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FNaC 1 Phone Transcripts

Night 1

You have – ONE – new message.

Uhh, Hello? Hello? Hi? Uh, Junior Manager here. Uhh, so you’re the new security guard, right? Yeah, i….it’’s great to finally have someone qualified for the job, you know? Heh heh. Uh, we had to like share the shift because, you know, someone has to be here during the night.

Uh, but..but with you, uh now we have more energy to be here during the day! Uh, you see, we’re probably gonna be a lot busier from now on. Umm, you may have heard about the place called “Freddy Fazbear’s pizzeria”, right? Uhh, yeah, they got shut down yesterday. I don’t know why though. Um, probably something like uh, tax fraud or such, you know. Uh, I never really liked that place. I always had a bad feeling about it, you know? Their pizzas weren’t even that good.

Uh anyway, I think you’re gonna fit in really well here. The staff are really nice. Uh, we make sure to help each other out on everything. Like uh, when we close late on the evening, we always make sure the floors and tables are properly clean and all the dishes has been washed before we get off of the day.

Uh, now, in order to save power of course, all the lights will at night be turned off. But don’t worry, we have a desk lamp in the office that you can use.

If you open up the maintenance panel, you’ll be able to view the restaurant through the security cameras. And, the cameras all have a neat feature, which is night vision mode. These cameras were the cheapest we could get, so the night vision isn’t thaaaaaat accurate, but, does retain the colours, which is good I guess. Umm, you can toggle the night vision by activating the camera you’re already on. And uh, by the way, we have a security feature in the restaurant that limits how much power that can be used after hours. Uh, this mainly so that our electricity bill doesn’t skyrocket during the night if somebody forgot to turn off something somewhere, you know.

Now umm, your office is also the information area, which you can tell because of the window counter in front of you. Uh, there should be a button underneath the desk too; this is for the security door in front of your window. Uh, to your left and right are also two doors. These doors are um….ehhhh, a little stupid. Um, you see, they require power to be closed. Um, I think it was something about some computer somewhere always checking if they’re closed or not, or maybe it was a security feature, you know. In case the place goes go dark. Uh like, i…if there was a power outage you know, you-you would be stuck here. But, the doors open automatically if that happens.

Um, all 3 doors are power driven, so…basically don’t use too much power, otherwise the place will shut off completely. Uh, b..but don’t worry. As I said, the doors will open up if that happens, so you won’t be trapped.

Uh, I think that’s all for now…uh yep, uh, good luck on your first night here. Uh, don’t fall asleep, and have a good night!

Night 2

You have – ONE – new message.

Uh, Hello? Hello? Uh see? I told you, you’d do just fine.

Uh Anyway, I thought I’d mention, uh, we-we have this little, umm…uh, list of uh… *coughs* problems, uh, that we have observed with the animatronics over some time. Uh, it-its nothing to be concerned about, but, but the animatronics do have a few minor…glitches, uh, yeah. Uh, we’re of course trying to get them fixed, uh but, you should know some of them so you don’t get…uh…uh, nervous, if you hear anything.

Let me see…um…the animatronics sometimes start to walk around on their own, uhh, sometimes in the morning we find them in the strangest places, heh, so you may see them walking around while you’re here. Uh, let me see, some of their sensors are a bit wonky… uh…eh-eh, oh! And in case the animatronics is experiencing violence towards the guests, the animatronic will try to seek out the cause and…uh…stop it. Uh, yeah, yeah, I have no idea how it decides to do that, but, it doesn’t seem to mind it with the children though. I-its-its weird. I-if there-if there are children playing Cops & Robbers, you know, and one of them gets shot, you know, uh the animatronics don’t really do anything out of the ordinary. Umm, except after that day, uh, the animatronics don’t really seem to function properly around adults. Uhh, especially not around the staff. Uh, yea, the animatronics seem to ignore you most of the time, you know, unless you come near them, and they just, turn their heads and look at you, like-as if you just told a bad joke, heh, er, I don’t know. I-its kinda creepy.

