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On Fredbear, Golden Freddy and the Marionette

[13:27:57] Kizzycocoa – So, lets just get base thoughts. What do you think? Is Fredbear Golden Freddy?
[13:28:25] Kizzycocoa – I think there may be some warranted evidence to suggest the two are seperated, somewhat
[13:28:53] Kizzycocoa – But I’m not entirely sure
[13:34:20] Peridot – hmm
[13:34:44] Peridot – well, im torn there, honestly Kizzy
[13:34:52] Peridot – Because while I think its a possibility, it would make sense that, if still in use, the golden animatronics would also be renamed when a new company took over
[13:35:01] Peridot – why retain fredbear if youre freddy fazbears pizzeria
[13:35:46] Kizzycocoa – The problem with that, is the FNaF4 game. in FNaF4, they keep the Fredbear name, yet the entire Fazbear crew can be seen all over the place
[13:35:55] Kizzycocoa – In toys, on TV, the masks and the like.
[13:36:25] Kizzycocoa – So, the “Fredbear” character must be preserved by Freddy Fazbear’s somewhat.
[13:36:27] Peridot – that’s what trips me
[13:36:32] Peridot – so its more probably that golden freddy is gfreddy
[13:36:46] Peridot – wow ok
[13:36:49] Peridot – Fredbear is gfreddy
[13:36:57] Peridot – yes golden freddy is golden freddy
[13:36:59] Peridot – who knew
[13:37:04] Peridot – fnaf solved
[13:37:16] Kizzycocoa – But, is Fredbear Golden Freddy?
[13:37:26] Kizzycocoa – Most point out the hat colours on this point
[13:37:32] Peridot – i would say that its most likely
[13:37:36] Peridot – in the back room in one of the minigames there is a golden suit slumped
[13:37:36] Kizzycocoa – Ok so
[13:37:42] Kizzycocoa – lets just, start from here
[13:37:49] Peridot – very similar to how golden freddy is slumped in 1-2
[13:37:50] Kizzycocoa – is Golden Freddy a springlock suit?
[13:37:51] Peridot – yes
[13:38:04] Kizzycocoa – I would also say yes.
[13:38:06] Kizzycocoa – Now
[13:38:13] Kizzycocoa – Hold on, what if
[13:38:24] Kizzycocoa – in the calls, there was reference to an incident at a sister location
[13:38:35] Kizzycocoa – which caused all springlock suits to be retired.
[13:39:03] Kizzycocoa – Is it possible that there are more than just the two springlock suits seen in FNaF4?
[13:39:28] Kizzycocoa – Actually, this would line up with the “HELP THEM” minigame
[13:39:53] Kizzycocoa – the marionette stuffs the kids into the suits, and the final kid is stuffed into the Golden Freddy suit
[13:39:55] Peridot – there has to be more of them, if theres a sister location, it’d make sense
[13:40:05] Kizzycocoa – that means all five of those suits have to be in the same location
[13:40:10] Kizzycocoa – right?
[13:40:28] Kizzycocoa – Perhaps, could that make a compelling case for two sets?
[13:40:54] Kizzycocoa – Though it’s curious to note, that’d mean there’s another Spring Bonnie suit floating around
[13:41:17] Kizzycocoa – Unless the police siezed the first suit
[13:41:31] Peridot – likely – that could have been the first springlock incident?
[13:41:43] Peridot – springtrap got his nam from the PG incident specifically, i’d say
[13:41:50] Peridot – since that event predates fnaf 3’s gameplay
[13:41:52] Kizzycocoa – THat’s another thing, what is the “springlock incident”?
[13:42:02] Peridot – my guess? employee got clamped in
[13:42:22] Kizzycocoa – I’d say so, potentially. that also links back to the shadow animatronics, freddy and bonnie
[13:42:24] Peridot – didn’t make it to the backroom so it couldn’t be quietly dealt with
[13:42:31] Kizzycocoa – It is worth noting, the canon of the book
[13:42:35] Kizzycocoa – now, it’s not completely canon
[13:43:04] Kizzycocoa – but in it, the supposed purple guy does mention that the suits can malfunction, but he does so in a way that shows he is reminiscing.
[13:43:42] Kizzycocoa – So, there is a potential chance that, if we follow the pseudo-canon, this could be the case here. It could reinforce this case of springlock failure
[13:44:01] Kizzycocoa – rather than the incident being the crying child’s death
[13:44:17] Kizzycocoa – Speaking of, lets talk Fredbear quickly.
[13:44:23] Peridot – Correct me if I’m wrong but there were multiple failures, right?
[13:44:25] Kizzycocoa – the Fredbear that bit the crying child
[13:44:30] Kizzycocoa – was that a springlock suit?
[13:44:33] Kizzycocoa – Yes, there were
[13:44:37] Peridot – crying kid could be one incident
[13:44:40] Peridot – and yes, springlock
[13:44:50] Peridot – the tears and wriggling caused the locks to clamp shut
[13:45:02] Kizzycocoa – Hmm, true
[13:45:03] Peridot – and if its enough force to crush PG, but not instantly kill him
[13:45:12] Peridot – its not unlikely that a kid survives a short time after a “bite”
[13:45:13] Kizzycocoa – My problem there relates to the FNaF3 phone calls.
[13:45:30] Kizzycocoa – remember, he said they had 2 suits
[13:45:38] Kizzycocoa – unless, that was the sister location?
