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Current Offenders

Current offences

Current offenders are recorded here, so we have a place to track who is being a dick.

These meters, henceforth known as “dickmeters”, show how many dickpoints users have earned. Once they hit 6750, they can be unbanned. once the DP hits 0, the meter is removed.

How does this work?

The mods assign 2 values to a user - points and severity. The points are what will drain, and the severity slows the drain. Points are awarded based on the actions, while severity is adjusted based on the level of disruption to the chat. The most lenient severity drains by 450 points per day. that number divides for each level of severity. The current calculation for remaining DP is:
Current DP = Total DP earned - (450 x (Total number of days since incident รท Severity level))