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Trying to get back into FNaF

Hey all

Well, Help Wanted. That happened, huh.

Quite frankly, I don’t even have the heart to do an article right now. Scott is fucking the lore so much, I don’t even care. The lore is fucked and I don’t think it can be piece together while in the hands of an incompetent storyteller.

It’s taken a while to try to get back into FNaF. now the lore is gone, there’s not a lot to draw me to this game series anymore, as I consider the lore to be a completely lost cause. This isn’t even just me, I know many people, some part of the Freddit team too, who have just given up on the lore. it’s just depressing to think about, and I will not allow myself to be insulted any longer caring about it.

The last four months, just to try to get over it all, I’ve been playing other games. first, Minecraft. funny how it also got popular soon after I played it. Then, The Binding of Isaac. While playing Isaac, I refound some motivation that I am trying my darndest to capitalise on, before that too fades away.

PokeFNaF. That’s a name I’ve not dropped in a while. I really need to get it sorted, and I want to give it a go at the least. The story I’ve worked out in my head has been shaping up well, and the roguelike encounters of Isaac have me a bit inspired. So, I will do just that. I’ll reopen the arrays I made, and try to complete it, including the new characters as well. I think the last time I had issues, it was in trying to work out the evolutions of the starter animatronics. With so many types, between Nightmares, Funtimes, Toys and Rockstars, it was rather challenging. That’s before we even consider that I need all of their weights too. And heights. Joy.

To do this though, I think I need to overhaul this site’s theme files. It’s gonna be a big project, but honestly, I’ve seen it coming for a while. I may even be able to overhaul things to such a degree that you could pick your personal style of the site. that’d be pretty cool to see.

Still, I am alive. Just, very demotivated. I want to be enthusiastic. But Help Wanted sapped all that from me. I mean kudos to Scott, it takes some skill to empty the bottomless pit of personal investment that comes with an Aspergic person. People hyper-focused and obsessed on a single subject. Minecraft did that to me over the course of 6 years by simply denying simple mod support. Scott really put in that time and effort to fully deplete it in half the time. Genuinely, well done.

I’ll see how I can update the site more generally. But I want to take baby steps, and not promise the world this time.

Kizzycocoa – Owner of