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On the Springlock Suits, the location of Fredbear and the animatronics at FNaF2’s location

Upon seeing This theory on Golden Freddy, I wished to talk to the person behind the post, for a wider discussion on Fredbear and Golden Freddy. This is the conversation we both had. For more content from Adobe_Darkroom, please Visit their tumblr!

[19:05:51] Kizzycocoa – So then, my plan is to basically discuss the lore, see if we can’t get some solid facts from it, or even just speculation that could lead us down the right routes.
[19:05:57] Adobe_darkroom – Wow, nice work! I like the use of gifs, and it’s cool to see everything laid out like that. Makes it easier to visualize the rooms.
[19:06:03] Adobe_darkroom – Sounds good!
[19:06:04] Kizzycocoa – In particular, your Golden Freddy theory
[19:06:07] Kizzycocoa – Thanks a lot!
[19:06:42] Kizzycocoa – Ok, so, I’ll be linking your summary in the page I’ll be posting, but do you want to summarise your thoery?
[19:07:27] Adobe_darkroom – Sure, especially becuase I sort of have two different ways of going at it – the written theory is a bit older than my current one.
[19:08:00] Kizzycocoa – ah, I see! good. let’s hear the newest theory!
[19:08:20] Adobe_darkroom – So option one is this: There are two golden springlock suits. The first one has black accents – this is the one that we see in Stage 01 that was used in the first Diner.
[19:08:41] Adobe_darkroom – The second one is the one with purple accents that we see in FNAF 4.
[19:09:24] Adobe_darkroom – The basic idea is that the bitten child goes on to possess the purple-accented suit, while Phone Guy possesses the black-accented suit.
[19:10:13] Adobe_darkroom – Of course, the big problem is that one has to assume there was a retcon made during FNAF 2, as the suit there has black accents. This is why this version (which is the older one) isn’t the one that I prefer.
[19:10:53] Kizzycocoa – Indeed. NOt to mention, that would mean FNaF3 would also have a retcon, as per the suit shown there.
[19:11:14] Kizzycocoa – The Golden Greddy easter egg.
[19:11:17] Kizzycocoa – *Freddy
[19:11:32] Adobe_darkroom – The newer version is that the bitten child’s ghost takes the form of the black-accented suit, but does not actively poseeses it. Note how we never see the Puppet put the head on the last child, and that the suit is very non-corporeal (teleporting, appearing as a giant head).
[19:11:42] Adobe_darkroom – Golden Greddy is my favorite animatronic. :P
[19:12:07] Kizzycocoa – Same! Purple or black hat, I still hope Sanshee makes a plush of him.
[19:12:21] Kizzycocoa – It’s one of the subtitles I have rotating on the site right now.
[19:12:45] Kizzycocoa – ah, wait. nevermind. I see what you did there :P
[19:13:08] Adobe_darkroom – Meanwhile, Phone Guy is killed in the physical black-accented suit. Remember, the Puppet thinks he’s the murder, and the black-accented suit was used in Chase the Puppet to lure in and kill the kids. Therefore, they use the same suit the murder used to kill them, just like they did with Springtrap.
[19:13:48] Adobe_darkroom – i’m not sure I could handle a Golden Freddy plush’s black souless eyes staring at me at night.
[19:14:07] Kizzycocoa – I certainly could!
[19:14:34] Kizzycocoa – So, is that the full theory?
[19:14:52] Adobe_darkroom – We’re told in 1 that Fazbear Entertainment ditches the bodies of employees that die, so they’d go bury Phone Guy’s corpse-in-suit out back somewhere.
[19:14:57] Adobe_darkroom – almost, one more note.
[19:15:50] Adobe_darkroom – This makes the Golden Freddy we see in 1 Phone Guy’s ghost, just like the bitten child. This once again explains the non-corporeal nature.
[19:16:12] Adobe_darkroom – So basically, two ghosts both appearing as the black-accented suit.
[19:16:26] Kizzycocoa – I see. I can shakily agree there, but only shakily, as the FNaF2 suit is left unexplained.
[19:16:47] Kizzycocoa – That would be the issue I’d have.
[19:16:52] Adobe_darkroom – Which FNAf 2 suit? The one in the minigames, or the one that appears in your office?
[19:17:06] Kizzycocoa – The Golden Freddy in FnaF2
[19:17:19] Kizzycocoa – If Phone Guy is the suit, who is the suit in FNaF2?
[19:18:08] Adobe_darkroom – That’s the bitten child’s ghost. The corpse that leads up to the GF jumpscare in Give Gifts appears later than the other children because that child died in ’87 in a coma.
[19:18:27] Kizzycocoa – But the problem there, is the black accents.
[19:19:43] Adobe_darkroom – The child’s appearing as a gold bear because that’s the closest thing to the suit that killed him. The purple suit was probably discarded of entirely. Bad press and the like.
[19:20:01] Kizzycocoa – I see. A possibility.
[19:20:06] Kizzycocoa – Ok, so
[19:20:19] Kizzycocoa – I haven’t actually got to my first point yet, so I’ll get to this now!
[19:20:20] Adobe_darkroom – It’s worth noting that the bare endo wandering around has the same eye color as purple-accent Fredbear. Though the ears don’t match up.
[19:20:33] Kizzycocoa – Indeed, but let us not forget Shadow Freddy.
[19:20:49] Kizzycocoa – I was going to bring that up at a later date. FNaF2 is actually just, a mess.
[19:21:04] Adobe_darkroom – I’m gonna be honest, I’m not sure what to think of Shadow Freddy. There’s so little information on it.
[19:21:15] Kizzycocoa – Still, I’d like to go over some of the basics I hold, and would like your thoughts on it.
[19:21:23] Adobe_darkroom – Sure, go ahead.
[19:21:35] Kizzycocoa – Now, we all know the Dream Theory can go fuck itself.
[19:21:37] Kizzycocoa – all in agreement?
[19:22:15] Adobe_darkroom – I’m not 100% against it, but there’s a few plotholes that is creates that are hard to explain. Possibly on the right track, but I don’t think it’s quite the right solution, no.
[19:22:16] Kizzycocoa – Just, as a warm up to the next point
[19:22:26] Kizzycocoa – ah, I see
[19:22:34] Kizzycocoa – so, undecided on the dream theory, for now.
[19:22:55] Kizzycocoa – Well, there is another tenant I hold the game to, and that is, chronological sense.