[13:45:51] Kizzycocoa – Hmm, so
[13:46:11] Kizzycocoa – See this is another thing, a tangent. Where in the world is Phone Guy?
[13:46:29] Kizzycocoa – Phone guy is in a place where there are two suits
[13:46:48] Kizzycocoa – So, if the Fredbear location has more than two, he has to be in the sister location, Freddy Fazbears
[13:46:59] Peridot – why would he have involvement with the suits is another question if he’s “just” a guard
[13:47:11] Peridot – ^ yep
[13:47:30] Peridot – i wil say im glad fnaf 3 shut down purple guy = phone guy
[13:47:42] Peridot – that would have screwed up so much stuff for the lore
[13:48:00] Kizzycocoa – So am I. Though some insist Phone Guy somehow survived and tore apart the animatronics after
[13:48:08] Kizzycocoa – Which seems non-sensical
[13:48:30] Kizzycocoa – He is clearly in the office, with animatronics closing in on his small office
[13:48:32] Kizzycocoa – guy’s dead.
[13:48:35] Peridot – you see what happens when you get caught honestly – you clearly die and if you did somehow stay breathing you’d never see again
[13:48:58] Kizzycocoa – Precisely.
[13:49:06] Kizzycocoa – Still, getting a bit off-track. so
[13:49:17] Kizzycocoa – Lets go back to your comment, multiple springlock failures
[13:49:31] Kizzycocoa – Is this multiple failures in the same suit, or in two suits at the same time?
[13:50:42] Kizzycocoa – Actually, on the Fredbear note
[13:50:55] Kizzycocoa – I don’t think he could have caused it to malfunction
[13:51:04] Kizzycocoa – I think the suit just did as it was programmed, and bit
[13:51:07] Kizzycocoa – hear me our a sec
[13:51:08] Peridot – nodnod
[13:51:18] Kizzycocoa – springlocks are used to suppress animatronic parts
[13:51:37] Kizzycocoa – so, a springlock suit can only fail, if in suit mode.
[13:51:45] Kizzycocoa – but, Fredbear on stage was in full animatronic mode
[13:51:59] Kizzycocoa – Could he even have a springlock failure?
[13:53:37] Peridot – huh, that’s true
[13:53:40] Peridot – but even then it is a possibility – the mouth may still have clamped shut
[13:53:44] Peridot – it could be a mixture of the two?
[13:54:19] Kizzycocoa – Well, perhaps that’s just a normal animatronic fault?
[13:54:24] Peridot – fredbear closed his mouth, as programmed, and that constant downwards pressure mixed with the child struggling + crying and wetting the spring locks could have caused the bite
[13:54:25] Kizzycocoa – I mean, he was “biting” beforehand
[13:54:41] Kizzycocoa – Exactly
[13:55:02] Kizzycocoa – But, I don’t think it can be a Springlock failure
[13:55:18] Kizzycocoa – not specifically that, let alone “multiple and simultanious”
[13:55:23] Peridot – The force of the “bite” wouldn’t be enough to crush a skull
[13:55:32] Peridot – if it was just the open close mouth motions
[13:55:57] Kizzycocoa – This was a child, skulls are much more fragile then.
[13:56:03] Kizzycocoa – Though, I don’t know the force of animatronics
[13:56:26] Kizzycocoa – If an animatronic bite could crush a skull
[13:56:35] Kizzycocoa – That said, lets not forget the bite of 87
[13:56:53] Kizzycocoa – Be it the kid’s bite or not, right now, that’s not the topic.
[13:57:14] Kizzycocoa – but there is precident for animatronics to not only break skulls, but to bite through chunks of brains
[13:57:35] Peridot – no doubtthe power is there
[13:57:38] Peridot – but why put that much force into a regular mouth open/close?
[13:57:43] Peridot – unless it wasn’t really the force, and more the constant pressure
[13:57:51] Peridot – in which case, fucking brutal, Scott
[13:57:56] Kizzycocoa – It did take some time
[13:58:15] Kizzycocoa – Sort of like, blocking the exhaust of a car
[13:58:16] Peridot – The constant downward pressure would probably make a childs skull cave in
[13:58:29] Kizzycocoa – Yeah.
[13:58:34] Peridot – especially on the sides (temples)
[13:58:37] Peridot – poor kid
[13:59:26] Kizzycocoa – Yeah. Still, with that out of the way, We can be sure that this isn’t really a springlock issue. It could be, but even then, the “multiple and simultanious” comment wouldn’t likely apply
[13:59:40] Kizzycocoa – so, this means an actual person died in the suits
[14:00:06] Peridot – the “bite” could be misread as a springlock failure
[14:00:14] Peridot – maybe a startled staff member that tried to rush over in the suit died
[14:00:32] Kizzycocoa – Possibly.
