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New Year Megapost

Hello all! I hope you have had a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

I suppose I should put out an end/start-of-year update. Firstly though, I want to give thanks where thanks are due. This is going to be a bit of a text wall post. But, you’re probably used to that by now.


FNaFLore used to be just one person, and largely, the core of the site still remains that way, which is sadly to the detriment of the site. But, I find it hard to trust others with the site’s content, being the perfectionist I am.

However, some aspects of the site have been handed off to others. Before I continue, I would like to thank those users for their help and support.


I first want to thank Retroity for his dedicated help and support for the FNaFLore Discord. I pondered where to start, and honestly, Retroity has to be the first.

Initially running a FNaF forum, he ran into hosting issues, and was issued an ultimatum from his provider to shut down his forums. Seeing this, I offered the FNaFLore forums as an alternate home for his userbase, with him having full admin rights and FTP access in order to keep his base alive.

Sadly, his userbase seems to have died out rather than follow him. But since then, he has been a diligent and thorough admin for the FNaFLore Discord moderation. We often compete to see who can approve the most users, and while I seem to have a lead, it was a small margin the last we counted. He has been a vital part of our Discord, and one of the most level-headed people we have, able to separate his personal opinions from his moderator decisions. Even if he is silent most of the time, he is the best Discord moderator I could ever hope to have recruited, and I am more than happy to have him on my team.


Though we still need to sort out those pesky bots, Junior has been a programming powerhouse for FNaFLore. He’s helped in countless situations to diagnose programming issues, be it for my site, or for the lights that went into the Fleshmonger’s mask. On top of this, he has been a very level headed person to rely on, both professionally and when it came to personal life.

I am not familiar with how I ran into him, but I am glad I did. Again, he has been a perfect moderator, who has been quick to put his views forward and to challenge me with my worst/misguided decisions I have made these past years.


Naturally, Jessica has to be on this list. Even with her own issues, she has been a solid rock, and has been keen to lend her views on the site and my own actions. Though often away, she has had a profound and long lasting impact on FNaFLore, Freddit and even my own life. My largest regret is that I likely will never meet her face to face. I wish her well and for a speedy recovery. We’re all behind you! Writers

I want to thank the writers for FNaFLore, as well as signature theorists in the Discord. I hand-picked several users, and they are largely to thank for what little activity remains. I want to particularly thank the following three creators for actually making articles this year, and one more for their Discord discussions.

These users have made great articles this year, and I highly recommend swinging by the community section to see them!


Jurgenator has by far been the most prolific theorist this year, and my hat goes off to him for it. Though I may not agree with his theories, it is refreshing to see another viewpoint. He has also been immensely active in the lore chat, and my hat goes off to him for keeping it alive.


Senshi has done a great job with her theories. Though there were much fewer this year. But again, she has been massively active in the lore chat with Jurgenator, and I am extremely happy to see her keeping the conversation going!


Connie is a complete and absolute bitch. But we love her for it. We clash often and shittalk now and then, but her input to FNaFLore has been invaluable. Though she has caused me many headaches, least of all agitating the Kizzylore drama, I’m glad that she is able to contribute to FNaFLore, and I am very happy she is in our Discord chat. Though she could do with finishing a theory once or twice. She’s had a lot of scrapped theories I’d have love to see fleshed out!


Yes, even a Freddit mod gets good praise this year. 2019 is already amazing, huh? Though he has not posted a single theory, he has contributed massively to the lore chat. Here’s hoping you somehow keep enjoying our lore chat! Hopefully, even more than the one on Freddit’s Discord!

Scott Cawthon

Though I feel he has utterly mishandled the lore (a view that seems to be spreading more and more the longer he remains silent on large swathes of unsolved mysteries), and despite his strawman of my position on the lore (disagreement with execution and consistency does not mean disavowal of lore content), it is without question that without Scott, this site and community would not exist. No thank you post would be complete without a nod of the hat to the man who started it all. Though I fear continuing disappointment lore-wise, I do look forward to the next installations, if only for the continued renders and what scraps he feels he can leave us. Just please, don’t be scared to reveal some much needed story in the next game!

