to condemn me.

Now, if it is on ban reform, that’s where things get a bit hazy and exciting, potentially. If they address it in any form, we saw how positive that post was. It got to the front page, and only a few of the 48 comments disagreed with the sentiment. If it’s addressed, people will start talking. These people, I presume, will be sane and sensible people whom will quite easily have and conclude the reform discussion to a level that I will be personally content. If Freddit accept ban reform, this whole ordeal may end. I may get unbanned, the Fleshmonger campaign will tentatively end, hell, we may just be able to #FreeBlue at the same time. If they ask for community feedback, I am certain the community will see to it that the proper reform will be implemented.

But where things get more organised, is if they reject it outright. This is the inevitable scenario I am planning for, because you must recall, I know these mods. They slither with their words, never showing any proof, never accepting any responsibility for their actions as moderators. So, this is the scenario I am planning for the most.

In the event of a rejection scenario, I’ve been proposing a new watchdog group to drive the point home. Really nail Freddit to their own actions, so there is no further denying their practices. The Freddit Accountability Project. FAP would keep track of all unjust bans, and note them on this site. It would track case studies of these users, host proofs of transgressions, detail corrupt actions undertaken per-moderator and overall just hold them accountable. FAP is, potentially, going to really shake things up in this pointless and stupid attempt to get the Freddit mods to live by higher standards. An attempt that shouldn’t even exist. I should not have to waste my time and the time of you fine readers, all to get Freddit to use proof in banning and to stop using permabans for people whom use jokes, try to change policy or simply are unfortunate enough to be disliked by the community. I should be working on my PokeFNaF game. I should be writing up DND notes for two of my cousins’ first game. I should be doing the minigame maps. But, if the worst case scenario occurs, then that’s my solution.

The fight to clean up Freddit soldiers onwards. My only, sole regret is that Momerator is not here and supporting us. She’s been away, working on political projects, and has had no time to concern herself with petty squabbles such as ours. I wish her well in these projects. I hope for her support, once I find the best time to inform her of the latest actions against myself, ban reform and GBAura. But, I do not expect any participation.

Still, That’s about it for the update.

Oh I saw Scott’s interview by the way. I must say, I was disappointed. Scott seems to think theorising is the fun part. Perhaps, long ago, this was the case. But I stand by my past statement. Theory burn is killing the community, and people are getting increasingly more hostile with every game that answers nothing. The theory wars are starting to resemble theory catfights, and this is not healthy. Scott, no-one is asking you to fully explain the lore. But opening the box and solving some of the basic stuck points? Everyone wants that.

It’s been 4 years of theorising. Have you tried to do something like painting the same portrait over and over for 4 years? Or solving the same puzzle for 4 years? You’re killing people off by NOT clarifying these points. Please, move on the story, fine. But a bit of a thought to the mysteries you left behind would not hurt. I thought you understood this. Is this not why you commented on Matpat’s game theory, just before FFPS? To try to confirm some details, knowing FFPS wouldn’t do so and you didn’t want people to be disappointed? That is what I’m talking about. We’d like answers, and then to arrange a nice neat timeline. Then, unlike what I presume to be your biggest fear, we can move onto the next game you decide to make. It won’t kill the community.

Still, I plan to transcribe it. ideally after the 20th, I can get to work. It’s a long way off, but due to aformentioned dickery, I need to focus on that DnD game. I still need to figure out how to work my 3D printer.

I’ll see you all around, though mostly, only on this site or on my Discord Server. Feel free to swing by. Unlike some moderators, we don’t ban you for arbitrary reasons.

Kizzycocoa – Owner and designer of