[14:00:45] Peridot – there only seemed to be that one staff in the other fredbear suit on the workfloor
[14:00:59] Kizzycocoa – Also the one in the spring bonnie suit, in the back
[14:01:21] Kizzycocoa – Incidentally, with Purple Guy
[14:01:22] Peridot – yes
[14:01:35] Kizzycocoa – So, lets go back to Phone Guy
[14:01:46] Kizzycocoa – Phone guy says he’s in a location with 2 suits
[14:01:58] Kizzycocoa – Likely, the FnaF1 location, being used before FnaF2
[14:02:12] Kizzycocoa – Now, they had multiple issues, at a sister location
[14:02:30] Kizzycocoa – that means the Springlock incident occured at Fredbears
[14:03:10] Kizzycocoa – Though, I’ve made an assumption there that’s pretty big, let me rewind
[14:03:29] Kizzycocoa – I keep forgetting to go in stages here. We want to make this discussion as thorough as possible
[14:03:43] Kizzycocoa – so, Fredbears is open at a time that Freddy Fazbear exists
[14:04:05] Kizzycocoa – There is also Mangle present, who was designed to replace Foxy
[14:04:23] Kizzycocoa – This implies the restaurant is actually already open by now. Also to note, the rumours speak of dead children
[14:05:36] Kizzycocoa – So this implies the first set of murders have happened already.
[14:05:39] Peridot – Would that explain why the place was so small, then?
[14:05:44] Peridot – A way smaller budget
[14:05:52] Kizzycocoa – Well, I want to head to the book quick
[14:05:53] Peridot – ok
[14:06:08] Kizzycocoa – the book does visit Fredbears, and describes it as a converted bar/ballroom
[14:06:21] Kizzycocoa – one long room, with a side room, and behind the stage, a costume room
[14:06:33] Kizzycocoa – now, we can assume the costume room isn’t canon.
[14:06:45] Kizzycocoa – much like the control rooms behind the stages
[14:07:09] Kizzycocoa – But it is interesting to note, that this matches the Fredbear location. one big long room, with a side-room
[14:07:14] Peridot – is its a possibility that it’s canon at all?
[14:07:17] Peridot – a backroom
[14:07:28] Kizzycocoa – The side-room, where Purple Guy is seen, is canon
[14:07:36] Kizzycocoa – but it also overlays nicely on the book
[14:07:38] Peridot – if something goes wrong on stage you want off, fast
[14:07:48] Peridot – yeah, the sideroom is canon, i mean the costume room behind the stage
[14:07:52] Peridot – its a possible back room
[14:07:55] Kizzycocoa – It is possible, but not seen
[14:08:06] Kizzycocoa – For the purposes of the game, however, it isn’t too important
[14:08:19] Peridot – a converted bar/ballroom
[14:08:33] Kizzycocoa – I believe that to be canon, even in-game
[14:08:55] Kizzycocoa – It’s such a non-detail, I think we can assume it’s canon
[14:09:45] Kizzycocoa – So, in the book, Fredbears is the first location. Also in the game, Fredbear’s is the first business, when Phone Guy says he’s hunting for the first users.
[14:10:19] Kizzycocoa – So, I think it’s safe to say, this location is the first
[14:10:36] Kizzycocoa – Can we agree there?
[14:14:12] Peridot – yes
[14:14:38] Kizzycocoa – It just seems the most logical conclusion there
[14:15:13] Kizzycocoa – So, we can assume Fredbear’s was bought out at some point in it’s life, but left open
[14:15:41] Kizzycocoa – Now, I’d like you to give me a moment, I want to just check the TV show in FNaF3
[14:16:09] Peridot – nodnod
[14:16:27] Kizzycocoa – Apologies, FNaF4
[14:16:52] Kizzycocoa – Ok, so yes, Fredbear and Friends is on the TV, so at that point, Fredbear’s is owned by Freddy Fazbear’s
[14:17:13] Kizzycocoa – So by then, Fredbear’s is no more, and is owned by Fazbear Entertainment.
[14:18:20] Kizzycocoa – We know that multiple springlock suits exist at multiple locations, and we can make an educated guess that the Springlock incident occured at the Fredbear location.
[14:18:34] Kizzycocoa – Hmm
[14:18:44] Kizzycocoa – Thing is, the big problem I have, is later on. the suits seem to still be used.
[14:19:09] Kizzycocoa – We’ve talked about the paradox that is FNaF2, but in the drawings, both Golden Freddy/Bonnie seem to be in use
[14:19:14] Peridot – Maybe they’re only used/supposed to be used in animatronic mode.
[14:19:25] Peridot – its the endoskeletons that dictate what happens, after all
[14:19:40] Peridot – so just shoving the yellow suits over an updated endoskeleton, with better programming, would make them usable
[14:20:05] Peridot – (seeing how capable the endoskeletns in fnaf 2 are, walking about and “talking” wouldn’t be a problem)
[14:20:18] Kizzycocoa – Ok so, Phone Guy also says the suits will be retired to an appropriate location
[14:20:41] Kizzycocoa – So, this is to be assumed to be the safe room
[14:21:08] Kizzycocoa – Just, trying to wrap my head around this
[14:21:21] Kizzycocoa – My main worries is still, when the incident occured.
[14:21:38] Kizzycocoa – I’m wondering if the suits on stage are actually animatronics.
[14:22:03] Kizzycocoa – See, we get to FNaF2, and he says they have a “spare” “yellow” suit in the back
[14:22:36] Kizzycocoa – Spare assumes that there is a “main” animatronic on-stage
[14:23:06] Kizzycocoa – So, I get into the mind of, what is a suit, what is an animatronic
[14:23:33] Kizzycocoa – if Phone Guy is at FnaF1’s location, that means the incident HAS to occur at the Fredbear location
[14:23:43] Kizzycocoa – but that means, when FnaF2 comes around, they aren’t used
[14:23:59] Kizzycocoa – so why are there drawings in the FNaF2 restaurant of the springlock suits?