[19:23:08] Kizzycocoa – Particularly, the minigames.
[19:23:28] Kizzycocoa – I personally hold that, all minigames and dream sequences take place in the past.
[19:23:49] Kizzycocoa – Mostly as, how would ghosts or what have you predict the future?
[19:23:55] Kizzycocoa – have any thoughts on this?
[19:24:09] Adobe_darkroom – I would agree, Minigames in the past, cutscenes (or cutscenes, considering FNAF 2 is the only one that has them) in the future.
[19:24:28] Adobe_darkroom – What instances of predicitng the future are you thinking of?
[19:24:28] Kizzycocoa – See, even with the cutscenes, I’d hold true to the past.
[19:24:54] Kizzycocoa – I’m very much in the camp that the location “left to rot” was the FNaF1 location
[19:25:34] Adobe_darkroom – You mean like, the same building but used at different times? That’s how I always took it.
[19:25:51] Kizzycocoa – Yes, that’s what I believe
[19:26:07] Kizzycocoa – I believe these “dream” sequences are from the past.
[19:26:11] Kizzycocoa – This doesn’t actually do much to damage your theory, though.
[19:26:27] Kizzycocoa – If anything, it kind of props it up a bit.
[19:26:50] Adobe_darkroom – The animatronic’s models in the sequence match those of the Classic models, not the Withereds though. Take particular note of Chica’s beak.
[19:26:50] Kizzycocoa – Such as, why would the puppet be discarded after Phone Guy’s death
[19:27:19] Kizzycocoa – Yes, that’s always bugged me.
[19:27:43] Kizzycocoa – but that gets even more frustrating with FnaF4, which I’d like to discuss at a later point
[19:27:51] Kizzycocoa – still, let’s go all the way back
[19:28:13] Kizzycocoa – I would like to look at where Fredbear actually takes place
[19:28:43] Kizzycocoa – In particular, the FnaF4 night 3/4 minigame where you can wander, and the FnaF2 give cake minigame
[19:28:58] Kizzycocoa – The problem I have, is the Puppet.
[19:29:16] Kizzycocoa – now, it is my belief that The Puppet died at the Freddy Fazbear location.
[19:29:36] Adobe_darkroom – Which one? We have 3 different Freddy’s.
[19:29:46] Kizzycocoa – “withered” freddy
[19:29:53] Kizzycocoa – before FNaF2, at the location left to rot
[19:30:02] Kizzycocoa – Or perhaps earlier
[19:30:14] Kizzycocoa – My main point of resemblance, is the Give Gifts minigame
[19:30:19] Kizzycocoa – the colours are a perfect match
[19:30:52] Kizzycocoa – Is this something you would agree with?
[19:31:43] Adobe_darkroom – You’re saying the Freddy in Take Cake is W. Freddy from Give Gifts? Yes, I agree.
[19:31:59] Adobe_darkroom – (I really hate the name “Withered”. What, are they plants?)
[19:32:05] Kizzycocoa – Yes, but then, there’s a problem. It’s a problem I’ve struggled with for a fair while
[19:32:13] Kizzycocoa – now, this kid becomes the Puppet.
[19:32:43] Kizzycocoa – a puppet that we know exists by the fredbear era, due to the rumours of missing kids, the Mangle etc.
[19:32:49] Kizzycocoa – not to mention the cream text
[19:33:10] Kizzycocoa – but this places Freddy Fazbear’s chain open at the same time, or before Fredbear’s.
[19:33:21] Kizzycocoa – My main thought is, which came first?
[19:33:29] Kizzycocoa – What compounds that thought, is the TV show
[19:33:35] Kizzycocoa – “Fredbear and friends”
[19:33:43] Kizzycocoa – not Freddy, but Fredbear. he is the star.
[19:33:51] Kizzycocoa – Have you got thoughts on this?
[19:33:57] Adobe_darkroom – You see, I always thought the Puppet died in the FNAF 4 locaiton, not in Freddy’s #1.
[19:34:20] Adobe_darkroom – Fredbear and Friends shows that the main four existed in this location. The Bullies also have masks of the four.
[19:34:45] Kizzycocoa – I did too, but the colour of the heads is too persuasive
[19:34:50] Kizzycocoa – I mean, the book is not canon
[19:35:01] Kizzycocoa – but in that book, the distance between the two locations is about an hour
[19:35:09] Kizzycocoa – or it might have been a half hour
[19:35:19] Kizzycocoa – and that was by car, so by foot/float?
[19:35:31] Kizzycocoa – how would the Puppet have got to one place or another?
[19:35:32] Adobe_darkroom – Freddy in Take Cake is serving in a party room. We only see the main stage in 4, which indicates the other four are distrubed in side rooms.
[19:36:04] Adobe_darkroom – Who says the company didn’t bring the Puppet over with the Withereds when they reopened as Freddy’s #1?
[19:36:30] Kizzycocoa – again, I refer to the book, that while I stress is not canon, does mention the place was a ball room, or a pub of some sort
[19:36:49] Kizzycocoa – One long room, and a side room, for the suits
[19:37:05] Kizzycocoa – this does match the minigame sequence strikingly well
[19:37:10] Kizzycocoa – a long room, with a side room
[19:37:16] Kizzycocoa – have you read the book, per chance?
[19:37:34] Adobe_darkroom – That was Fredbear’s #1. I think the locaiton in 4 was Fredbear’s #2, an expanded version of the original restaurant.
[19:37:39] Kizzycocoa – Just to know, if I should avoid spoilers!
[19:37:45] Adobe_darkroom – Yes, I’ve read it. Spoiler away.
[19:37:56] Kizzycocoa – ah, I see. I should possibly ass spoilers to the site, too
[19:38:09] Kizzycocoa – ok so, you think there were two Fredbear locations?
[19:38:30] Adobe_darkroom – Yes. The one from Stage 01 and Silver Eyes, and the one in FNAF 4.
[19:38:56] Adobe_darkroom – Stage 01 closes down due to a murder (missing child in Stage 01 – lines up with Sammy’s death in the book).
[19:39:15] Kizzycocoa – See, there I want to question Stage01
[19:39:31] Adobe_darkroom – It reopens as Fredbear’s #2 – the locaiton in 4 which introduces more animatornics.
