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Occasionally, to try to nail down some aspects of the lore, I try to bounce off various ideas and concepts on friends or associates who hold an interest in solving the lore of Five Nights at Freddy’s.
For the sake of transparency, referencing and archival merit, I am archiving these discussions with permissions from those I discuss with. I do so in the hopes that my ramblings can be used to reference and reinforce points I have placed on the timeline, and to potentially bring up new concepts or ideas for the lore.

I wish to stress that these conversations will not be with high-level theorists (at least, not for now). These are, in general, between two theorists who’d not classify themselves as “expert theorists” by any stretch. Conversations between two people who have a keen interest in the lore, having a conversation about the lore, and trying to puzzle out and hard facts and definitive timeline locations for events.

14th January 2019 - Connie
- The Problem With Sister Location and Lore
16th December 2016 - Kizzycocoa
(With Momerator)
- On Sister location, Ennard and the Community Reaction
3rd September 2016 - Kizzycocoa
(With SonicTHD)
- On the FNaF 2 location, Fredbear and the Shadow Animatronics
13th March 2016 - Kizzycocoa
(With Popgoes)
- On the Dream Theory, and Understanding its Reasoning
10th January 2016 - Kizzycocoa
(With Adobe_darkroom)
- On the Springlock Suits, the location of Fredbear and the animatronics at FNaF2’s location
5th January 2016 - Kizzycocoa
(With Peridot)
- On Fredbear, Golden Freddy and the Marionette