[14:24:39] Kizzycocoa – Not just one, mind. Both of them
[14:24:57] Peridot – well
[14:25:23] Peridot – i doubt the murders were conducted on impulse
[14:25:24] Peridot – maybe phne guy tried a few times
[14:25:26] Peridot – leaning round the door and calling for the kids in the yellow suts
[14:25:28] Peridot – it woudnt work first/every time?
[14:25:52] Peridot – maybe that’s a hint that the suits are there even if not present in gameplay other than surprise its golden freddy
[14:30:14] Kizzycocoa – Well, for one, I don’t think Phone Guy did the murders, due to his death. I know that’s not what you meant, but just to clarify for when I paste this in
[14:30:23] Peridot – *purple guy
[14:30:25] Kizzycocoa – I was just checking, and it seems I misspoke
[14:30:34] Peridot – look they both start with p and end with guy im getting confused pff
[14:30:40] Kizzycocoa – I can only see Golden Freddy
[14:30:57] Peridot – hmm…
[14:31:00] Peridot – well, one kid saw golden freddy slumped over
[14:31:02] Peridot – empty
[14:31:15] Kizzycocoa – Hmm?
[14:31:26] Peridot – one of the pictures golden freddy is slumped over
[14:32:52] Kizzycocoa – Not in FNaF2, as far as I can see
[14:32:57] Kizzycocoa – they’re all stood up
[14:33:12] Peridot – may be my memory failing me let me rewatch the trailer and gt a nice coffee with 20 sugars
[14:33:19] Kizzycocoa – Ah, yes
[14:33:36] Peridot – (if you think im kidding about the sugars you are wrong ive already had one today, help me)
[14:33:37] Kizzycocoa – you checked the trailer, but I didn’t. There may be more there. I’ll check too
[14:35:22] Kizzycocoa – no, he’s stood up.
[14:35:23] Peridot – yep, you were right, stood up, i got mixed up with the first freddy one in the trailer (really weird proportions)
[14:35:24] Kizzycocoa – Pff
[14:35:32] Peridot – so, stood up
[14:35:35] Peridot – but looks absolutely
[14:35:38] Peridot – well
[14:35:41] Peridot – miserable
[14:35:44] Peridot – the kids don’t look happy either
[14:35:56] Kizzycocoa – It is notable, one of the freddys do look like the freddy seen in the “SAVE HIM” Minigame
[14:36:06] Kizzycocoa – the one about the Puppet kid being killed
[14:37:02] Peridot – i think something that would be good would be if, after every x amount of time during discussion, we go through the game files (link plz) and find screenshot evidence of main points?
[14:37:30] Kizzycocoa – yes, I am just finding it. For the site, I’ll merely reference what we’re seeing
[14:37:34] Kizzycocoa – so, here is the picture
[14:37:46] Peridot – i can go through LPs and grab screenshots of stuff as well, since the rooms and characters will no doubt be separate in files
[14:37:48] Kizzycocoa – it is the main office, to the right. the corner-most picture
[14:38:03] Kizzycocoa – Do you see that freddy?
[14:38:04] Peridot – yep!, microphone in the right hand, walk pose
[14:38:07] Kizzycocoa – the Orange one?
[14:38:19] Kizzycocoa – yes, it seems a bit too convinient
[14:38:34] Peridot – pictures foreshadowing?
[14:38:49] Kizzycocoa – In any case of it’s interpritation, it seems to be a link
[14:38:52] Peridot – i mean they have the golden freddy there they must be
[14:39:01] Peridot – hmm..
[14:40:01] Kizzycocoa – Still, that’s the link I want to try to get down
[14:40:14] Kizzycocoa – What freddy is in that game, and how can we prove it
[14:40:36] Peridot – lets start with gens and possibilities
[14:40:44] Peridot – well, versions.
[14:40:46] Kizzycocoa – Now, for me, I want to say, Fredbear. but that’s not possible, due to the hats.
[14:40:54] Peridot – Fnaf 1 versions?
[14:40:56] Kizzycocoa – I want to say this due to the car evidence
[14:40:58] Kizzycocoa – see
[14:41:04] Kizzycocoa – Purple Guy pulls up in a car
[14:41:07] Kizzycocoa – kills the kid
[14:41:11] Kizzycocoa – and drives off.
[14:41:20] Kizzycocoa – now, Scott hasn’t just added any old easter eggs
[14:41:27] Kizzycocoa – FNaF4 is intentional
[14:41:36] Kizzycocoa – and outside of Fredbears, there are 2 cars
[14:43:09] Peridot – Fredbears is the same restaurant as the fnaf 2 minigames for sure
[14:43:24] Kizzycocoa – But, there is the hat
[14:43:27] Kizzycocoa – that is my issue
[14:43:36] Kizzycocoa – Scott is very careful about colours, too
[14:43:54] Peridot – maybe the sister location?
