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About the Springlock suits: Original version

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Megatheory Article

Timeline Mega Theory, by SenshiOfSadness

About the Springlock suits: (Original version)


“Right now we have two specially designed suits that double as both animatronic and suit.”

There are 2 springlock suits. These are Springtrap’s and the one that encased Mike on Sister Location.

“After learning of an unfortunate incident at the sister location involving multiple and simultaneous springlock failures,”

“You’re inside something that came from my old pizzeria. I don’t think it was ever used; at least, not the way it was meant to be used.”

There’s only 1 sister location. This is where the Springlock accident took place.

“(…) Which is why the classic suits are being retired to an appropriate location while being looked at by our technicians.”

This surely refers to where the FNAF Sister Location takes place, because it’s after all a storage facility. However notice this. Spring Bonnie isn’t here, but in the FNAF 1 location.

“Management has also been made aware that the Spring Bonnie animatronic has been noticeably moved,”

It may have been stolen before being taken to the storage facility.

“Someone used one of the suits. We had a spare in the back, a yellow one.”

This quote confuses me, in special, the spare one part. Are there 2 suits or 3? The Springlock accident happened before FNAF 2, so why hadn’t they sent the springsuit to the storage yet?

None of the suits seen in FNAF 4 could be springlocks, because FNAF 4 takes place at the same time of the phone calls of FNAF 2. It also bring up, is the springlock suit of Sister Location Fredbear? Thematically makes more sense, but shape wise doesn’t look like it. Why has one springsuit faceplates, and the other doesn’t?
However, what if we are looking at this the wrong way? What if the thematically wrong suit isn’t the sister location one, but Springtrap? As I have discussed before, what we see of Springtrap isn’t the springlock endo but Michael’s skeleton. So where are the springlocks? We know that there is a Spring Bonnie suit, but what if what Michael is wearing isn’t it, but one of the temporary suits? This explains the lack of a second endo. And yet, the only part of Springtrap that has something remotely harmful is located in the head, with beams going right up his jaw into the palate, among other things. It’s also weird that Michael full knowing how dangerous are the Springlocks, decided to wear one, so he could have been tricked into thinking that what he was going to use wasn’t one. The more I look into the FNAF 3 minigame scene, the more contradictions it arises. Having Michael rot, I don’t understand how he could bleed so much. And as for FNAF 3 itself, since I have stated that what Michael has isn’t a Springsuit, why is he lured toward the sound?

There exist a Spring Bonnie suit, however, I’m starting to doubt that it is the one Michael has.

Article written by SenshiOfSadness
FNAF Theorist. I'll figure the lore, no matter how many twists are thrown on my way. Advice to myself: keep an open mind and be prepared for theories to be rewritten... a lot. Extra tip: consider FNAF to be both supernatural and Sci-Fi. I still think that Michael is the Bite Victim.