[19:39:33] Kizzycocoa – Stage 01 had the black accent suits
[19:40:47] Adobe_darkroom – Yes, the black-accent suits were used in Fredbear’s #1. They were either retired due to being unsafe (unlikely) or the fact that one of them was used to kill a child.
[19:40:58] Adobe_darkroom – They were probably kept for parts, Withered-style.
[19:41:33] Adobe_darkroom – So they bring in the purple-accent suits in the next location. Then Fredbear bites out a kid’s brain, and they have to be completely scrapped.
[19:42:03] Adobe_darkroom – So back the black-accent suits it is. Until those start malfunctioning, which is when they give up and permantly retire the golden animatronics.
[19:42:44] Adobe_darkroom – as a side note, part of me says the purple-accent suits were regular animatronics with matching suits, not springsuits.
[19:43:18] Kizzycocoa – Yes, I would say that with the main suits in FNaF4
[19:43:32] Adobe_darkroom – But FNAF world has PA-Spring Bonnie with a Springlocks moves. I know FNAF World isn’t canon, but why would Scott include that if it wasn’t true?
[19:43:59] Kizzycocoa – my thoughts on that theory is two-fold.
[19:44:12] Adobe_darkroom – So they might still be springlock suits. It doesn’t affect much either way.
[19:44:31] Kizzycocoa – Firstly, there are a large amount of assumptions of excess locations.
[19:44:55] Adobe_darkroom – Sister locaitons. I don’t think they factor into the main plot much, personally.
[19:44:57] Kizzycocoa – Secondly, Golden Freddy was designed much more in-line with Freddy Fazvear in mind
[19:45:11] Kizzycocoa – *Fazbear
[19:45:16] Kizzycocoa – as opposed to Fredbear
[19:45:41] Adobe_darkroom – Wouldn’t Fredbear have been made first, and Freddy was designed after him?
[19:46:07] Adobe_darkroom – In fact, W. Freddy’s jaws are hinged just like Fredbear’s in 4. His jumpscare is even biting at the night guard.
[19:46:14] Kizzycocoa – Well, at some point, both Freddy Fazbear and Fredbear’s were open
[19:46:22] Kizzycocoa – so the two co-existed at a point
[19:46:28] Adobe_darkroom – Wait, what makes you say that?
[19:46:41] Kizzycocoa – The masks, and the Mangle in FnaF4
[19:47:08] Kizzycocoa – It is worth noting, Mangle was made to replace Foxy.
[19:47:25] Kizzycocoa – as per Phone guy’s “They tried to remake foxy, you know” in FNaF2
[19:47:45] Adobe_darkroom – Like I said, the masks indicate the W. animatronics are at Fredbear’s #2 even if we don’t see them.
[19:48:18] Adobe_darkroom – I’ll give you Mangle. I never worried about it that much because I felt it tied into whatever it is in 4 that we’re not getting.
[19:48:31] Adobe_darkroom – Like the Tiny Toy Chica’s beak.
[19:49:06] Adobe_darkroom – There are so many FNAF 2 paralells in 4. I feel ike they tie into soemthing, but I don’t know what.
[19:49:46] Kizzycocoa – Ok so, I’m trying to think of ways to respond, but I genuinely don’t know where to start. The thought that the animatronics exist at the location is foreign, to me. I’ve not heard that theory before.
[19:50:15] Kizzycocoa – especially after the book described the location as a long ballroom, with a side room, akin to FnaF4.
[19:50:20] Kizzycocoa – See, my thoughts is this
[19:50:27] Adobe_darkroom – That’s the other thing – the Puppet child’s death wouldn’t be enough to cloes a location.
[19:50:42] Kizzycocoa – For me, FnaF4 takes place at a transitional period.
[19:50:51] Kizzycocoa – We hear of the missing children, and the stuffing of suits
[19:51:00] Kizzycocoa – now, rumour is never good to source on
[19:51:07] Kizzycocoa – but this is a rumour put in by Scott
[19:51:36] Kizzycocoa – It is basically all but confirmed that the Puppet and the murder of 5 children has already happened.
[19:52:05] Adobe_darkroom – Is it comfirmed the five are already dead, though?
[19:52:22] Adobe_darkroom – The rumor just says that animatronics come to life and they hide your body. That’s the night guards.
[19:52:35] Kizzycocoa – The little girl spreads the rumours of suit stuffing of kids.
[19:52:37] Adobe_darkroom – and the Puppet’s already posessed – there’s your animatronic coming to life at night.
[19:53:27] Adobe_darkroom – Speaking of which, how would they knew the kids were stuffed into suits if the Puppet did it?
[19:53:51] Kizzycocoa – Because of the large trial of the murderer, where the bodies were never found
[19:54:03] Kizzycocoa – it’s easy to see a child take that and run with it.
[19:54:20] Adobe_darkroom – Okay, that makes sense. A guess, not knowledge.
[19:55:01] Kizzycocoa – it is vague, but it is in the game. Scott has said no easter egg is arbitrary in FNaF4, and this girl talking of missing kids and stuffed suits is one to take note of
[19:55:27] Kizzycocoa – But
[19:55:36] Kizzycocoa – it’s a bit of a hop, but I want to talk about the crying child
[19:55:52] Adobe_darkroom – Sure thing.
[19:55:55] Kizzycocoa – Just, an issue I have is that people keep calling his death a springlock incident.
[19:56:00] Kizzycocoa – But that is impossible.
[19:56:13] Kizzycocoa – and this is important, due to the FnaF3 calls.
[19:56:19] Adobe_darkroom – That makes no sense to me. Sprinlock animatronics convert into suits by the endos expanding.
[19:56:22] Kizzycocoa – the “incident” with a springlock sense.
[19:56:26] Kizzycocoa – exactly.
[19:56:34] Kizzycocoa – lets get into the physics of springlock suits.
[19:56:41] Adobe_darkroom – Fredbear’s endoskeleton is already down, so ithe springlocks are already lose.
[19:56:55] Kizzycocoa – Springlocks are used to compress suits outwards.
[19:57:00] Adobe_darkroom – I just made two typos in a row. Smooth.
[19:57:25] Kizzycocoa – not a problem, we all do :P
[19:57:34] Kizzycocoa – now then, springlocks.
[19:57:44] Kizzycocoa – the main function is to keep them as suits
[19:58:06] Kizzycocoa – when the spronglocks malfunction, the parts spring back into animatronic form.
