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Popgoes was perhaps one of the more inventive games of the franchise, trying to come up with new and unique game concepts while also keeping the same aesthetic as FNaF. It’s one of the more well made games, on both a technical and graphical level.

People coming here will know the history I’ve had with Popgoes over the lore itself, due to a miscommunication around the launch of the game. That’s largely the past. Sadly, just hours before this came out, we have once again fallen out – over Morse the Mole’s canonical eye colour, no less! It’s frustrating that these conflicts keep happening, but still, this page is largely for the fans, so here it is!

Regardless of my current relations to any members, I’d like to thank the Popgoes team for their help in making this subsite better than it could ever have been. This includes extensive content from Popgoes, Gunkystuff, Phisnom and Everything_Animation, which warranted the existence of the Development section and helped greatly with the Characters section!

Big thanks as well to Phisnom, Gunky and Everything_Animations for supplying me with good quality renders of many models in the game!

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