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What is in the Box?

Hello all.

I know you’re expecting Popgoes, and I’ve been working on it. But, for the last week or so, I’ve had to put it to the side. But it will be out within the next 2 weeks, I’m certain.

No, there’s been something else much bigger, more serious and sensitive. I’m trying to handle it with care right now.

Two weeks ago, I was contacted by a well known hacker/decompiler of the community. To protect their identity, I won’t be naming them.

They spoke about a hack that occured way back in 2012, that affected the site It was a very big deal, and affected millions of customers worldwide.

Through a network of their acquaintances, they found someone who had taken advantage of the space of time between the hacked accounts being sold off through the black market, to when Dropbox forced people to reset their passwords in late 2016. It would appear Scott had an account on there, and in that account were a small trove of files, including the full lore outline for FNaF:SL (which lines up perfectly with Custom Night’s lore), the third book’s synopsis, source model files for FNaF 1, 2 and 4 (missing 3, SL and FNaFWorld) and also a line of toys created by “Just Play”, including “pull apart” and “talking” features.

But some of the more important things were the lore outlines of the Box, the Fredbear plush, an extensive timeline of the Golden/Shadow Freddy/Bonnie characters and the amount of children killed (Including those not yet seen in the franchise).

There is more content I could tell you, but to post that here would ruin the upcoming games and books. So for the most part, I’m holding back a lot of it. I’ve checked with someone who works in law who’s grown close to the site in recent years, and it is legal to post this sort of content. But I am holding back, so I don’t ruin the future instalments of the franchise’s many media branches. It’s not my intention to ruin the games for the fanbase. But, it is my duty to try to solve this lore. A lore that’s taken 2 years, and in which we don’t even know how many kids were killed or who did the bite.

I do plan to let some of this information out. I’ve been working hard to parse the timeline with this new information, and am releasing an article on the box, which I’ll be posting this coming Saturday. The contents of this elusive box should finally be solved for everyone, and hopefully, finally fill out a few of the litany of unanswered questions Scott has left for us to fight over.

I made an old page for this a while back as a joke, but I guess I’ll be using it seriously this time. To talk about this, please feel free to join our Discord Server, or view the Twitter feed of this upcoming event via the #FNaFBoxWatch page.

Kizzycocoa – Owner and designer of