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Five Nights at Candy’s


What, did you really think I’d let you guys crash my site a second time? No way! This time, it is I who will be getting the drop on you, not the other way around! >:D

I feel this is going to be the last timed fandoor. The rest of them are going to be way more nebulous, to ensure the site won’t crash. I only did this one as an attempt to cover for some reddit drama. It’ll still have the cool opening animation near it’s launch, but no defined date. Still, on with the page!

Five Nights at Candy’s is one of the most solid fangames that try to double down on the FNaF atmosphere and theme. It’s graphical quality sets it apart from most other fangames as being the most true, graphically, to the original FNaF games.

The third game is still set to come out, but the first two games have already built a lot of lore for itself, which is thankfully specific and easier to track than the original game.

Five Nights at Candy is after FNaF’s heart when it comes to lore. There is rarely anything to argue over, but the lore is still obscure enough to challenge players who are hunting it down.

Overall, it’s a tight game with a much clearer lore that is no less fun to unravel and chart out. It’s true to the original series, but it has built up the personality of the game to make it a true sister-game experience, rather than a completely derivative experience.

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