[19:58:24] Kizzycocoa – this makes the crying child incident a seperate incident to Phone Guy’s call.
[19:58:34] Kizzycocoa – Fredbear is not a suit when the child is bitten
[19:58:37] Adobe_darkroom – Exactly. Hence why Purple Guy as Springtrap has a bunch of metal rods going through his face.
[19:58:39] Kizzycocoa – he is an animatronic.
[19:58:56] Adobe_darkroom – Yes.
[19:58:59] Kizzycocoa – Springlocks are used for the purpose of holding back the internals of a suit.
[19:59:21] Kizzycocoa – when the child is stuffed into the maw of Fredbear, the ensuing bite is not a springlock incident
[19:59:35] Kizzycocoa – It is an animatronic incident
[19:59:43] Kizzycocoa – but no springlocks malfunction
[19:59:56] Kizzycocoa – none are active at the time, as it is in animatronic-mode
[20:00:06] Adobe_darkroom – Exactly. It would only be a springlock malfunction if Fredbear was an empty suit at the itme.
[20:00:28] Kizzycocoa – Exactly. So, the incident regarding springlock suits happens after FnaF4
[20:00:41] Kizzycocoa – It is not this incident
[20:00:47] Adobe_darkroom – In Freddy’s #1, the location left to rot.
[20:00:51] Kizzycocoa – that is a big gripe I have
[20:00:56] Kizzycocoa – indeed, yes.
[20:00:59] Kizzycocoa – I’ll go back to that
[20:01:09] Kizzycocoa – now, Scott has said no easter egg is pointless
[20:01:21] Kizzycocoa – this mention of the children, then, is not pointless.
[20:01:48] Kizzycocoa – My thoughts are, that they are at a transitional period between the rotting location, and the FnaF2 location
[20:01:57] Kizzycocoa – and Fredbear’s is open at this time
[20:02:00] Kizzycocoa – thoughts?
[20:02:24] Adobe_darkroom – So you’re saying Fredbear’s #2 is open at the same time as Freddy’s #1?
[20:02:42] Adobe_darkroom – With Fredbear’s #2 being a transition between the two?
[20:03:02] Adobe_darkroom – I can’t think of anything against it off the top of my head.
[20:03:05] Kizzycocoa – Not quite. I still don’t think there are two locations myself, but put that to the side, I believe, during the period of FnaF2 and the rotting location, Fredbear’s had to be open
[20:03:25] Kizzycocoa – as well as overlap before and after
[20:03:42] Adobe_darkroom – But Phone guy says Fredbear’s has been closed for years during FNAF 2.
[20:03:58] Kizzycocoa – Hmm
[20:04:01] Kizzycocoa – that is true
[20:04:09] Kizzycocoa – But then, Mangle
[20:04:33] Kizzycocoa – though
[20:04:35] Kizzycocoa – Ok so
[20:04:44] Adobe_darkroom – Some people say it’s a toy. Which I guess I could buy, but it has an endoskeleton. Who puts an endoskeleton in a toy?
[20:04:49] Kizzycocoa – I want to jump once more to the most confusing game in the timeline.
[20:04:58] Kizzycocoa – right into no-man’s land
[20:05:09] Kizzycocoa – the entire duration of the FNaF2 location
[20:05:37] Kizzycocoa – FNaF 2 is the messiest location in the game, and when I’m done with the Children’s pictures section of the site, it’ll be easier to see why
[20:05:38] Adobe_darkroom – 1987: The year everything went to hell
[20:05:51] Kizzycocoa – See, FNaF 2’s locations show many things.
[20:06:01] Kizzycocoa – it shows mangle in the drawings
[20:06:04] Kizzycocoa – and BB
[20:06:18] Kizzycocoa – but then, it shows the Springlock Freddy.
[20:06:30] Kizzycocoa – It also does not feature any toy animatronics
[20:06:36] Kizzycocoa – the colours are that of the withereds
[20:06:40] Kizzycocoa – particularly Bonnie
[20:07:00] Kizzycocoa – But then, we have a disconnect. It messes everything up
[20:07:13] Adobe_darkroom – They probably brought those pictues of the Withereds over from the last location until new pictures were made.
[20:07:25] Kizzycocoa – You’d think so, until you see the title on the paper
[20:07:36] Kizzycocoa – “my day at the NEW Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza!”
[20:07:54] Kizzycocoa – I have a theory, but it is still just
[20:07:57] Kizzycocoa – it’s a mess
[20:08:05] Adobe_darkroom – *Fun day, wasn’t it? Can’t forget tthe fun.
[20:08:20] Adobe_darkroom – Hold on a second, let me bring up those drawings. i have them on file.
[20:08:25] Kizzycocoa – excellent.
[20:08:35] Kizzycocoa – they are in the office, and Kid’s Cove
[20:08:45] Kizzycocoa – some are in the Puppet’s room, but those are just of the Puppet
[20:09:05] Kizzycocoa – Still, these drawings make no sense.
[20:09:27] Kizzycocoa – They imply the withereds and Springlock suits were active, alongside BB and mangle
[20:09:29] Adobe_darkroom – Okay, got them. The best versions are from the trailer.
[20:09:43] Kizzycocoa – ah yes, the trailer has them too
[20:10:08] Adobe_darkroom – I think the drawing of Fredbear is the suit. It has no eyes and is completely black around the mouth and eyes.
[20:10:28] Kizzycocoa – Though, it’s worthwhile to note the “smell”
[20:10:31] Adobe_darkroom – Or it could be the murderer leading them away. We saw four kids being lead away in another drawing, didn’t we?
[20:10:44] Kizzycocoa – Though what children could draw their own luring?
[20:11:00] Adobe_darkroom – The W. animatronics are possessed at this time, so yeah, they’d smell like corpse. Not a good smell.
[20:11:11] Kizzycocoa – no, though I don’t think they’re shown
[20:11:15] Kizzycocoa – but, further from that
[20:11:18] Adobe_darkroom – The ghost kiddos change drawings and posters all the time.
[20:11:19] Kizzycocoa – hold on, let me recheck my files
[20:12:35] Adobe_darkroom – I swear Mangle’s bleeding in the shot of the kid removing her eye. Or those are wires. It’s freaky either way.
