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Moderator Guidelines

Here at, we believe in full transparency in our moderating practices. Therefore, this guide is being made public for anyone to peruse.

These guidelines are still being written up, so this page is very threadbare.

In Regards to Users and Rules moderators have 2 primary tasks. These consist of:

  1. Managing the #invite_lobby room, approving new users to become part of the community
  2. Enforcing the rules within the server

Concerning rule enforcement, we believe in complete transparency in regard to rulebreaks, warnings and bans. If you are banned or warned, you will know why, as all warnings must include a clear reason with a link to specific/multiple listed rules. Currently, we operate a tiered “3 strikes” system. This system allows for moderators to give users warnings that expire over time. The warning expiry system has 5 tiers. Below are each tier, their relevant warning expiry date and examples as to how severe the action has been to have warranted that warning.

  1. Tier 1 – 1 day (~A minor insult spat between users)
  2. Tier 2 – 1 week (~Spamming of an image in the server outside of #memes)
  3. Tier 3 – 1 month (~Posting clearly NSFW content within the main server)
  4. Tier 4 – 6 months (~Continually insulting users or posting explicit material despite moderator requests to stop)
  5. Tier 5 – 1 year (~Attempted doxxing of another user)

This allows for us to operate the three strikes system while allowing for a natural period of time for the warning to expire, ensuring that there is a level of leniency so minor offences do not stick with a user for their entire stay in our Discord.

On occasion, we may consider a user too dangerous to be allowed to stay within the server. This may be due to serious or credible threats to another user’s online accounts or IRL livelihood, as well as their threat to the server’s existence itself. In these events, Moderators can and shall exercise their discretion to remove this threat from the server without any warnings being handed out in advance. This however is an exceedingly rare occurrence that typically only targets bots and hackers/phishers.

In Regards to Moderator Promotions

Any moderator may initiate a moderator promotion vote for a target user. These votes are typically done without informing the target user, in order to prevent a snowball of moderator requests from other users. A moderator vote is successful if they command a supermajority (75%+) of votes in the mod team in addition to ALL moderators agreeing that they are not an inherent threat to the server.

Upon a successful moderator vote, the user is informed of the vote’s success, and is asked if they wish to become a moderator. They are promoted to a Moderator role upon acceptance of the offer.

In Regards to Emergency Policy

The server owner is owner Kizzycocoa. Our moderation system was created by @JuniorGenius. It is currently running on a Raspberry Pi that resides within the home of Kizzycocoa. In the event of a bot malfunction or misuse, this provides instant ability to disconnect the offending bots.

In the event that Kizzycocoa is unable to fulfil his role as server owner as a result of account ban or deletion, he will delegate a Moderator to take the lead of the mod team in his absence. this role is usually filled by, but is not restricted to, @JuniorGenius.

In the most extreme of cases in which one or more moderators may decide to try to go rogue or destroy the server, Kizzycocoa reserves the full right to seize control of the entire server in order to restore order.