[14:44:00] Peridot – its got to be a fredbears restaurant
[14:44:11] Kizzycocoa – Well
[14:44:23] Kizzycocoa – I mean lets also not forget, this may not be Fredbear in-game
[14:44:38] Kizzycocoa – by sheer virtue of Mangle, we know that Fredbears is already taken over
[14:45:04] Kizzycocoa – For all we know, this fredbear could be a replacement, or an updated model
[14:45:08] Peridot – I can only think that the murders happened in that building, but maybe when fredbear was a thing still
[14:45:16] Peridot – the car and the small building
[14:45:20] Peridot – its too much of a coincidence
[14:45:39] Kizzycocoa – It is, and people will bring up “oh, but there’s no safe room”
[14:45:57] Kizzycocoa – at this point though, I’d like to remind us all that, animatronics cannot see the safe room
[14:46:05] Kizzycocoa – that side room is invisible in the minigame
[14:46:25] Kizzycocoa – The location also seems very small
[14:46:36] Peridot – chances are, maybe that’s the only noticeable saferoom anyway
[14:46:45] Peridot – “noticeable” saferoom
[14:46:57] Peridot – i doubt they’d want all of them easy to spot to customers
[14:47:14] Kizzycocoa – Actually
[14:47:28] Kizzycocoa – the fredbear we see in FNaF4 isn’t actually all that yellow
[14:47:57] Kizzycocoa – Here is Fredbear from the files
[14:48:18] Kizzycocoa – Here is Chica from the files. note the severe colour differences
[14:48:21] Peridot – hmm
[14:48:25] Peridot – more of a goldy orange
[14:49:15] Kizzycocoa – in FNaF4, you can clearly see that Fredbear is not yellow
[14:49:31] Kizzycocoa – contrast Fredbear to Chica, and you can see he is actually very orange
[14:49:43] Peridot – its also evident in the fnafworld teaser, the difference of “fredbear” and chica (I knw the game is non-canon, but the modelsare stll useful)
[14:51:30] Kizzycocoa – we can see he is orange, though the hat is still an issue
[14:52:34] Kizzycocoa – there is the chance that Fredbear started with the black hat
[14:53:04] Peridot – i can only spot him with purple hat/bowtie
[14:53:23] Peridot – actually
[14:53:25] Peridot – do me a favor
[14:53:31] Peridot – do you have the first game’s golden freddy
[14:53:31] Kizzycocoa – Remember, this is after they are bought out by Fazbear Entertainment
[14:53:44] Kizzycocoa – I am looking for him now
[14:55:02] Peridot – bear with me just one moment
[14:55:30] Kizzycocoa – Will do
[14:55:58] Peridot – the highlights of his tie/hat are purple
[14:58:33] Kizzycocoa – This is a lot to try to take in, may I suggest a short breather?
[14:58:37] Peridot – sounds good
[14:58:53] Kizzycocoa – ok, so let’s take a small break then

[19:20:47] Kizzycocoa – ok so, back to the discussion
[19:21:02] Kizzycocoa – you pointed out purple highlights on Golden Freddy’s tie
[19:21:30] Kizzycocoa – it sorta threw me, but after some time, I’ve sorted myself out there
[19:22:18] Kizzycocoa – for me, I’m unsure if Golden Freddy is Fredbear, but I do know, a Golden Freddy exists that has a black hat, as shown in the FNaF2 drawings.
[19:22:52] Kizzycocoa – but, I’d like to try to draw this back towards the “HELP HIM” minigame
[19:23:03] Kizzycocoa – now, we see the car, but I would like to focus on the building
[19:23:10] Kizzycocoa – many say it’s just, cut off.
[19:23:17] Kizzycocoa – there’s more of the building elsewhere
[19:23:28] Kizzycocoa – now, I want to take a moment, just to see something. if you’d allow me some time
[19:25:54] Kizzycocoa – it is, partially, what I expected
[19:26:08] Kizzycocoa – I’d like to note all of the minigames to date that are not “metaphorical”
[19:26:25] Kizzycocoa – the metaphoricals being the FNaF3 sequences to reach/save the kids.
[19:31:19] Kizzycocoa – so, yeah. I’d like to pull attention, in particular, to FNaF2’s “SAVE THEM” minigame, FNaF3’s night minigames, and FNaF4’s daily minigames
[19:37:37] Peridot – ok, yes its a possibility that there is more to the building – now do you think its a large building or a smaller one/do you think its the fnaf 4 restaurant?
[19:38:49] Kizzycocoa – no, hold on
[19:39:03] Kizzycocoa – lets take a look at all of these buildings. tell me what they have in common
[19:42:08] Kizzycocoa – so, tell me, what’s the thing that ties these together?
[19:42:27] Peridot – the general theme of “fuck foxy”
[19:42:28] Peridot – jk
[19:42:46] Kizzycocoa – not quite, no
[19:42:53] Kizzycocoa – look to the borders
[19:43:04] Kizzycocoa – they’re right up, against the screen
[19:43:29] Kizzycocoa – Scott knows how to show that there is more of a building than meets the eye
[19:43:33] Peridot – That’s very true
[19:43:40] Kizzycocoa – and in these, he shows that.
[19:43:48] Kizzycocoa – there is no empty border
[19:43:56] Peridot – So that means the restaurant was at least a few rooms bigger –
[19:43:58] Peridot – OF COURSE IT IS
[19:44:07] Peridot – where would the fazbear n friends be otherwise?
[19:44:11] Peridot – a separate party room!
[19:44:21] Kizzycocoa – no
[19:44:23] Kizzycocoa – no no no
[19:44:24] Peridot – no?
[19:44:28] Peridot – I was on a roll there yo had a theory and everything
[19:44:28] Kizzycocoa – that’s not the point I’m driving at all
[19:44:57] Kizzycocoa – I’m making the point that the first location is a single room location on purpose.
[19:45:07] Kizzycocoa – now, in the file I sent under calls, I’ve got an image of all of the FNaF2 minigames.