The Freddit Moderation

2018 has been one hell of a year for Freddit-FNaFLore relations. Though we had initially put out a hand several times to bridge the gap after the Basetown drama, these attempts have all failed and Freddit and FNaFLore are at odds it seems. But they have still provided us with much entertainment, largely due to Freddit’s inefficient, petty and laughable moderation. In particular, those at the top. Special thanks in this category go naturally to Invaderzz, Basetown and Jdal. Possibly F-N-A-F-G-Y-F-R, unsure on that still. Buzzek, though adversarial, I’d say gets some genuine thanks, as well as Cagneycarnation. Buzzek did treat me the most fairly, and my impression of Cagney has been nothing but good in regards to moderation principles. It is regrettable that, in getting carried away with the Fleshmonger’s various projects, one of my mistaken decisions seems to have turned them completely against me.

Without this whole banning drama – one caused by the mod team because I dared to discuss plans to run a Jimsaw-style moderation election campaign – I would not have the litany of fanart I do. I would not have a 3D model of the Fleshmonger. I would not have as dedicated a following. I would not have made the shop (Still a work in progress), which is actually advancing my IRL Web Design career by developing an e-commerce website.

I have had some laughs. Actually, a lot of laughs. The laughs have come thick and fast, and I have enjoyed every moment of it. The circus that has been put on over the last year would make even Jevil blush. The developments, the hypocrisy, the blatant and degenerate display of a mod team too scared to be criticised. A team who now demand I never speak of them again on my own platforms in order to secure my unbanning. This despite reassurances that I would never, using any account in my control, post such content to Freddit. A team who has the nerve to demand practically editorial control over my site’s content.

To expose and continue to expose such a repulsively Orwellian regime gatekeeping the largest FNaF community there is – effectively expelling users from the fandom for reasons they admit aren’t founded on their own rules – has been a massive delight and privilege. It reeks of the current Patreon saga, and indeed many IRL situations of community expulsion that have also taken place in 2018, particularly in the political spheres of the world. I will enjoy the second year of our dance, Zach. 2019, the year that this dance shall finally meet its crescendo in a display so explosive, Ballora herself could not top it. It will be an honour and a privilege to continue this performance.

We’ll see what other admissions I can shake out of the mod team before this story’s closing chapter, and the inevitable defeat of the Freddit mod team at the hands of the ever-stalking, ever-vigilant and never-tiring Monger of the Flesh.

The Fleshmonger Campaign Staff

Though we’ve had little to do, I would like to thank the Fleshmonger staff. This year should prove to be our busiest year, so I simply cannot get away without thanking Buggo, Neither, Skytlz, TheComicalMelon, Peridot and the most dedicated of all the Fleshmonger followers, Subwoofer. We’re going to have a lot of fun this year! Thank you all for your contributions, artwork, animated gifs and even a fangame! To play the secret #FreeBlue fangame, which is actually Freddit approved, follow this link. Full credit here goes to Subwoofer, who did a bang-up job with all the sprites. Delicious spritework, start to end!


Having nearly left the community, I’d like to thank GBAura for sticking to FNaF. Though the mods almost drove her out, I’ve tried to make her welcome in our little corner of the community during her ban, and she continues to be welcome now, after her ban’s lifting. I wish her well in disputing the actual charges of the ban once Momerator can facilitate her dispute meeting, and I hope she can refind herself within the community this year. I for one always recall seeing her name around the community, and we are lucky that Momerator dragged her back after her unjust banning by Freddit.


Though we have largely parted ways over differences concerning Momerator’s charity campaign, I do want to extend some thanks to Doggo. At the least, use this as an excuse to send some well-wishes to him for the new year. No matter what you think of me, I continue to only hope for the best for you, as anyone whom knows our situation will confirm.

So, with the thanks now out of the way, lets go over some general updates! We’ve quite a laundry list to get through. My bad, honestly. And here is why.

Why is the site so inactive?

Honestly, time. time and work. The last few months especially, I have been swamped with IRL work, often working from home or on the weekends. My routine before the holidays was dragging myself to work, working, dragging myself home, sleeping, repeat. I feel into a bit of a rut honestly. I will try to break this rut the best I can. But, sadly, only so much can be done. But, a lot of this can be explained due to one single factor.

