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Todo List


  1. FNaF6 Characters
  2. FNaF6 Maps
  3. FNaF6 Extras
  4. FNaF6 Timeline Edits
  5. FNaC3 Characters
  6. FNaC3 Maps
  7. FNaC3 Teasers
  8. PA2 Maps
  9. PA2 Extras
  10. PA2 Teasers
  11. PA2 Clippings
  12. PA2 Characters
  13. DEV – P2 Teasers
  14. DEV – P2 Stuff

  1. Finish the planned FNaFLore game
  2. Make games for users to play on
  3. Create and add a FNaF-themed set of smileys to the forum
  4. Restyle the forum boards to look less bulky
  5. Redo the design of the forums so that it’s easier to edit the menubars and the footer
  6. Five Nights at Candy’s page
    • Add in a few secrets here and there.
    • Get the Candy-Cams set up.
  7. One Night at Flumpty’s page
    • Fix up the timeline.
    • Add in a few secrets here and there.
    • Get the Egg-Cams set up.
  8. finish the FNaFWorld map (2D and 3D variations).
  9. Finish the maps for FNaF3 and FNaF4.
  10. Touch up the maps for FNaF2 to follow the Candy map-switching models.
  11. Release a set of critiques of the current theory videos from MatPat, Classroom Conspiracies and Doowopasaurus, to poke holes where I can, and to refresh myself and anyone else on the current theories in that process.
  12. Start work on The Fistshark Wiki. (I highly recommend that podcast!)