[20:13:50] Kizzycocoa – Yes
[20:14:02] Kizzycocoa – but I want to draw attention to the three-animatronic drawing
[20:14:08] Kizzycocoa – that is not a Toy Bonnie colour
[20:14:13] Kizzycocoa – that is a Withered Bonnie colour
[20:14:40] Kizzycocoa – It seems to imply the Withereds run the show
[20:14:40] Adobe_darkroom – also no eyes. That’s usualy a sign of possession.
[20:14:50] Kizzycocoa – Well, so is the dot eyes
[20:14:57] Adobe_darkroom – That too,
[20:15:15] Kizzycocoa – still, you’re right
[20:15:20] Kizzycocoa – those lines might be stink lines
[20:15:35] Kizzycocoa – I did not notice them before
[20:15:37] Adobe_darkroom – You know, Silver Eyes mentioned Henry drawing the pictures.
[20:15:56] Adobe_darkroom – Maybe the employees drew a few to fill up the wall back when they thought the Withereds would still be used?
[20:16:24] Kizzycocoa – They did note that they tried to make them work, retrofitting them
[20:16:29] Kizzycocoa – then they went in a new direction
[20:16:31] Adobe_darkroom – Then they were just planning to gradually fade them out as actual children’s drawings were made, like we see with Mangle.
[20:16:58] Kizzycocoa – What I find fascinating, is the lack of Foxy and toy animatronics
[20:17:28] Kizzycocoa – it implies the separate statement, of “they tried to remake foxy, you know”, gets some more weight.
[20:17:40] Adobe_darkroom – I’m surprised that the children’s colors are so accurate. Most kids would color Bonnie green or something.
[20:17:52] Kizzycocoa – I mean, if they went in a whole new direction, no duh. they replaced all of them
[20:17:59] Kizzycocoa – but he mentions Mangle specifically.
[20:18:20] Adobe_darkroom – a drawing of Foxy would unmistakably be Foxy. The others you can kind of pass off for the toys.
[20:18:22] Kizzycocoa – It leads me to ask, is Mangle even a toy animatronic?
[20:18:59] Adobe_darkroom – I think he brought up Mangle specifically because it’s so messed up. He has to explain that some how.
[20:19:29] Kizzycocoa – yes, but it’s the phrase “they tried to remake foxy, you know”
[20:19:30] Adobe_darkroom – It fits all the critera. Plastic, blush cheeks, colorful, and over the whole body unlike the Puppet.
[20:19:39] Adobe_darkroom – one sec
[20:19:58] Kizzycocoa – Kk
[20:24:09] Adobe_darkroom – I’ll be back on in 15 mintues, brb.
[20:24:14] Kizzycocoa – ah, ok!

[20:42:48] Adobe_darkroom – Okay, I’m back.
[20:45:07] Kizzycocoa – Good timing!
[20:46:38] Kizzycocoa – so, do you want to dive right back in?
[20:46:51] Adobe_darkroom – Sure, ready when you are!
[20:47:18] Kizzycocoa – ok! so
[20:47:30] Kizzycocoa – I found further evidence. I forgot I had this noted, until now
[20:47:51] Kizzycocoa – on the topic of Toy Chica, and her bib
[20:48:02] Kizzycocoa – now, her eyes are blue, on the show stage
[20:48:09] Kizzycocoa – also, her bib reads “let’s party”.
[20:48:31] Adobe_darkroom – I love the toys because you can see the exact marking ploys used on each one of them.
[20:48:53] Kizzycocoa – marking ploys?
[20:48:57] Adobe_darkroom – “”Let’s eat?” That approves of unhealthy eating. Gotta change that”
[20:49:02] Kizzycocoa – ah, pff
[20:49:08] Kizzycocoa – well, that’s the thing
[20:49:11] Kizzycocoa – the toys
[20:49:22] Kizzycocoa – the piece of evidence that also makes me think “the withereds must have been operating at this location at some point” is in prize corner
[20:49:28] Kizzycocoa – the plushies
[20:49:37] Kizzycocoa – the plush chica has a bib, saying “let’s eat”
[20:49:42] Kizzycocoa – the eyes are also pink.
[20:49:49] Kizzycocoa – just like Withered Chica
[20:50:00] Adobe_darkroom – Those definately could have been brought over from the last location. Heck, they match the ones in FNAF 1 perfectly.
[20:50:07] Kizzycocoa – note that, this is intentional too
[20:50:17] Kizzycocoa – Toy Chica is on prominent display
[20:50:21] Kizzycocoa – *plush
[20:50:24] Kizzycocoa – of all plushes
[20:50:26] Adobe_darkroom – The only toys we see of the, uh, Toys are figureines. Which aren’t huggable.
[20:50:34] Kizzycocoa – yes.
[20:50:49] Kizzycocoa – but why would they sell these?
[20:50:57] Kizzycocoa – remember, the old location was left to rot
[20:51:03] Adobe_darkroom – It also could take a while to make new plushies. How long did it take us to get those official plushies? A while, I think.
[20:51:17] Kizzycocoa – true
[20:51:29] Adobe_darkroom – I don’t think they were sold, they were just prizes.
[20:51:48] Kizzycocoa – yes, but then there’s another piece of evidence
[20:51:59] Kizzycocoa – they say strong evidence comes in threes.
[20:52:01] Adobe_darkroom – Giving away the older toys means that you can A) save money and B) get rid of the things
[20:52:10] Kizzycocoa – true
[20:52:29] Kizzycocoa – I suppose that would also explain away the carousel, in the main party room
[20:52:33] Kizzycocoa – that is definitely foxy
[20:53:13] Adobe_darkroom – There was a carosel in SE too, wasn’t there? Not that it means anything, AU and all.
[20:53:29] Kizzycocoa – yes, but it is worth noting
[20:53:41] Kizzycocoa – especially as it adds a nice twist in the FNaF1 location
[20:53:47] Kizzycocoa – this is all conjecture, of course
[20:53:55] Kizzycocoa – but that sound that occurs
[20:54:06] Kizzycocoa – in FnaF1, there was an unexplained “carousel” sound
[20:54:07] Adobe_darkroom – To be fair, the carosel could be in 1. The cameras only point one direction after all.
[20:54:13] Kizzycocoa – seperate to the toreador
[20:54:26] Kizzycocoa – yes, in fact TSE was based in the FNaF1 location
[20:54:53] Adobe_darkroom – TSE is basically FNAF 1 lore: the book. You know, before everything got expanded upon and changed.
