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November Update

Thought I’d give a small post-halloween update, before I get dug into the November to-do list proper.

reapercostumeSo, on the note of Halloween, I hope you all had a good one! I had a blast. scared some little kids, heard some familiar voices, got complimented a lot, got my picture taken and as a first, managed to scare a dog. That was the best. he came up to sniff at me, and all it took was one haggard deep breath, and he walked away whimpering. It was hard to contain the laughter!

I’ll attach an image of my costume. It’s as close as you’ll get to seeing my ugly mug. It’s not FNaF-related, though. I was a classic – the Grim Reaper. I’ll also say, you won’t believe how hard it is to find a good quality scythe. takes ages!

Now, on the topic of the to-do list, we’ve finally got a public to-do list! To see what’s coming up, please visit this page!

As you can see, there is a special purple area of the list, which is the special update of that month. I’ll be including all things I can in that list, while keeping what private things I need to, private.

It’s my hope to fully launch the forums etc. in November, perhaps with an event to draw people in, so we can have some sensible conversations that last, unlike the subreddit!

Still, I hope you’ve enjoyed the frankly lackluster effort I put into Halloween. I need to find a way to make this site more responsive for holidays. I handle April Fools easy enough, but I can’t edit the entire site very efficiently. I’ll need to take a month for pure backend refining at some point!

I’d also like to thank F-N-A-F-G-Y-F-R, for the drawing of The FNaFLore Fleshmonger. It looked amazing, and I’m glad he helped me for this one-time goof. This singular gag, of which has definitely ended on Halloween and is not going to be important at all in the next 3 months, was a lot of fun to set up and I’m happy it went over so well with people. I hope you’ll join me in thanking F-N-A-F-G-Y-F-R for making this joke – of which will not play any significant role in the site – for the website, where it will now hold no further relevance to any upcoming events or reappearances.

Here’s to the wait for Christmas!