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FNaC 2 Newspapers and Clippings

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17 year old Marylin Schmidt did not show up for school yesterday after she had allegedly been staying overnight with her friend in this week. Marylin’s friend later revealed that Marylin was spending the nights in the abandoned factory on Saint Antonia’s Road, and that they had lied to Marylin’s parents. Marylin had lost a bet with some of her classmates where she then had to spend five nights in the factory.

A search party was assembled, they looked for her in and around the factory for most of the rest of yesterday but she could not be found.


?? August 2007


The abandoned factory on Saint Antonia’s Road 27 has been scheduled for demolition sometime next week. The now 45 year old factory closed in 1993 after it was deemed unsafe due to yet another fatal incident inside the factory.

The factory used to belong to Rowboatics Corp., a company that went bankrupt shortly after the factory closed. The company was specialized in the design and production of robotic animatronics, they started in 1962 where they made mechanical wire-controlled animatronics, and over the years their animatronics got more advanced.

A total of 6 casualties occured in the factory over the past 45 years. The most remembered one being in 1987, when a pair of twins went missing, and were later discovered to have been killed in one of the assembly machines in the factory.



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17 year old Marylin Schmidt was found dead this afternoon in the old run-down factory on Saint Antonia’s Road 27. Marylin never showed up at her school this morning, a search party was assembled after she was declared missing around 2:30 PM, and they later found her in the factory’s warehouse department around 4 PM where a forensics team was called in.

Forensics described the scene as “closely resembling a bear attack”, although this is very unlikely as there hasn’t been a bear sighting in this part of the state in decades. The girl had been mauled to death by an unknown predator. According to the formation of the flesh wounds, it was deducted that Marylin had been killed by a sharp metalic object, not likely a knife since the wounds were more rough than had it been a knife.

Police has deducted that the girl was murdered by a person with a piece of metal that they had likely found somewhere in the factory. A memorial service will be held at the local church tonight at 9 PM.

“We will continue the investigation until we’ve found out what happened here and the culprit is convicted. My most heartfelt condolences to friends and family, I will not rest until this vile criminal is behind bars.”
-Police Chief Barnes


?? August 2007


The old abandoned robotics factory that was scheduled for demolition had caught fire this morning.
The exact cause of the fire is unknown, but experts were able to deduct that the fire originated from somewhere within the warehouse department of the factory. It was also discovered that the factory’s power schedule had not been discontinued when the factory closed, so the cause was most likely either faulty wiring or overloaded heating equipment.

The local fire brigade arrived at the factory at around 7 pm, where already most of the building was engulfed in flames. Around 8AM the building then finally collapsed, leaving behind nothing but rubble.