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The Sad Fate of OWaF

I gave it a solid effort. But, it was not meant to be. I don’t enjoy cancelling games after I’ve announced them. This isn’t the first time I’ve done it, or the second time, or the third time, as far as I can remember. But, it’s never easy. Relatively speaking though, I feel pretty at-ease with this decision.

Whenever I started making One Week at Flumpty’s, the biggest motivator for me was just Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 hype. Because, it was announced and everyone was really excited, like, “goodness gracious, Five Nights at Freddy’s 3, we thought that was maybe the end, but it turns out there was one more. That’s gonna be amazing! We need to theorise about what it will be like, we need to play all the past games again and get ourselves into it and…”, you know, it was just a really exciting time. Just…I wanted to kind of join in on that, because, I like the idea of…giving people something to be excited about. And, I could you know, make a new game about something entirely different that no-one ever-has ever seen before, or I could go back and maybe make one more Flumpty game and people will be excited for that because it’s in a universe they’ve already seen before and they know about-are familiar with. That’s kind of…that was my main motivator for One Week at Flumpty’s; I went into it with almost no ideas, and I announced it whenever I…done almost nothing with it. I thought about waiting longer to announce it because, I hadn’t done anything with it and I wasn’t really sure if it I was going to complete it yet, but I got impatient. Just, being excited about the idea of other people being excited, and that’s probably something that I shouldn’t have done, but, it was too late once I’d done it.

I did initially have fun working on it, though. Because, I had some ideas – not very many, but I’ve had-I thought I had just enough where, I could plough through as much of it as I could and if I ever lost motivation, then I could say “well, I’ve done so much in these first one or two weeks of production that, uhh, anything that I’ve done so far, it can’t go to waste. I have to keep going, it’s too late to stop now”. That was the mindset that I went into. So, with One Night at Flumpty’s 2, I kinda went in with the assumption that I was just going to make up ideas as I went along and it would work out eventually, and it did. One Week at Flumpty’s, I tried the same thing, and it just didn’t work out. That’s kind of what you get whenever you don’t plan thing out well enough. It might work and it might not.

It took me developing and programming a whole map system, drawing 15 rooms(or technically 16 I guess ’cause of the office, but the office was never finished), and drawing Birthday Boy Blam I think…19 times or something like that? It took me that long to realise that, there were just inherent problems with the way that I designed the game, and it was too late to fix them unless I wanted to make some huge changes. Basically, I designed the game around the ability to be able to, move around bits of hallways and, umm, turn on these laser beam doors that pretty much act like the vents in Five Nights at Freddy’s 3. So, I did that and I realised that it was very easy to just trap the character or characters between walls, and just have them get stuck forever and then, there’s no challenge anymore. In fact, there’s no challenge to begin with because there’s nothing else stopping you from doing anything, uh, to that effect. So, it just…

I…wasn’t having fun making the game, and, my own philosophy that I’ve kinda developed over time is, if I’m not having fun making something, then it won’t be fun for people to play. I wanted to challenge that this time. I wanted to see if I could still make an enjoyable game, even though I wasn’t enjoying working on it, and it turns out that, I didn’t see the mistakes in it, becausem y heart wasn’t in it. And the mistakes that I did see I had no interest in fixing, so…I weighed my options – I either had to cancel One Week at Flumpty’s and, save myself a lot of stress and disappoint people, or spend forever making One Week at Flumpty’s, completely stress myself out and still disappoint people. So I chose the former option.

As sad as the news is, it’s also a huge relief for me because I – of course – am relieving myself of a whole lot of stress that I went through trying to make this game that I just don’t want to do any more, and also because I feel like One Night at Flumpty’s 2 is a perfectly adequate ending. I don’t feel like it needs a continuation, and so I’m glad that I ended it how I did because, it doesn’t feel like, by discontinuing the series where I am, I’m leaving it incomplete. It just feels like I’m leaving it off where it ends pleasantly in people’s memories. It’s also a relief to me because One Night at Flumpty’s is a parallel of Five Night at Freddy’s. One Night at Flumpty’s 2 wasn’t intended to be – but still kind of ended up – being a parallel of Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 and the third One Night at Flumpty’s game, AKA One Week at Flumpty’s, pretty clearly resembles Five Nights at Freddy’s 3, even though I tried to make it as original as I could, but…ehhh.