[19:45:32] Kizzycocoa – you can see the three minigames that aren’t connected to other rooms
[19:45:48] Kizzycocoa – give gifts, go! go! go! and the fredbear minigame
[19:46:24] Kizzycocoa – now, if I make the case that the fredbear location is set outside, people would claim I believe the same for the others
[19:46:42] Kizzycocoa – except, there is good reasoning, aside from “game” that no other areas are shown
[19:46:52] Kizzycocoa – there are instructions in each of those minigames
[19:47:10] Kizzycocoa – they’re “stylised” to look isolated to make room for the minigame HUD elements
[19:48:14] Kizzycocoa – but with the Fredbear minigame, that top part is clearly outside. A car drives by it.
[19:49:13] Kizzycocoa – they could have changed the room to be like the explore sequences, particularly at the bottom to show there was more of a room
[19:50:03] Kizzycocoa – but, it’s kept isolated, even with a door right there.
[19:51:06] Peridot – its very POV in natrure, too
[19:51:06] Kizzycocoa – I’m starting to slow down a bit, but it’s my belief that Scott does show the limits of buildings, with the potential that more of the building exists beyond the borders, when they’re solid, or when it’s a minigame
[19:51:21] Kizzycocoa – yeah
[19:51:42] Peridot – you don’t know anything the character doesn’t know
[19:51:57] Peridot – in that map , I mean
[19:52:14] Kizzycocoa – except, we do, to a point.
[19:52:25] Kizzycocoa – the safe room, which animatronics are programmed to not see.
[19:52:35] Kizzycocoa – it should be to the left, but it is not.
[19:52:49] Peridot – I’m meaning based on the map – as in, you cant see the next room
[19:52:58] Peridot – until you walk into it
[19:53:08] Kizzycocoa – yes, but you can see a clear path
[19:53:20] Peridot – yep
[19:53:23] Peridot – I think scott’s doing it to hide the lyour
[19:53:24] Peridot – *layout
[19:54:10] Kizzycocoa – I’m not so sure, people can find it out just by walking through it.
[19:54:34] Kizzycocoa – but my point is, unless it is a minigame, he knows about walls and doorways. They’re all up to the border.
[19:54:56] Kizzycocoa – but with the take cake game, he uses the outside space for real content.
[19:55:24] Kizzycocoa – so my point is, the outside space is “real”, rather than a minigame fodder.
[19:55:26] Kizzycocoa – it’s a feature
[19:56:43] Kizzycocoa – I’ve sorta meandered that a little, but it’s a bit of a case for the layout. Scott could have moved the borders all the way to the sides or bottom. even the car goes to the border. but the walls do not.
[19:57:27] Kizzycocoa – Hmm
[19:58:25] Kizzycocoa – of course, the question of all this, is where the Puppet is even located.
[19:58:51] Kizzycocoa – ..I might just have to U-turn on my theory.
[20:00:55] Peridot – tell me while I tidy
[20:01:15] Kizzycocoa – I see
[20:01:26] Kizzycocoa – so, where is the Puppet at the time of FnaF4?
[20:01:35] Kizzycocoa – the answer, is Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza.
[20:01:40] Kizzycocoa – 2 or 1, we aren’t too sure.
[20:02:09] Kizzycocoa – but we then consider, how could be die at Fredbear’s, and then get moved to FFP?
[20:02:26] Kizzycocoa – ofc, we have no idea how the Puppet came to be
[20:02:35] Kizzycocoa – his origin is the most mysterious of them all
[20:03:25] Kizzycocoa – but, he had to have been killed at a Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza
[20:03:28] Kizzycocoa – thoughts?
[20:04:31] Peridot – Yeah, his creation was round about when freddy fazbears pizza was created – I mean, it fits the theme, and th prize corner, the general aesthetic of him etc
[20:06:36] Kizzycocoa – but then, we have a problem
[20:06:44] Kizzycocoa – Where does Fredbear’s come into play
[20:06:50] Kizzycocoa – and what is this minigame
[20:07:24] Peridot – would it help to try determine a rough time frame when fredbears changed?
[20:08:02] Kizzycocoa – not yet
[20:08:10] Peridot – one second
[20:08:14] Kizzycocoa – I’m just trying to check this timeline right now
[20:08:17] Peridot – gimme a sec
[20:08:31] Kizzycocoa – kk
[20:09:00] Peridot – the fnaf 4 game cant be in FFD
[20:09:20] Peridot – it looks nothing like an 80s diner at all, it definitely looks like an FFP setup
[20:09:53] Kizzycocoa – we’ve established, by that point in the timeline, FFP had bought Fredbear’s
[20:09:55] Peridot – hear me out
[20:11:23] Peridot – could it be the same building as the diner, maybe? the book described this location as a “bar and balloom” convert, yes?
[20:11:29] Peridot – traditionally, in a diner, you have “bar” lke table, the opposite a kitchen, which is possibly what the backroom we see purple guy in may have been, or maybe the room was straight up blcked up
[20:11:38] Peridot – and in diners with live entertainment (very similar to the minigame), they’re at one end of the diner
[20:11:44] Peridot – some very big fancy ones had it in the middle
[20:11:52] Peridot – but generally, at one end of the diner
[20:12:10] Peridot – this’d be a “square” one-room diner
[20:13:02] Kizzycocoa – I’m not sure what your point right now is? I mean, it might not be a diner at this point, but by this point, they were bought out.
