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Michael’s mechanical body: Original version

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Megatheory Article

Timeline Mega Theory, by SenshiOfSadness

Michael’s mechanical body:
(Original version)


Michael is actually a cyborg, with the only human parts being the head and the flesh. What we see in Springtrap, is not the springlock endoskeleton, but Michael’s own skeleton.
There’s undoubted proof for this, the sound of the Scooper when it hits Michael, it’s not just a “splotch”, the sound of viscera, there is as well a sound like a “clank” as in the scooper has hit something metallic. Scott mentioned about the Scooper that it works removing the internal organs, but in its path, there are the ribs, and when the Scooper hits Michael’s ribs, it makes that mechanical sound.
This explains some curious things we see in the next linked image, like guts intertwined around the endo, which would be impossible since the springlocks cuts into the guts.


Click on the link to see the Springtrap on the FNAF Second anniversary picture.


I don’t like to draw things from the books unless necessary but, Charlie is supposed to parallel Michael, because she isn’t normal either. She also has a mechanical skeleton. She dented a car when she sat on it, despite being described as skinny, so her bones are actually heavy. There’s also the fact that she has three different sized closets as seen here:

“Hi, Ella,” she said softly. As the wheel unwound, Ella retreated to the closet again, the door closing behind her. Charlie followed her to the closet wall. The closets had been built to align with the slant of the ceiling, and there were three of them. Ella lived in the short one, which was about three and a half feet tall. Next to it was one a foot or so higher, and a third, closest to the bedroom door, was the same height as the rest of the room. She smiled, remembering.
“Why do you have three closets?” John had demanded, the first time he came over. She looked at him blankly, confused by the question.
“’Cause that’s how many there are,” she said finally. Then, defensive, she pointed to the littlest one. “That one’s Ella’s, anyway,” she added. John nodded, satisfied. Charlie shook her head, and opened the door to the middle closet—or, tried to. The knob stopped with a jolt: it was locked. She rattled it a few times, but gave up without much conviction. She stayed crouched low to the floor and glanced up at the tallest closer, her big-girl closet that she would someday grow into. “You won’t need it until you’re bigger.” Her father would say, but that day never came. It now hung open slightly, but Charlie didn’t disturb it. It hadn’t opened for her, it had only given way to time.

What there are inside them are different sized skeletons for her, because she needs to grow, but can’t because of the nature of her own body.


Article written by SenshiOfSadness
FNAF Theorist. I'll figure the lore, no matter how many twists are thrown on my way. Advice to myself: keep an open mind and be prepared for theories to be rewritten... a lot. Extra tip: consider FNAF to be both supernatural and Sci-Fi. I still think that Michael is the Bite Victim.