[20:55:03] Kizzycocoa – yes, more or less
[20:55:07] Kizzycocoa – but sadly, not canon
[20:55:19] Kizzycocoa – if it were, we’d have a few more questions, but a lot more answers.
[20:55:27] Kizzycocoa – still, it is not totally out of canon
[20:55:52] Kizzycocoa – as with the ballroom description, many similarities are notable there
[20:56:21] Adobe_darkroom – I usually treat TSE as potential evidence. As long as what you’re looking at A) has no contradicitons and B) is supported by the canon material, I see no reason not to source it.
[20:56:49] Adobe_darkroom – Funny thing, I wasn’t aware that TSE was a confirmed AU when I started reading it.
[20:57:03] Kizzycocoa – exactly my thoughts. it’s the 5th part of my base premises when building the timeline!
[20:57:07] Adobe_darkroom – The whole thing made perfect sense until Chapter 10. That’s when everything went out hte window.
[20:57:12] Kizzycocoa – yeah
[20:57:23] Kizzycocoa – thankfully, we have the movie
[20:57:32] Kizzycocoa – the movie is 100% canon, and will show the bite of 87
[20:57:35] Kizzycocoa – this is all confirmed
[20:58:01] Adobe_darkroom – By the way, are you an ’87 or an ’83?
[20:58:18] Adobe_darkroom – The movie’s honestly looking really good. I’m looking forward to it.
[20:58:26] Kizzycocoa – I am an ’87. the prominent issue I have with ’83, is the consequences of the bite
[20:58:49] Kizzycocoa – the ’83 bite was with a static animatronic. why would it lead to the animatronics losing all mobility during the day?
[20:59:11] Kizzycocoa – in a separate restaurant, no less.
[20:59:30] Adobe_darkroom – But they don’t? If the bite was in ’83, the animatornics gain mobility, not lose it. They don’t lose it until after FNAF 2.
[20:59:41] Kizzycocoa – remember FNaF1
[20:59:59] Kizzycocoa – “they used to be allowed to walk around during the day too, but then there was the bite of ’87”
[21:00:14] Kizzycocoa – the bite of 87 had that consequence on the animatronics
[21:00:26] Kizzycocoa – somehow, movement during the day took a place in the bite of 87
[21:00:41] Kizzycocoa – and the ’83 bite doesn’t fit for me
[21:00:48] Kizzycocoa – we have yet to see the bite of ’87
[21:01:03] Adobe_darkroom – Phone Guy says they gave them the ability to move in FNAF 2. Did they even have free-roam mode in 4?
[21:01:30] Kizzycocoa – It is never observed in Fredbear’s
[21:01:44] Kizzycocoa – though some springlock characters do have that ability
[21:02:19] Adobe_darkroom – Oh right, Spring Bon can. Duh.
[21:02:34] Kizzycocoa – on a side note, more proof the drawings aren’t of the toy animatronics
[21:02:53] Kizzycocoa – check Kid’s Cove. the Chica has a wide open mouth. Toy Chica only had the beak open
[21:03:07] Adobe_darkroom – Withered Chica’s mouth is hell.
[21:03:34] Kizzycocoa – also teeth on both top and bottom
[21:03:43] Kizzycocoa – these drawings are all of the withered animatronics
[21:03:49] Kizzycocoa – but then, there’s mangle
[21:03:51] Kizzycocoa – and BB
[21:04:03] Kizzycocoa – and the spring freddy.
[21:04:36] Kizzycocoa – see, my theory on that is this
[21:04:43] Kizzycocoa – FnaF2 opens with a newspaper
[21:04:47] Kizzycocoa – a grand -re-opening
[21:05:02] Kizzycocoa – now, how could a location have a reopening, without already having been open?
[21:05:20] Kizzycocoa – I believe, the withered animatronics ran the show for a time, before the toy animatronics took over.
[21:05:36] Kizzycocoa – and you start on the weeks of their second opening
[21:06:27] Kizzycocoa – thoughts there?
[21:07:03] Adobe_darkroom – But how do the Withereds end up in such bad shape?
[21:07:08] Kizzycocoa – I mean, the evidence is fragile. but it is present. this has become my major confusing point
[21:07:14] Kizzycocoa – used for parts.
[21:07:20] Kizzycocoa – also the bodies are still rotting within them
[21:07:24] Adobe_darkroom – No way Toy Bonnie needed a replacement arm and face within a week.
[21:07:43] Adobe_darkroom – Unless he likes jumping off the roof in his spare time or someting, ha.
[21:07:45] Kizzycocoa – Well
[21:08:01] Kizzycocoa – I mean, it used to be my theory that FnaF2’s location went into the summer
[21:08:04] Kizzycocoa – but then scott
[21:08:16] Kizzycocoa – you know what, Scott, if this site blows up, I hope you read this
[21:08:26] Kizzycocoa – WHY DID YOU SAY FNAF1 WAS A SUMMER JOB
[21:08:29] Kizzycocoa – just
[21:08:48] Kizzycocoa – if he had not done that on the FNaF1 description, I’d have been sorted for proof
[21:09:06] Kizzycocoa – that frustrated me
[21:09:19] Kizzycocoa – still, the location doesn’t have to be open just a few short weeks
[21:09:24] Kizzycocoa – let me recheck the paper quick
[21:09:26] Adobe_darkroom – Wait, why is 1 occuring during the summer a problem?
[21:09:51] Adobe_darkroom – I think the paper in 2 says they closed after “a few weeks”.
[21:09:54] Kizzycocoa – FnaF1 is in november
[21:10:02] Kizzycocoa – FnaF2 is in november
[21:10:16] Kizzycocoa – the FnaF2 phone calls said “summer job”
[21:10:48] Kizzycocoa – I assumed it meant a job in the summer. it’s a position that absolute idiots take, I know, but logically, the english language dictates a summer job is in the summer
[21:11:01] Adobe_darkroom – I have an explanation for that, but it’s a bite of ’83 thing.
[21:11:02] Kizzycocoa – at least, until americans hijacked the language :T
[21:11:10] Kizzycocoa – I say that partly in jest.
[21:11:11] Kizzycocoa – partly.
[21:11:14] Adobe_darkroom – We do that a lot unfortunately.
[21:11:25] Kizzycocoa – just
[21:11:31] Kizzycocoa – who says summer job during november
[21:11:43] Kizzycocoa – but the fnaf1 description invalidated that completely.
