We have compiled a list of resources and interactive tidbits that solve the lore. Feel free to use these resources for your own ends!

ONaFCharacters ONaFTeasers
Characters Teasers and Trailers Developer Logs
Profiles for all characters in the game
*includes official portraits!*
All ONaF Teasers All logs of the Developer Commentary videos
Scottgames Teasers
Phone Call Transcripts Newspapers and End Screens Egg-Cams
Phone call transcripts from the Flumpty franchise All newspapers and end screens for ONaF Live egg-cams for the Flumpty locations
ONaFDevelopmentImages ONaFOriginalComics ONaFQuestionsAndAnswers
Development Images Original Flumpty Comics The Flumpty Q&A
Development images from One Week at Flumpty’s Some of the original comics that led to
the creation of One Night at Flumpty’s
The results of the Flumpty Q&A!