[20:13:15] Peridot – then you can get longer ones that have a “corridor” into the bar area is
[20:13:22] Peridot – im asking if its the same building?
[20:13:36] Peridot – that way, your theory of “there is more to the building” is correct, because diners have back rooms
[20:13:40] Peridot – more than just kitchens
[20:13:52] Peridot – theres large rooms for storage and swankier ones would have changing rooms fr live acts
[20:13:56] Kizzycocoa – right now, I’m abandoning that theory.
[20:13:58] Kizzycocoa – Just for now
[20:14:00] Peridot – ok
[20:14:09] Peridot – ok
[20:14:09] Kizzycocoa – Because a more compelling theory is at play here
[20:14:19] Kizzycocoa – the puppet
[20:14:30] Kizzycocoa – if the puppet dies in Fredbear’s, how does he get to FFP?
[20:14:37] Peridot – sold?
[20:15:09] Kizzycocoa – except Fredbear’s is still open. At least, the location is
[20:15:40] Kizzycocoa – so that’d mean they looked that that location, and thought “oh, this creepy puppet? we’ll steal it from this 2-animatronic building for our 4-animatronic building.
[20:15:54] Kizzycocoa – rather than all animatronics in one building
[20:16:10] Kizzycocoa – but that aside, the puppet would most likely have died at the FNaF1 location
[20:16:17] Kizzycocoa – afk quick
[20:16:52] Peridot – ok
[20:17:33] Peridot – Something I may be chasing in vain here regarding give gifts give life: what color are the heads that Puppet puts on the dead kids?
[20:17:41] Peridot – are they toy or game 1?
[20:43:17] Kizzycocoa – FnaF1, for certain
[20:43:32] Kizzycocoa – I gotta afk for a bit more
[20:48:28] Peridot – alls good
[21:29:50] Kizzycocoa – back
[21:29:59] Kizzycocoa – also, while eating, did a cool thing to the site
[21:30:04] Kizzycocoa – highlight the options
[21:30:35] Peridot – yo
[21:30:40] Peridot – can you link me
[21:30:47] Kizzycocoa –
[21:30:49] Kizzycocoa – you will love it
[21:34:54] Peridot – OMG
[21:35:01] Kizzycocoa – :u
[21:35:05] Kizzycocoa – I am a HTML wiz
[21:35:08] Peridot – bonnie is fave
[21:35:23] Kizzycocoa – pff, and hopefully soon, he’ll actually have some content, too
[21:38:04] Peridot – is it bad im still playing with this
[21:38:17] Kizzycocoa – nope. :u
[21:38:27] Peridot – they are definitely appreciated
[21:38:34] Peridot – im having so much fun with this somehow
[21:38:57] Kizzycocoa – I know, CSS3 is so cool
[21:39:06] Kizzycocoa – it can do all kinds of cool slidy stuff
[21:39:13] Kizzycocoa – also it’s about to get even better, soon
[21:39:30] Peridot – it is?
[21:39:55] Peridot – niceeee
[21:43:47] Kizzycocoa – have you ever played Minecraft?
[21:43:57] Peridot – a lil
[21:44:05] Kizzycocoa – you know the start screen?
[21:44:08] Peridot – yes
[21:44:23] Kizzycocoa – that small text that sorta bobs forward and backward
[21:44:29] Kizzycocoa – it’s always different?
[21:45:02] Kizzycocoa – you know that?
[21:45:16] Peridot – yes
[21:46:00] Peridot – PERFECT
[21:46:10] Peridot – please don’t sue us scott
[21:46:10] Kizzycocoa – :u
[21:46:30] Kizzycocoa – I could make like
[21:46:35] Kizzycocoa – 10 different versions of these too
[21:46:50] Kizzycocoa – “dissing the dream theory since ’87!”
[21:46:56] Peridot – YES
[21:46:56] Peridot – THAT ONE
[21:47:06] Kizzycocoa – “Mopping up Matpat’s sweet, sweet tears”
[21:47:27] Kizzycocoa – “Ask Reddit about how wrong we are!”
[21:47:28] Peridot – “Totally not distracted by Chica’s hips”
[21:47:53] Peridot – “Mangle didn’t deserve this”
[21:48:27] Kizzycocoa – “Man, dis some niiiiice pizza”
[21:48:32] Kizzycocoa – idk
[21:48:36] Kizzycocoa – we need to think up yokes
[21:48:47] Kizzycocoa – ok so, we’re still technically discussing FnaF
[21:48:55] Kizzycocoa – I am fully happy with keeping all of that, why not
[21:48:57] Peridot – well, minecrafts secret was minceraft
[21:49:06] Peridot – what about Five nights at feddys
[21:49:13] Kizzycocoa – the puppet
[21:49:14] Kizzycocoa – :u
[21:49:23] Kizzycocoa – I gotta copy this wholesale
[21:49:29] Peridot – yes
[21:49:55] Kizzycocoa – and frankly, I’ll happily admit it to the readers, I am equal parts going to keep this in purely for laziness, and also because we gotta remember those puns.
[21:50:15] Kizzycocoa – 50/50 for both
[21:50:25] Kizzycocoa – ok so, we need to go back
[21:50:44] Kizzycocoa – while doing that awesome head CSS, I think I realised that we were wrong from the start, for sure
[21:51:01] Kizzycocoa – FFP is home to the Puppet’s demise
[21:51:10] Kizzycocoa – purely through that head
[21:51:13] Kizzycocoa – it’s the same colour
[21:51:21] Kizzycocoa – so, at some point, FFP started with just Freddy.
