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The plot of Help Wanted? (Prediction)

The TV’s on the teaser trailer are all from different periods of the FNaF timeline. They then all cut to the game over screen from FNaF 1-5 excluding FNaF 4. This made me think that maybe there is something of significance. Then I remembered the teaser.

“Don’t listen to them. We let something inside. It was an accident. Remember Jeremy”.

Why is it saying Remember Jeremy, unless there is something significant about Jeremy? What could this be all about? I think this takes place after Michael gets scooped.

We will be playing as Michael after he got scooped, trying to hold on to himself. Meanwhile, the teaser is all split up because I think it’s coming from different people and different situations.

A person on Michael’s side is saying “Don’t listen to them.” In SL, everything was an elaborate trick by the animatronics to let them trust you, so Michael shouldn’t listen to them. They are lying.  “We let something inside” is Ennard, the animatronics, talking to us as they said in SL fake ending “You must let us inside the room.”. Elizabeth’s voice in the fake ending later says “I know it was an accident!” which parallels the next line in the teaser of “It was an accident.” Then “Remember Jeremy”.

There are two people this could be about. Jeremy Fitzgerald, the FNaF 2 nightguard or the MCI child Jeremy. I don’t know exactly which person it is.

So, what could all this mean? That this game has some extra information about SL and possibly FNaF 4.

Well, what if the first line wasn’t about Baby, but said by Baby? In SL, HandUnit tells us a direct lie by saying to run fast when we should in fact walk slowly, as stated by Baby. I believe that Baby is trying to gaslight Michael into trusting her, but there is something that is stopping him. “Remember Jeremy”. Whoever Jeremy is, his memory of him is making him fight Ennard’s takeover.

Now, I don’t think this will be the full game but an important part of the plot/lore of Help Wanted and how it may connect to main games lore.

Article written by Jurgenator
Freelance theorist