[21:12:04] Kizzycocoa – so I can’t pin down the time of the calls to summer, therefore proving the length of the location’s opening
[21:12:43] Adobe_darkroom – I think the FNAF 1 location was open for years, though. There’s no reason to think FNAF 1 takes place, like, the week after 2 closed.
[21:12:58] Kizzycocoa – true, but the steam description is the issue
[21:13:05] Kizzycocoa – it describes your new summer job.
[21:13:10] Adobe_darkroom – Silver Eyes has it closed by ’95. That’s 10 years the third location was open.
[21:13:15] Kizzycocoa – and ofc, the game is set in november.
[21:13:27] Kizzycocoa – so “summer job” loses all seasonal meaning
[21:13:54] Adobe_darkroom – Maybe Scott wrote the description before recording PG’s dialogue, or vice-versa?
[21:14:04] Kizzycocoa – Possible, I’m not sure
[21:14:08] Adobe_darkroom – Remember, the kids were killed in July.
[21:14:12] Kizzycocoa – let me check the kickstarter quickly.
[21:14:28] Adobe_darkroom – So the aimatronics might act up more around the summer than other times. That’s just a guess, though.
[21:14:56] Kizzycocoa – nope, no mention of summer on the kickstarter
[21:15:55] Kizzycocoa – still, Scott, if you ever see this and if the summer was a direct hint in FNaF2, please remove the steam description stuff in FNaF1 of summer. just to clear mixed signals
[21:16:09] Kizzycocoa – anywho, we’re getting close to time
[21:16:21] Adobe_darkroom – Or at least comfirm which date’s canon.
[21:16:24] Kizzycocoa – we should go back to your theory a bit.
[21:16:27] Kizzycocoa – yes
[21:16:34] Kizzycocoa – see, I love FnaF
[21:16:40] Adobe_darkroom – We can go a bit longer if you want, seeing as we lost like 15 mintues there. I’m not picky.
[21:16:44] Kizzycocoa – well, probably live, what with the website
[21:16:54] Adobe_darkroom – I feel that. :P
[21:17:04] Kizzycocoa – ah, sure thing. perhaps quarter to 10/5
[21:17:12] Kizzycocoa – see, I love the way it tells the story
[21:17:33] Adobe_darkroom – Sounds good.
[21:17:40] Kizzycocoa – I am an environmental games designer. that’s my passion. though my real job that pays the bill is the web design
[21:17:53] Kizzycocoa – I love how he used environmental design to convey story
[21:18:00] Kizzycocoa – the notes, the details etc
[21:18:09] Kizzycocoa – the minigames too
[21:18:24] Kizzycocoa – but in contrast, tell a story that doesn’t contradict itself :T
[21:19:07] Adobe_darkroom – I don’t feel like there are very many contradictions that are, like, major plot points. Save for the dates.
[21:19:41] Kizzycocoa – no, but it’s the little ones
[21:19:46] Kizzycocoa – and they cause the massive issues
[21:19:52] Kizzycocoa – such as, those drawings mentioned
[21:20:02] Adobe_darkroom – Like the drawings could be contradicitons, but those are side things. Their function is to let you know the Withereds are there.
[21:20:14] Adobe_darkroom – and it’s a bit shaky, but there are ways to explain them.
[21:20:25] Kizzycocoa – but if they were, it is a big difference in the length of the restaurant’s life
[21:20:31] Kizzycocoa – the difference of years, and weeks
[21:20:46] Kizzycocoa – which links into FnaF4’s mangle/1983
[21:20:56] Kizzycocoa – you know
[21:21:04] Kizzycocoa – I would like to talk about the other half of FnaF4
[21:21:07] Kizzycocoa – this has bugged me.
[21:21:18] Kizzycocoa – why is Fredbear in the main FNaF4 game.
[21:21:36] Kizzycocoa – and why does he take such a starring role?
[21:21:39] Adobe_darkroom – You mean, like, regular Fredbear and not N. Fredbear?
[21:21:45] Kizzycocoa – nightmare
[21:21:49] Adobe_darkroom – Wait, I misread that.
[21:21:56] Kizzycocoa – the animatronics hunting you
[21:22:03] Kizzycocoa – why is Fredbear there?
[21:22:10] Kizzycocoa – like
[21:22:24] Kizzycocoa – from the phone call easter egg, this HAS to be after FNaF1
[21:22:35] Kizzycocoa – or at least, after the time the calls were recorded
[21:22:48] Kizzycocoa – again, my whole “nothing can tell the future” principle.
[21:22:55] Adobe_darkroom – I actually just published a thoery to Reddit yesterday about this. Did you see that?
[21:23:02] Kizzycocoa – though I’m unsure if you’d hold that
[21:23:10] Kizzycocoa – no! care to share a link here?
[21:23:19] Adobe_darkroom – Yep, just one second…
[21:24:15] Adobe_darkroom – Here, take the Tumblr version. Formatting’s nicer.
[21:24:15] Adobe_darkroom –
[21:24:29] Adobe_darkroom – Keep in mind this wraps into the Golden Freddy theory.
[21:27:20] Kizzycocoa – a little, yes.
[21:27:50] Kizzycocoa – Well naturally, the thought that comes to mind is that, the plushies being locked away would mean they couldn’t be released
[21:28:01] Kizzycocoa – a larger issue I have is on who the crying child becomes.
[21:28:15] Kizzycocoa – I don’t believe he becomes Golden Freddy
[21:28:21] Kizzycocoa – I think he becomes the Mangle
[21:28:33] Kizzycocoa – or one of the shadows
[21:28:42] Kizzycocoa – mostly due to the “I will put you back together” message
[21:28:48] Kizzycocoa – this message has a specific meaning
[21:28:58] Kizzycocoa – and that ties into scott’s hints on the box
[21:29:09] Kizzycocoa – they contain “the parts, put together”
[21:29:11] Adobe_darkroom – I know, that’s been nagging at me too.
[21:29:22] Adobe_darkroom – * Pieces, not parts.
[21:29:32] Kizzycocoa – ah, yes. pieces.
[21:29:38] Kizzycocoa – nothing in FnaF4 is an easter egg
[21:29:43] Kizzycocoa – aside from the nose honk
[21:29:57] Adobe_darkroom – Don’t forget the crying figure in Mangle’s Quest is posed like the Crying Child upon death.