[21:52:10] Peridot – that’d explain the name
[21:52:22] Kizzycocoa – yeah
[21:52:25] Kizzycocoa – now the big question
[21:52:28] Kizzycocoa – which came first
[21:52:32] Peridot – the animatronic or the egg
[21:52:36] Kizzycocoa – Fredbears, or Freddy Fazbears
[21:52:54] Peridot – crazy, crazy thought
[21:52:54] Kizzycocoa – bitch plz, animatronics. who else could lay the eggs.
[21:53:03] Peridot – that’s probably wrong in every sense of the word
[21:53:03] Kizzycocoa – without chica’s hips, those eggs’ll be cold
[21:53:07] Peridot – but
[21:53:20] Peridot – what if fredbears is the sister location to FFP
[21:53:39] Kizzycocoa – the thing that throws me, is “previous owners”
[21:53:56] Kizzycocoa – also, the pseudo-canon is that the locations are about an hour or so apart
[21:54:03] Kizzycocoa – so, copyright issues
[21:54:13] Peridot – true
[21:54:19] Peridot – it would have been interesting
[21:54:44] Kizzycocoa – I mean, Fredbears, Freddy Fazbears etc
[21:55:41] Peridot – if the company owned both, then there wouldn’t be copyright issues
[21:55:46] Peridot – previous owners could be fedbears family diner
[21:55:49] Peridot – FFP could be owned by the same company
[21:55:51] Peridot – FFE could have bought FFD
[21:55:56] Peridot – kept it and opened up FFP
[21:56:41] Kizzycocoa – but who came first?
[21:56:44] Kizzycocoa – one had to come first
[21:56:54] Peridot – my best guess, fredbears family diner
[21:56:54] Kizzycocoa – and I fear, Fredbear’s did
[21:57:05] Kizzycocoa – but then, the Purple Guy
[21:57:12] Kizzycocoa – why did he kill that child?
[21:57:16] Peridot – hes an asshole
[21:57:26] Kizzycocoa – outside of a Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, no less!
[21:57:31] Kizzycocoa – the rival company
[21:57:39] Kizzycocoa – but before any grievences at all
[21:57:45] Kizzycocoa – no dead kids at Fredbear’s
[21:58:53] Peridot – dead kid free fredbears
[21:59:17] Kizzycocoa – ?
[21:59:34] Peridot – ok,here
[21:59:41] Peridot – what if FFP came first
[22:13:23] Kizzycocoa – then Fredbears came after, but sold to FFP for reasons unknown
[22:13:42] Kizzycocoa – with a murder at FFP, it seems it’d be the other way around
[22:23:57] Peridot – very true
[22:24:34] Peridot – the lore is kinda fucked atm
[22:28:23] Kizzycocoa – well
[22:28:34] Kizzycocoa – regardless, I think I’m going to abandon the Fredbear thing
[22:28:41] Kizzycocoa – it has to have been Freddy FGazbear’s
[22:28:45] Kizzycocoa – *Fazbear’s
[22:28:52] Kizzycocoa – the head is too similar
[22:28:58] Kizzycocoa – unless Fredbear is Freddy
[22:29:06] Kizzycocoa – not to mention, the location of the Puppet
[22:29:33] Peridot – hw plausible is fredbear is freddy?
[22:29:50] Kizzycocoa – not much
[22:30:30] Peridot – then discard it for now
[22:59:43] Kizzycocoa – Well, I think for now, we’ll stop there
[22:59:59] Kizzycocoa – I think we know where the Marionette started, and from that, where the rest of the animatronics came from
[23:00:19] Peridot – nodnod
[23:00:24] Peridot – we’re getting there!
[23:00:29] Kizzycocoa – the confusing thing, for me, is why is Fredbear so prominent?
[23:00:36] Kizzycocoa – “Freadbear and friends”
[23:00:41] Kizzycocoa – *Fredbear
[23:00:48] Kizzycocoa – I keep thinking, is Fredbear freddy?
[23:01:08] Peridot – its a possibility?
[23:01:13] Kizzycocoa – and vice versa?
[23:01:14] Peridot – I mean the name is similar
[23:01:15] Kizzycocoa – possibly
[23:01:20] Kizzycocoa – yeah
[23:01:29] Peridot – and there aren’t two bears in any of the games (on stage)
[23:01:40] Kizzycocoa – yeah, it’s strange
[23:01:41] Peridot – both have a tophat and bowtie etc
[23:01:48] Peridot – it kinda looks like someone just renamed and recolored their oc
[23:01:48] Kizzycocoa – I mean, that’s also Stage 01
[23:01:55] Kizzycocoa – so like, what does that mean?
[23:02:11] Peridot – could it be as simple as a redesign?
[23:02:18] Kizzycocoa – I’ll try to look elsewhere too, get some other theories, see if we missed something
[23:02:26] Kizzycocoa – possibly, but why? Why keep Fredbear?
[23:02:31] Peridot – ill start watching the games
[23:02:37] Peridot – solid basis already
[23:02:42] Peridot – they would also have kept the basis for bonnie
[23:02:46] Kizzycocoa – I’ll need to just, keep looking
[23:02:59] Kizzycocoa – Well, cutting it here!

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