Please note that this site is still a work in progress. Not all points are recorded. The end goal is to record all points in definitive locations on the timeline!

  • 1

    Flumpty Bumpty is somehow created

  • 2

    Flumpty Bumpty signs a contract that gives him immunity to the plot

  • 5

    Flumpty gives a heartfelt speech on life – shoots stranger in face

    As this is written in a nondescript ancient scroll, it is presumable that this occurred before most events in the Flumpty timeline. Flumpty gives a heartfelt speech on the importance of life, and then shot a passing stranger in the face afterwards. The stranger did not survive the gunshot, subverting Flumpty’s prior speech.

  • 3

    Flumpty buries both Birthday Boy Blam and Kevin Jr

    For no apparant reason, both Birthday Boy Blam and Kevin Jr. are lying down in open graves, and Flumpty buries them alive.

  • 4

    Flumpty begins a quest to find Cuppercake’s sense of direction

    At the very beginning of his quest, he mercilessly kills Birthday Boy Blam – whom was trying to stop Flumpty by pretending to be him – and is blown up. He survives the explosion and the fall due to deciding to be “hard-boiled” that day. Upon landing, he finds Cuppercake’s sense of direction – a literal arrow with a cupcake design on it. He presumably finds Cuppercake and returns their sense of direction.

  • 6

    Flumpty goes to – and breaks out of – prison

    Somehow sensing a random guy was cooking an egg, Flumpty broke into this person’s house. Flumpty then gave himself up to authorities, just so he would be able to break out of prison. The fate of the guy who was cooking the egg is unknown, as there is no mention of his death.

  • 7

    The Redman is created

    While the exact timing in relation to other events is unclear, a citizen of New Dork somehow finds a way to drink lava. He survived, turning into The Redman in the process. At some point after this incident, Flumpty seems to have taken The Redman, giving him a home in his horror “attraction”.

  • 8

    Flumpty creates a game to find his new best friend

    Flumpty either builds or acquires two buildings, and proceeds to run games within them to find a new best friend. Several people are killed in these games, leaving behind personal artefacts in the offices.

  • 9

    Construction of The Eyesaur

    Throughout these games, Flumpty uses the skinned corpses of his victims to build The Eyesaur – a large undead dinosaur with many heads. In the first game, he assists the player. However, in the second game, he too joins Flumpty in his murderous games.

  • 10

    The Player is kidnapped

    The Player is kidnapped and brought to the location of One Night at Flumpty’s 1. They survive the entire night.

  • 13

    The Beaver dies

    The Beaver falls into the toilet and dies.

  • 11

    Flumpty causes the apocalypse

    Flumpty kills 100 billion birds with a single stone. It is elaborated that the stone used was a meteorite, and that it also caused the apocalypse.

  • 12

    The Player plays a second night

    The player – having somehow survived the apocalypse caused by Flumpty – begins their second night of Flumpty’s game, this time in the One Night at Flumpty’s 2 location. It is unknown if a second night, or “Hard-Boiled mode”, is also taken.

  • 14

    The Player becomes Flumpty’s new best friend, kinda

    Having survived both/all three nights, The Player is taken to the first location and beckoned to receive their prize. Upon following Flumpty, they are told that, in order to become Flumpty’s new best friend, they must first kill their old best friend. The Player refuses to do so. Flumpty calmly and collectively reacts by slaughtering both The Player and his best friend, skinning them and removing their arms.

  • 15

    Flumpty plays his own games

    For some reason, Flumpty decides to play his own game, taking the role of The Player. Over 5 days, he slowly comes to realise the error of his actions.

  • 16

    Flumpty fights Golden Flumpty

    Flumpty fights Golden Flumpty after taking these nights, Golden Flumpty being the physical manifestation of his evil intentions and actions.

  • 17

    Flumpty tears up his contract

    After seeing his faults, Flumpty tears up his immunity to the plot, manifesting itself as a physical contract.

  • 18

    Flumpty is killed

    Flumpty goes to his victims, allowing them to take their revenge on him. In the process of doing so, Flumpty Bumpty had a great fall and shattered/splat on the ground, to the point where no-one could put him together again.

  • 19

    Flumpty flies toward a white light

    Having seen the error of his ways, he is redeemed of all of his slaughters, murders and genocides. He “flies” towards a white light, ending the Flumpty story.