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One Night at Flumpty’s

One Night at Flumpty’s is one of my personal favourite fangames. It’s quirky contrast of cartoon graphics and abstract horror hits the mark perfectly.

While still sad that it will never be officially “finished”, I’m very happy that Jonochrome gave us such an amazing game, and I wish him well on future games he creates. I would love to see more Bargo!

One Night at Flumpty’s had a not-insignificant amount of lore, most of which was explained in the final development post for the game. It may be too little lore to justify, but it’s more than justified by the quality of the game.

I would like to take a moment to encourage users to support Jonochrome in his decisions about Flumpty. His decision was not taken lightly, and I would like anyone visiting to support his future games, and let him leave Flumpty behind.

I want to add my thanks to Jonochrome here for his communication with myself. I asked if he’d be up for a few commissions, and he did the two missing characters, as well as a few other characters of the series. It was amazing that he considered doing these, and also how he’s come around on the Flumpty games. In doing so, he also re-released clean versions of the developer logs, which were invaluable to the Flumpty history.

Big thanks as well to Darth_Twitchy (pose sketches) and FLHorn (colouring and details) for filling in the rest of the Flumpty images! They made the Eyesaur, Golden Flumpty, Flumpty, Beaver and Owl images. Brilliant work, if I may say so myself!

EDIT: Also, a big thanks to Jonathan_T for doing The Beavowl! Seriously, thank you so much. It looks absolutely perfect.

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