My Current FNaF Outlook

This is the most pressing reason concerning the lack of new content. Currently, I’ve been on a bit of a downer concerning FNaF. I’ve been well and truly burnt out by Scott, and it’s refreshing to see multiple people now taking up the rhetoric that Scott is a poor storyteller. Is he definitively a poor storyteller? perhaps. perhaps not. I am unsure if I am that strongly inclined. He most certainly mishandled the lore, as he himself admits to from 4 onwards, having to make games to clarify lore points.

Really, the issue is one of identity and timeline. The timeline of events is all muddled. No-one can solidly place SL. No-one can identify who possesses Golden Freddy, or if Fredbear is possessed. We aren’t even sure about how many kids got killed. Instead of focusing on these points, Scott seems intent to move the story along, without answering it’s prior points.

One does not enjoy a book when an entire chapter is missing, or when a page is blank. How he could ever have expected people to be ok to just move on, is beyond me.

But bear in mind, this has been an issue for over 2 years. I was only ever interested in Minecraft for 4 years max (which by the way, I was the Wiki moderator of, don’t forget). The Minecraft world is practically infinite. Scott’s games have thus far commanded half that time for a tiny, insignificant fraction of Minecraft’s gameplay value, where the main promise of FNaF is its story. With the story being mishandled, is it not natural for me to lose interest rapidly?

My lost friend, Wynthyst and I, had both talked about this when I had left the Minecraft Wiki. When I left, she had said, this is just natural. People move on, and that is expected. I have a few obligations to wrap up here, not least of all concerning “Pok√©FNaF” and those donation obligations.

New Content

There is still a lot of content I need to sort out. I actually have it all on my computer in a folder, which has just been wasting away over the last two years. By far the largest folder is on Popgoes, which has about 11GB total of content I need to filter through. But we also have the character pages that need sorting, as well as the minigames.

Time once again has been the issue, but I hope to manage it better this year. I know I keep promising to do this, and I do mean every time that I want to sort this out. It’s just structuring my workday. I’d like to apologise for all of these being so delayed so far.

The Charity Arcade

This project sadly has been left absolutely barren. We’ve got about 34 of the characters done for the charity game, which is sadly about 1/10 of the total characters. the entire overworld is largely planned out. We’ll try to get a rough demo out to proof this to you all. It will probably only demonstrate movement and set battles with no carrying-over HP/PP etc, and the characters will be scattered. But, hopefully, it’ll work well. Again, it’s just time. Getting the time to do this all.

Ban Appeal

So, as many of you know, I have been banned for some time now from Freddit. The current facts both side understand is, for one, I have broken no rules. They have acknowledged this. Their reason for banning me is just what I anticipated. They fear an article. They fear another Basetown situation happening. It took many months to get to that point, but their demand is now laid bare. Their demand to be unbanned is that they do not want any Freddit content posted on the site. Not that they don’t want FNaFLore content concerning Freddit to be kept off of Freddit – I’d happily comply with that. Their site, their rules, whatever. No, they want to reach further, grasping at FNaFLore’s ability to critique the subreddit.

They want what is essentially editorial control over my content. This is something I simply cannot allow. So, the ban continues. It’s a war of attrition I do not intend to lose. It’s almost been a year, and I think that goes some way to proving that I won’t back down. The longer this goes on, the more determined I am to beat these false charges based on an inability to handle criticism of any kind. It’s not even about the Fleshmonger at this point. They want me to stop talking about them, period. Fuck that. I won’t kowtow to their unreasonable demands.

As a public figure, I am determined to keep the community around this site well informed, which is why I have my large article that I try to update, but again, the burnout is very overreaching in the article being a bit outdated currently. Still, it’s pretty comprehensive at present!

In Conclusion

The site itself has suffered marginally. we’re at the same levels of activity as we were at the beginning of last year, which is a halting of the slow rise the site had.

Still, bans and burnout be damned, I’m going to try to update this site more regularly. I want to redesign the site. I tried to make it look like Scott’s site, but frankly, through one side of my mouth, I say his site is horrible and oh god please stop. Through the other, I know I can make a better site. So, I plan to do just that. A full overhaul of this site will be in the works, which will include dynamic and seasonal stylesheets. Hopefully, it’ll be sorted by the end of the year. This will likely be a gradual overhaul.

Still, that about does it for this update. Thank you very much for using FNaFLore, and please do use our content form if you’d like to get in touch at all. Have a very good 2019, and keep an eye out for a lot of fun things happening here later this year!

Kizzycocoa – Owner and designer of