[21:29:59] Kizzycocoa – he’s said, all of it has been done intentionally.
[21:30:19] Adobe_darkroom – Nose honk is the key to solving everything, obviously.
[21:30:26] Kizzycocoa – Yes, though that is the Puppet
[21:30:31] Kizzycocoa – also, another nagging issue I have
[21:30:36] Kizzycocoa – why is Nightmare BB canon
[21:30:43] Kizzycocoa – but not Nightmare Mangle/Puppet?
[21:30:54] Adobe_darkroom – The striping on it doesn’t line up with the Puppet. It looks like a blend between the two’s striping.
[21:31:12] Adobe_darkroom – I think it has to do with the child vs humans.
[21:31:28] Adobe_darkroom – Nightmare BB is the kid who laughs while holding a balloon.
[21:31:41] Adobe_darkroom – Plushtrap is the kid holding the Spring Bonnie plush.
[21:31:47] Kizzycocoa – But then, that implies the protagonist of FNaF4 is the crying child
[21:31:50] Adobe_darkroom – (Speaking of which, why is the plushie green?)
[21:32:13] Adobe_darkroom – That’s why I think it’s a haunting, not nightmares.
[21:32:35] Adobe_darkroom – I mean, those plushies are way too suspicious.
[21:32:39] Kizzycocoa – Good point. I’m unsure why he is green O.o
[21:32:51] Kizzycocoa – but that does sort of fit my thoughts, a bit
[21:32:53] Kizzycocoa – this box
[21:32:58] Kizzycocoa – what if Mangle is in the box?
[21:33:02] Adobe_darkroom – Like, it’s not a Springtrap plushie, it’s a Spring Bonnie plushie. It should be yellow.
[21:33:12] Adobe_darkroom – I wish we knew the size of the box.
[21:33:15] Kizzycocoa – and if they are, this ghostly nightmare is his fears, seeping into this child.
[21:34:43] Kizzycocoa – still
[21:34:48] Kizzycocoa – that’s all the problem, isn’t it
[21:34:52] Adobe_darkroom – Funtime Foxy has a mystery box move in FNAF World. But I think someone else did too, so it’s not exclusive.
[21:34:55] Kizzycocoa – there is just, so little to go on
[21:35:17] Adobe_darkroom – FNAF 4 is so vague. Like, you can’t theorize because you always have to make some sort of logical leap.
[21:35:33] Kizzycocoa – yeah, like with those drawings
[21:35:43] Kizzycocoa – we have a lot of clues, but we need to leap
[21:35:47] Kizzycocoa – for either argument
[21:35:48] Adobe_darkroom – all of the other games we have hard facts. 4? I think the only thing we have is Fredbear’s Bite. That’s it.
[21:35:55] Kizzycocoa – for mine, or for “the employees did it”
[21:36:16] Kizzycocoa – and that’s caused more issues that it solved
[21:36:26] Adobe_darkroom – Wait, what’s the employees did it one?
[21:36:31] Kizzycocoa – FNaF4 basically gave no answers, but more questions
[21:36:48] Kizzycocoa – the one where the employees drew the pictures
[21:36:53] Kizzycocoa – FNaF2 drawings
[21:37:01] Adobe_darkroom – Oh okay, got ya.
[21:37:23] Kizzycocoa – Here’s a theory I’m certain is true
[21:37:34] Kizzycocoa – Scott is waiting on the movie to answer the lore
[21:37:54] Kizzycocoa – He has no intention of lending any bones to the community, until the movie is out
[21:38:42] Adobe_darkroom – He might hint at some things in FNAF World, but that’s it.
[21:39:04] Kizzycocoa – and even then, FNaF World is the same deal as TSE.
[21:39:19] Adobe_darkroom – I don’t think he’ll solve anything with the movie. Just more hints. Gil said it’s a conon story, but one we hadn’t heard.
[21:39:38] Adobe_darkroom – Which means it might only assist with what we know.
[21:39:43] Kizzycocoa – maybe it’s a missing story with a lot of puzzle pieces
[21:39:49] Kizzycocoa – he also said we’d see the bite of 87
[21:39:56] Kizzycocoa – so at least that quagmire will be solved.
[21:40:13] Adobe_darkroom – Oh yeah, good point.
[21:40:41] Kizzycocoa – I think it’s about time to wrap up now, we’re almost at the time we said we’d do. we seem to just be poking at the overall franchise now, not going for any particular point!
[21:41:08] Kizzycocoa – I think I’ll introduce a small question segment to the end of these in future.
[21:41:19] Adobe_darkroom – all FNAF disucssions end this way. You end up poking at things.
[21:41:47] Adobe_darkroom – anyway, do you want to chat again some other day?
[21:41:54] Kizzycocoa – yes, they seem to
[21:41:57] Kizzycocoa – and certainly!
[21:42:04] Kizzycocoa – so, to cap off, how about, what would you say/ask of Scott if he was reading this? and where can others find you online?
[21:42:30] Adobe_darkroom – I can be contacted through Reddit at adobe_darkroom.
[21:42:53] Adobe_darkroom – I can also be messaged on Tumblr without the need of an account at adobe_outdesign.
[21:43:55] Adobe_darkroom – To Scott, if he ever sees this: Could you confirm what is or isn’t canon concerning 1? Things like the dates, the “after 20 years” line, ect. Little things like that would really help us out.
[21:44:39] Kizzycocoa – ok, good! and I would love to talk again, try to suss some more of this stuff out. and if not, they we may inspire something that’ll click in people reading this.
[21:44:57] Kizzycocoa – it’s my hope that even if these discussions don’t nail anything down, then something can happen due to them
[21:45:20] Adobe_darkroom – I’ve formed some of my best thoeries by reading other people’s, even if they don’t agree with my own thoughts.
[21:45:43] Kizzycocoa – Yes, and though I disagree on some of the points, I do find the bulk of your theory very compelling
[21:45:59] Kizzycocoa – which of course, is why I asked if you wanted to discuss it on this new site. ^^
[21:46:13] Adobe_darkroom – Thanks! Same goes for your theories.
[21:46:14] Kizzycocoa – I’ll cut off the script for the site…….now
[21:46:28] Kizzycocoa – I’ll say thanks first :u
[21:46:36] Kizzycocoa – thanks! u:
[21:46:41] Kizzycocoa – ok, now cutting!

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