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My interpretation of the Logbook

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The logbook has stumped many theorists with it’s puzzles that were under or over analysed. Now that the puzzles have been solved, I decided to investigate the logbook and find out what is going on, and finally answer the question, who is Golden Freddy?

Who is the faded text?

The first puzzle was to do with the Foxy 8 bit grid and “MY NAME” scattered through out the logbook. Fellow theorist u/SenshiOfSadness solved this puzzle, and found that the solution is “MY NAME IS SPRINGTRAP”.  Here is the link to the reddit post:

Many people have dismissed this, as how could a springlocked William Afton pick up a pen and write in the logbook? Well, I think that he called himself Springtrap before he died. He sets traps for kids and wears a springlock suit when he commits the murders. I think meanwhile he was destroying the animatronics in the FNaF 3 minigames, he was writing in the logbook, leaving messages for his son, Michael. 

The Original Owner of the Logbook

When we first open the logbook, “This book belongs to” has been filled out with “MIKE” that has been crossed out (more on that later). A note below it says, “Sorry-looks like somebody’s written in the one… You don’t mind, right?”. The front cover of the logbook has a Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza logo and on the back, it reads “Welcome to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza…”. Given all of that evidence, I conclude that Michael Afton was originally given this when he worked at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza under the alias, Mike Schmidt. 

Then William Afton came into contact with the logbook after Michael’s first week on the job when he was destroying the Classic animatronics. Golden Freddy then appeared, altered some of the text then scared William Afton. And again, the tally marks solved by u/SenshiOfSadness provide the answer as to what has become of the logbook now. She found that the solution was “To you from working architect”. I believe that after William perished, the logbook was discovered by an architect and the architect was returning it to it’s original owner, Michael Afton.

Now, the question remains, who is Golden Freddy? The answer was revealed in another of the puzzles.

The Identity of Golden Freddy

Another redditor, known as u/dpowerful1 made the discovery after MatPat’s video in the IT’S ME word search.

They found that the name of the altered text is Cassidy. This girl was found to be from The Fourth Closet, her description being of a girl with long black hair. An image of her can be found in the logbook, under the page discussing about reflecting your happiest day, with Cassidy in the same position as Golden Freddy in the Happiest Day minigame. 

This also strengthens my theory that the MCI was a birthday party. Cassidy is shown to be alive during her Happiest Day, and what could go wrong? A murder of her and her friends. Now, finally, who is BV?

Who William was talking to

William was writing down messages from Night 1 til Night 5 and Cassidy only appeared on Night 4 til Night 5. Also, half of her “answers” were not actual answer. The line “It was for me” was said before William said “THE PARTY WAS FOR YOU”, and “I’m scared” does not fit with any of the lines. The piece of evidence that provides who William is talking to is the line, “WHAT DO YOU SEE?” with a mirror largely covering up the page. This is a reference to the scene of Michael looking in the mirror, after being scooped.

Then we see William has written “DOES HE STILL TALK TO YOU?” in relation to FredPlush and “DO YOU HAVE DREAMS?” with Michael drawing Nightmare Fredbear. “THE PARTY WAS FOR YOU.” The party was for BV. The party was for Michael. Michael Afton is the Bite Victim, according to his father.

Look closer at the mirror. I notice something about Michael Afton’s eyes.

Those eyes are not human, yet they are not part of Ennard. Funtime Freddy has blue eyes, Funtime Foxy has hazel eyes, Baby has green eyes. Ballora does have purple eyes, but they look completely different.

Michael’s eyes do not have white scleroses and unlike Ballora, has a white centre instead of a black centre. My question is, why would Scott design a new render for Michael’s eyes when he could have copied and pasted Ballora’s eyes. Because, the eyes shown are not part of Ennard. “WHAT DO YOU SEE?”. Robotic eyes. Michael’s robotic eyes.

And I find it quite symbolic that the theme song of The Immortal and the Restless is playing in the background. “It’s not my baby.” It’s not. It’s a robot in his image.

Article written by Jurgenator
Freelance theorist