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So, I’m now at a point where I don’t know what to do next. I’m slowly working on the site, but as I’ve expanded the site and my projects, it’s getting a bit too much of a workload. So for my sake, and for the sake of anyone visiting the site, I’ll lay out what I’ve got to do, and all the projects I’ve got on right now.

I’ll note, though numbered, I’ll likely complete these in a random order.

  1. Five Nights at Candy’s page
    • Finish the character bios.
    • Finish the timeline images.
    • Add in a few secrets here and there.
    • Get the Candy-Cams set up.
  2. One Night at Flumpty’s page
    • Add in a few secrets here and there.
    • Get the Egg-Cams set up.
  3. Finish up the latest Observation, concerning Spring Bonnie.
  4. finish the FNaFWorld map (2D and 3D variations).
  5. Finish the maps for FNaF3 and FNaF4.
  6. Touch up the maps for FNaF2 to follow the Candy map-switching models.
  7. Finish the Popgoes section in preparation for a much, much later release.
  8. Get the discussion with Momerator set up, discussed and uploaded to the site.
  9. Get a variety of original pixel-art Smilies sorted for the forums.
  10. Release a set of critiques of the current theory videos from MatPat, Classroom Conspiracies and Doowopasaurus, to poke holes where I can, and to refresh myself and anyone else on the current theories in that process.
  11. Start work on The Fistshark Wiki. (I highly recommend that podcast!)
  12. Finally get around to playing UnderTale.


  • Add in the Youtube video link for the translated FNaC Night 5 phone call
  • Add the FNaF4 development montages.
  • Fix the Candy honk noses.
  • Add in the Youtube video links to the Candy phone calls
  • Finish the Candy phone call transcripts.
  • Format, compress, credit and send off the Flumpty Q/A questions.
  • It Hurts
  • add the rest of the FNaFWorld transition teasers.
  • Add various audio files for the extra pages, as well as newfound voice clips so-say from FNaF:SL.
  • Add the newspaper clippings from FNaF1 to the clippings page.
  • Finish the automatic subheading changes on the header, for birthdays of communities, community members and – if I can find it – Scott himself.
    • Obtain Scott’s permission/verify his Birthday date in a reply email.(Permission not granted. Respectfully leaving him out.)
  • Add archive.org links sitewide, for ease of archival for events, news and so on.
  • I still need to check out that Viscera Cleanup Detail Halloween map, too.

That’s all coming up soon! I’ll also try to keep up with the new teasers as well. Still, that’s what’s coming up! If you have any feedback, feel free to Correct us, or for non-correction purposes, Contact us for other issues!

Kizzycocoa – Owner and designer of FNaFLore.com

14th August 2016