If I had finished it then people would just say “well you copied the first three Five Nights at Freddy’s games, now copy the fourth one whenever it comes out on Halloween!”, and that’s…not really something I want to do. To be honest I’ve grown, really tired of the Flumpty characters. I still like them, but I just, don’t want to do anything else with them. They were always jokes. In my mind they always will be jokes and I dobn’t want to continue to make games only about characters that didn’t really have much of a serious thought process behind them. I guess as another thing is I considered making it a more serious game, because I had more nights to work with and therefore I could make more of a story develop.

Since people will be curious, I’m gonna explain what the story of One Week at Flumpty’s was going to be right now and just kinda the general layout of it. Night 1 was going to be basically just, survive the night with Birthday Boy Blam wandering the building and that was gonna be it.

Night 2 was going to be essentially the same thing except with The Beaver and The Owl. Uhh, everyone said that The Beaver needed to return as a zombie or a phantom and that’s an idea I had before I released One Night at Flumpty’s 2, I just didn’t want to use it, but…

It’s funny because my friend Jake suggested that The Beaver be a mummy, because he has toilet paper. And he is the only one who suggested that idea and I thought it was great, and that’s one of the reasons that I wanted to finish the game, but of course I wasn’t able to. So, the Beaver would not have been a zombie, would not have been a phantom, would have been a mummy, and no-one would have seen it coming. Uhh, it is sad that that idea wouldn’t become a reality, but maybe someone can make it happen.

Night 3 was going to be just The Redman and Grunkfuss; Grunkfuss was gonna like, teleport and The Redman was gonna mess with equipment or something.

Night 4 was going to involve the Eyesaur and…two additional characters that resemble the Eyesaur but are just, singular corpses rather than, a whole dinosaur of corpses and they were just going to also, like run around the building I guess. And, they were going to be called Champ and Chump. The reason they would be called Champ and Chump is because of a plot twist that would be revealed before Night 5. The plot twist would be, you see a minigame flashback of…yourself essentially being the player of the first two One Night at Flumpty’s games. Uhh, and Flumpty is like beckoning you to a backroom where he says “Come and claim your prize and be my best friend!”, and then once you’re lured into that back room, he says “well, in order to be my new best friend, you have to kill your old best friend!”.

Naturally you would decline this offer because hopefully you’re a sane human being, and so Flumpty kills you both, you are the Champ, and he is the Chump. Then the question is “who is playing the game?”.

Night 5, Flumpty is the only one active, and I was thinking like maybe, everything could change in night 5 and it would be crazy and…uhh, the biggest idea I had was, having the rooms switch places. Like, you would be able to physically see the rooms that are the same size on the map just switch. But, dang would that have been more interesting to look at than to actually play. So, climatic 5th night where you’re surviving Flumpty and he’s really really scary and whatnot, and then I wanted there to be a 6th night…that wasn’t an actual night, it was just kinda a thing where you look in a mirror and realise that you have been Flumpty this whole game. The whole thing took place in your consciousness, Golden Flumpty is your alter-ego and you have been tempted to kill all these innocent people because you thought it was a fun game. But now you have faced your demons and realised your faults.

I had a few idea for an ending. One involved Flumpty just flying away from his problems into an endless oblivion. Another one involve Flumpty killing Golden Flumpty – his alter ego – in some weird boss fight sorta thing, which I didn’t know how that was gonna work out exactly. But after that, he would go back in time and undo everything that he did because he can transcend time and space. Another idea that I had was for his immunity to the plot to be like, this contract, and he rips up the contract and, by doing that he’s no longer invincible and so he would go back to all the people that he hurt, uhh, over the years and have them get their revenge on him and as a result he would die and become an egg yolk in the ground, and being redeemed he would fly into the afterlife – I just wanted to have Flumpty fly in one way or another, using the image that I used in the very beginning of the One Night at Flumpty’s trailer that I posted whenever I made the first game. I thought it would be kind of a fun way for everything to come full circle.

If anyone else wants to make the game and the ending that I could not, feel free. Uhh, you can, make a One Week at Flumpty’s if you want, you can make any number of Flumpty’s fangames. Uhh, you can m- you can make fanart, you can use the music that I made for the One Night at Flumpty’s games if you want like, you have permission to do any of that if you feel like it. I’m just, honoured that…it’s come this far and…you’re…you’re all wonderful people. Thank you for everything.

If you are at all worried that this means the end of me making games, that’s not the case because making games is, my deepest passion. It’s something I care about very greatly and it’s something I don’t intend on stopping anytime soon.

I don’t know what I’ll do next, all I now is that it’s most likely not gonna be Flumpty. Pfft. But, it’ll be something. We’ll see.