Umm, but yea, we kinda had an accident about a month ago, i-it seems to have like, traumatised their systems or something like that. Uh, anyway, we replaced the faulty animatronic with some brand new ones. Yeah, so he’s stored way in the back until we can get someone to fix him. Anyway, if I were you, I’d keep the other ones in a distance, and uh, use the doors if you have to.

Umm, that would be it for now. Uhh, ha-have a good night.

Night 3

You have – ONE – new message.

Uh, hello? Heh, looks like you’re doing a fine job! I mean you’re still here, heh. Uh, you’re already like, practically as good as the last guard we had. E-except, of course, you know, h-he got fired, in the end, but… yeah. He uh-he kind of… damaged one of the animatronics during his shift. Uh, I mean you wouldn’t do that, would you? No way.

Umm, I guess he got a little crazy, you know, being alone in the dark, each night. Uh you know that character, that the kids can draw on? You know, uhh… Blank, I think? Uh, yeah, I always really liked that one-its-its a brilliant concept. Uh yeah, his suit is made out of some special plastic stuff I think, uh, that the kids can come in and, you know, grab a crayon and, uh, start drawing on his head or his arms. Uh, some of the others here think that he looks a bit scary, um after that whole…uh, security guard thing. Uh w-we tried our best to fix him, but uh, parts didn’t like, his left hand and the back of his head are still missing. Uh, b-but the kids don’t really seem to mind it, you know, so it’s not a major issue. Umm, yeah.

From what we can tell, uh, his head got a real beating, so he might act a little, uh, strange. Umm, like, he sometimes tried to get into the office through the window, and even manage to crack the glass, slightly, once. Uh yeah. If he leaves the drawing room, just shut the window door so he doesn’t break the glass. Those old ones couldn’t really see glass very well. Um, by the way, we’re expecting more customers over the course of the next days. So, next week, we may need you on the day shift too, if you’re up for it.

Umm, well anyway, have a good night.

Night 4

You have – ONE – new message.

Uh Hello? Just checking in; making sure you’re A.O.K. Uh, so remember that previous security guard I told you about? Yeah, so we got a call from the police today, um, apparently he has gone missing. Umm, I guess he actually was a bit crazy, uh, I-I remember like the day, before his last night of the week, uh, he asked me to be with him on his shift that night. Umm, he..he told me there was something he had to show me. I know, it sounds crazy, right? Heh. Uh, although I declined, he still showed up for his shift, so…umm; then of course, the next morning we found out that hhh…uhh..Blank character has been severely damaged you know. And then we checked the surveillance equipment; we found out that he had brought a Wench, and completely smashed Blank. Umm, he had also left the building in the middle of his shift after that. I mean, he must have, you know; he was no where to be found the next morning. We couldn’t contact him or anything. So, the manager just fired him and sent him a Pink Slip, you know.

Uh, anyway, I’ll leave you to your work. yeah, stay tight and we’ll talk again tomorrow, have a good night.

Night 5

You have – TWO – new messages.

Hey, how’s it going? *slurps* Oh, sorry. I have a latte here. Uh, anyway, I uh, I have one last thing to tell you, um… Alright. You’ve probably noticed, uh, that there is an extra door in the second party room, uh, which is on Camera 9, I think. *coughs* Uh,it’s…it’s not on the map, that’s because it’’s really nothing special. It’’s like a storage room, uh…we don’t go in there much. Like, I..I haven’t even been in there myself, you know. I… just wanted to inform you that you don’t need to worry about it, and that’s it’s not a mistake that it’s not on the map or anything like that.

Uh, anyway, you’ve done a great job so far. Uhh, I’ll talk to you next week. Uh, goodnight.

The second part of the message is garbled, much like the Night 5 message in Five Nights at Freddy’s. Below is the translation

Ye shall not steal, neither deal falsely, neither lie one to another. You shall not swear by my name falsely. Neither shall thou profane the name of thy God. I am the Lord.

Night 6

You have – ONE – new message.

Uh hello? …You umm…do know that you don’t have to be here today, right? Well, I guess you’re just very committed to the job then. Uh, heh-anyway, uh-you’ve done a great job this week, so-now please take a break tomorrow, ok? Now, see you next week. Good night.