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  • 7

    The Redman is created

    While the exact timing in relation to other events is unclear, a citizen of New Dork somehow finds a way to drink lava. He survived, turning into The Redman in the process. At some point after this incident, Flumpty seems to have taken The Redman, giving him a home in his horror “attraction”.

  • 8

    Flumpty creates a game to find his new best friend

    Flumpty either builds or acquires two buildings, and proceeds to run games within them to find a new best friend. Several people are killed in these games, leaving behind personal artefacts in the offices.

  • 9

    Construction of The Eyesaur

    Throughout these games, Flumpty uses the skinned corpses of his victims to build The Eyesaur – a large undead dinosaur with many heads. In the first game, he assists the player. However, in the second game, he too joins Flumpty in his murderous games.

  • 10

    The Player is kidnapped

    The Player is kidnapped and brought to the location of One Night at Flumpty’s 1. They survive the entire night.

  • 13

    The Beaver dies

    The Beaver falls into the toilet and dies.

  • 12

    The Player plays a second night

    The player – having somehow survived the apocalypse caused by Flumpty – begins their second night of Flumpty’s game, this time in the One Night at Flumpty’s 2 location. It is unknown if a second night, or “Hard-Boiled mode”, is also taken.

  • 14

    The Player becomes Flumpty’s new best friend, kinda

    Having survived both/all three nights, The Player is taken to the first location and beckoned to receive their prize. Upon following Flumpty, they are told that, in order to become Flumpty’s new best friend, they must first kill their old best friend. The Player refuses to do so. Flumpty calmly and collectively reacts by slaughtering both The Player and his best friend, skinning them and removing their arms.