This page is where I put observations of the lore that cannot be placed anywhere on the timelines.

21st August 2019 - Connie - Nightmares, Torture, and The Problem With Forced Debates
28th March 2019 - Jurgenator - The plot of Help Wanted? (Prediction)
25th July 2018 - Connie - Why The Nightmares Are Not Real
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8th March 2016 - Kizzycocoa - On the Scottgames #GTLive hints, and the joy of basic cross-referencing
25th February 2016 - Kizzycocoa - On FNaF World, and its Canonical Relevance
6th February 2016 - Kizzycocoa - On the Purple Guy, his appearance and The Silver Eyes
29th January 2016 - Kizzycocoa - Scrapped – On the Withered animatronics, and their past appearance
22nd January 2016 - Kizzycocoa - On the FNaF2 Location