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  • 3

    Jeremy is born

    Jeremy Fitzgerald is born in Texas, during November of 1968. He has a brother called Simon, who in time becomes The Purple Guy.
  • 7

    The original Fazbear murders happen

    Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza suffers a massive string of child murders. The dead children are found in the suits of the Withered animatronics. There are about 20 children murdered at the Fazbear locations collectively.
  • 1

    The Bite of 87 Occurs

    Working as a guard for Freddy Fazbear, Jeremy Fitzgerald is bitten by Toy Bonnie at the FNaF2 location in 1987 at the age of 18.
  • 4

    An Anonymous Blood Donation

    A generous anonymous blood donor (who is highly suggested to be Simon, donating the blood of his victims) donates blood to Jeremy. After an experimental operation, he survives and recovers.
  • 5

    Jeremy Moves to England

    Jeremy forgets everything before the incident, and is bombarded with press attention. He moves to England and changes his name to Fritz Glade, so to avoid an unhealthy amount of press attention.
  • 8

    Bonnie Glade is Born/Adopted

    A number of events happen, in an order that is not entirely clear. At some point, Jeremy has a daughter called Bonnie Glade. it is unclear if she is adopted, or his own biological child.
  • 6

    Fritz records his conversations

    Fritz begins to piece together what happened while recording messages for Strings. He begins to question the source of the donor blood, and if he should trust the Simon animatronic. he ends the conversation with a yes/no answer as to if he should trust Simon. The answer has no bearing on the ending that is achieved.
  • 2

    Bonnie Glade is Killed

    After discovering a Toy Bonnie mask, Bonnie puts on the mask and shows Fritz, stating “Look Dad”, a phrase repeated within the games. Fritz, having been bitten by Toy Bonnie in the past, suffers some form of PTSD breakdown, grabs a nearby axe and cuts off Bonnie’s head, arms and legs.

    After realising his error, Fritz buries Bonnie underneath a Birdbath, while tossing the bloodied axe down a well.

  • 10

    Popgoes Gameplay Occurs

    The events of the main game happens.
  • 9

    Fritz is Killed

    At some point after the main gameplay, Simon convinces Fritz to build Blackrabbit. Blackrabbit then in turn kills Fritz.
  • 11

    Simon Escapes

    Simon, having managed to escape from his restraints, leaves the office. He destroys Strings on his way out to ensure his existence is not known to those who will investigating the location, once Fritz’ body is discovered.

More timeline events will be added – this is the basic rundown so far, covering all necessary points.