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Flumpty Bumpty

Flumpty Bumpty is the leading character of One Night at Flumpty’s. He is an anthropomorphic egg, with a cheerful yet sadistic approach to all life in general. He is the one you hear at the start of your nights at Flumpty’s.

Since somehow obtaining a contract granting him immunity to the plot, Flumpty is able to do as he pleases without any fear of repercussions. He has killed thousands of people and animals, and has kidnapped “countless” citizens of New Dork, whom he has systematically killed via his “One Night at Flumpty’s” Survival game. He then grafted the corpses together to create Eyesaur.

In the first and second game, Flumpty is running a “game” to pick out his new best friend. It is unknown why he is trying to become friends with security guards.

It is unknown how he was able to procure his gang of friends, of whom all hold otherworldly traits in their appearance, methods of murder and transportation. It is presumed that Flumpty simply created them in order to find his new best friend.

In the canon, Flumpty, after realising the error of his ways, rips up his literal contract that granted him plot immunity, and tries to make amends. At some point in this process, he falls from a great height just like Humpty Dumpty, and cannot be put back together again.

Birthday Boy Blam

Birthday Boy Blam appears to be Flumpty Bumpty’s current best friend, or otherwise his closest companion of Flumpty’s gang. He seems to be a child, and will generally wander through the building via a linear path.

Occasionally, he will swap places with a character called “Kevin Jr.”. Kevin is a future version of Birthday Boy Blam. He holds a pipe, and is wearing a monacle, suspenders and a tophat, which is worn over his conical party hat.


The Redman

The Redman was once a citizen of New Dork. He drank lava, and (kinda) lived. Flumpty then took him on as a member of his crew. The process of drinking the lava turned the Redman into a red monster, with an exposed ribcage, malformed jaw and four legs. There is no canonical reason as to why he gained a second set of legs. He seems to settle in rooms surrounded by lava, indicating he may still be drinking the molten liquid.

The Redman also has a profound effect on technology. None of the cameras are able to view The Redman, and he is able to infect computers with a virus, which will somehow summon him, allowing him to kill his victims. It is unknown why he affects technology in these ways.

Grunkfuss the Clown

Grunkfuss the Clown is a balding middle-aged clown, who’s jaws are constantly open and exposed, as if held open by toothpicks.

Grunkfuss is able to travel around with the use of holes. These holes do not need to be manufactured by any kind of blunt or drilling force, indicating the holes are actually holes in reality, rather than literal holes. Grunkfuss can use these holes to travel long distances in a matter of seconds, much like using Portals in the VALVe game, “Portal”.

His jaw is able to open to unnatural lengths, with the highest observed length being approximately 70 centimetres wide. He has two sets of teeth, and what appears to be a further third set of teeth deeper within his mouth.

His eyes appear to have a stitched star design encircling them, and are not always visible. it is unknown if his eyes are closed in these instances, or if he can simply decide when to show his eyes.



Eyesaur is present in both of the finished games, but only makes a true appearance in the second game.

Eyesaur was directly created by Flumpty, who used the skinless corpses of his game’s past victims to create some sort of sentient dinosaur with a large amount of eyes.

Eyesaur seems to have several sharper parts on their back that are not accounted for by just using corpses. namely, several sharp and jagged “spine” spikes, and claws for all four of their feet.

Eyesaur’s motives are not entirely clear. In the first game, Eyesaur attempted to assist the player by signalling how many times they could put down their monitor with their eyes. However, in the second game, Eyesaur actively attempts to kill the player.

Eyesaur most likely does not have a defined gender, as they are made by the corpses of many people, of whom are probably not all the same gender.

It is possible that music somehow calms Eyesaur. In the first game, Eyesaur was located in the only room with a music box, which may have calmed them, to the point of helping the player. However, this is not fully known.

The Beaver

The Beaver is a character introduced in One Night at Flumpty’s. The Beaver is a large anthropomorphic beaver, who is associated with toilets and toilet rolls. The Beaver seems to be able to read and write English, as seen by their reading the New Dork Rhymes, and writing “I’ve run out” on the toilet.

For the most part, The Beaver looks as normal as an anthropomorphic beaver can look. However, when running to the office, The Beaver’s feet inexplicitly turn into cleavers.

In One Night at Flumpty’s 2, one of the easter egg screens show that The Beaver died between the first two games. The cause of death was that they “fell into the toilet”.

In One Week at Flumpty’s, The Beaver was set to return as a toilet-roll-wrapped mummy. He is largely unchanged in this form, except he is covered in toilet paper, with small darker patches where his skin has rotted or torn apart. His tail has also fallen off due to his decomposition. This indicates that One Week at Flumpty likely takes place a matter of days or weeks after his incident with the toilet, as he is largely intact.

The gender of The Beaver is not known.


The Owl

The Owl seems to be the replacement for The Beaver. The Owl sits upon a toilet urinal, and frequently rushes the player’s office by flying through the vents.

The Owl seems to be based on the Long-eared owl, which is found throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, Russia, America and Japan.

Not much is known about The Owl beyond these details.

Champ and Chump

Champ and Chump were set to appear in One Week at Flumpty’s. Canonically, they are another creation of Flumpty’s, made out of the winning player in One Night at Flumpty’s 2 (Champ), and their best friend (Chump).

They largely represent Eyesaur in design. As Eyesaur was created from the corpses of past contestants, it is very likely that Chump and Champ are dead, and these are their walking, skinned corpses.

They have bulging red eyes and their mouths, much like Eyesaur, seem to melt and drip. For unknown reasons, both of their arms have been cut off.


Golden Flumpty

Golden Flumpty is found throughout the One Night at Flumpty’s series. He is the personification of Flumpty’s evil and chaotic nature, and routinely appears and disappears in front of the player. In the second game, he twitches rapidly when he appears. Much like Golden Freddy in the Five Nights at Freddy’s series, he also causes the player to hallucinate. However, unlike FNaF, he kills the player, rather than crashes the game.

Golden Flumpty was set to appear in One Week at Flumpty’s. He would be defeated by Flumpty after he realised just how evil he had been. Flumpty would then tear up his immunity to the plot.

The Beavowl

The Beavowl appeared in One Night at Flumpty’s 3. More will be written once we give this site a full go-over. He was brought to life with part of the owl for his head and arm, as well as a new hollow pinpoint eye. He was killed at the end of the game, alongside all the others, by Flumpty.


Empty Bempty

Empty Bempty appears in One Night at Flumpty’s, seen after clicking the star earned by beating hard-boiled mode. More will be written once we give this site a full go-over. It is claimed he can go anywhere he wants, much like Flumpty. However, unlike Flumpty, Empty isn’t immune to the plot. Instead, the plot is immune to him.